Residential Solar Power Systems: Make Electricity Bills A Thing Of The Past

When it comes to residential energy, spending is at an all time high. It costs so much to run the air conditioner, the television, the computer and whatever else people use to keep themselves occupied in their homes that they often have to reduce spending in other areas just to keep the lights on. The costs of energy have caused many people to consider some kind of residential solar power system.

Free Energy

A residential solar power system doesn’t need to use electricity from the local power plant. Instead, it uses an energy source that’s readily available and that’s, best of all, free. Residential solar power systems use the sunlight to power their household items. This can drastically reduce the amount on the electricity bill or it can even get rid of the electricity bill altogether.

A residential solar power system involves installing solar cells on the roof, or in other strategic places, in order to catch the rays of the sun. Technology has come a long way and this technology is going to save a lot of residents a lot of money.

Harness The Sun

Save your money and research what it would take to install a residential solar power system on your house. There’s no reason why you should spend a load of money to keep your lights on. If the energy is right there, waiting to be harnessed, as is the sun, you might as well take advantage of it.

It might cost you a substantial amount to have a residential solar power system installed on your home but the savings will be phenomenal. Leaving your lights on does not have to drain your pocketbook. You can leave your lights on and can spend your hard earned money on other things. Use the sun as your main energy source and stop relying on expensive power plants to fuel your home.

Residential solar power systems are the way of the future. With so much attention paid to lowering energy usage and keeping our environment clean, it just makes sense that we should use some kind of residential solar power system to fuel our homes. It will save us a lot of money in the long run and it uses an energy source that is available and it has absolutely zero ill effects on our precious atmosphere.

Solar Power Generation: Mechanism And Advantages

The concept of using sun as a source of energy is as old as man himself. Man’s relation to solar energy gradually became more systematic and planned as he entered the industrial age from his ages old agricultural heritage. Solar energy began to be used as the driving force for a variety of tasks and culminated in solar power generation in our age. Solar power generation, as we know it now, refers to the generation of electric power by direct conversion of solar energy-a process known as photovoltaics.

Early Use Of Solar Energy

While the use of solar energy for drying wet objects of human households and heating dates to antiquity, the idea of more systematic use of solar energy emerged at around mid 19th century. British astronomer John Herschel, in the 1830s, cooked food in a solar collector box, during a trip to Africa. The exact channel for generating electricity was introduced by Henri Becquerel’s discovery of the photovoltaic effect. It produces electricity directly from the sun through a photovoltaic (PVs) cell or solar cell, as it came to be known in general.

Solar Power Generation Through A Photovoltaic Cell

A photovoltaic cell is basically a non-mechanical device made from alloys of silicon. When sunlight falls on the photovoltaic cell, part of the solar energy is absorbed by the material of the cell. This energy excites the cell’s material to release free electrons that migrate to the cell’s surface. An imbalance of positive and negative charges results between the cell’s front and back surfaces. Connecting these two surfaces through an external load results in a flow of electricity from the surface of higher potential to the lower one. A number of these solar cells are connected electrically to form a module (a weather-tight package). Connecting the modules constitutes the PV system, also called an array. The output of the PV generating plant depends on the size of the array i.e. the number of modules connected.

Performance Of PV Generating Plant

The performance of the PV generating plant directly depends on the amount of sunlight received on its surface. Climatic conditions (fog, clouds etc.) thus affect the performance. Currently, most PV generating plants are 10 % efficient in conversion of solar energy to electricity.

Advantages Of Solar Power Generation

The greatest advantage of solar power generation is perhaps its minimal environmental impact. It requires no water for cooling of the system, thus creating no large heat imbalance. Also, no by-products are produced that are detrimental to the environment. Another advantage of solar power generation is that bulky mechanical generators are not needed. The process of electricity generation is quick and the arrays are available in a variety of sizes according to the specific use.

Where To Find A Solar Power Garden Light

The sun is the source of all the available energy on Earth and therefore using something such as a solar power garden light is a good idea, because it saves the Earth’s lessening available fossil fuels for other means. The advantages of a solar power garden light are many, including that they can be freely distributed in gardens without the owners having to worry about cabling, or about their children or pets being electrocuted.

A solar power garden light uses renewable energy, and has little or no emission of pollutants. However, one of the only disadvantages to a solar power garden light is that they tend to only have a small area of solar cells, and therefore they have a reputation for emitting only a small amount of light for a relatively short period of time. It should be known, though, that even this should not be considered as a full disadvantage, as the technology of solar cells and batteries is constantly improving and the current generation of solar powered garden lights is clearly superior to that of the first generation of solar powered garden lights.

Where To Find A Solar Power Garden Light

Generally, as with the majority of other products, the more you pay the better quality you are going to get. There are many available locations that offer a wide variety of solar power garden lights, including that of Silicon Solar, which is one of the most popular and notorious solar power product selling company in the world.

Here they offer a multitude of products, including: portable solar power systems, flexible solar panels, flexible panel accessories, solar electric panels, solar panel modules, RV solar panels, solar fountain pumps, floating solar water fountains, solar birdbath fountains, large solar fountains, solar garden lights, solar flood lights, solar security lights, solar flag lights, solar sign lights, solar post lights, solar spot lights, commercial solar cells, solar cells by the watt, educational solar cells, solar panel kits, solar powered cars, and solar powered battery chargers.

They also offer sealed lead acid batteries, solar books, evacuated solar collectors, flat plate solar collectors, solar hot water controllers, solar hot water storage tanks, and more. Silicon Solar is a company which has been around long enough to gain a positive and respected reputation, and they fully stand by all of their products and services if you are looking for a place to shop for your solar power needs, this is an excellent choice.

Would You Like Your Solar Power Charger To Be Waterproof?

Many people would love to have a waterproof solar power charger. The reason is that it could be used outdoors when power is actually most necessary. Think of having power when you are having a picnic on the beach, or on a picturesque virgin location unspoiled yet by human touch. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you would be able to use your radio there, or your toaster, or your coffee maker?

The Good News – Waterproof Solar Power Chargers Are Now Available In The Market

For those who would like to use power outdoors, there is good news. There are a number of new model solar power chargers that are waterproof today. You will have chargers that will satisfy all your power needs in all circumstances. You can use them on your boat where water can splash on them constantly, or you can have them while trekking in the mountains in spite of rain or snow.

Previously, it was not possible to use electrical devices near water because any humidity or water getting to the device could short-circuit it. Today, however, with the technology answering to the needs of the new generation, we can enjoy power wherever we want it. Inside, outside, dry or wet it does not make any difference anymore. You can have power wherever you want it.

There is the need now to get the electricelectronic devices waterproof as well. This may take some time, but this is not too far away. We already have all-weather cameras and computers that can work in any type of weather, be it sunny or rainy. Time will come when there will be waterproof TVs, waterproof radios, waterproof mobile phones and so on.

In the meantime, the availability of the waterproof solar power chargers offers a good alternative for power generation in hostile environments. Now, it is possible to have your devices charges wherever you go without having to worry about any type of water or humidity. It will be okay if you are on a boat or on an expedition or in the rain your devices will be charged thanks to the waterproof solar power chargers.

There is a lot of freedom brought about by the waterproof solar power chargers. However, until we have our electronic devices waterproof, as well, we will still need cover during rain and watery conditions. Until then, we will need to make do with what we have available.

Finding A Solar Power Electric System Company

A solar electrical system is one which generates electricity when exposed to the sunlight, and works through silicon layers which are laminated under non-reflective glass in solar panels, which then collect photons from the sun and turn this energy into electrical power. Then, this power is flowed into an inverter, which converts and transforms it into usable voltage and AC electrical power.

If you are looking for a solar power electric system company, there are many reputable and decent ones out there. Solar Power Electric System is one of these solar power electric systems, and is a company which has been around long enough to gain an incredibly positive and respected reputation. Solar Power Electric System is the California solar power energy industry leader.

What Is Solar Power Electric System?

Solar Power Electric System uses a wide array of innovative and economical residential solar power systems, as well as that of business-savvy commercial power solar systems in their business. They have an incredibly extensive line of solar solutions which allow you to have the power to turn your electrical meter backwards so to speak, and even to sell back excess energy to your local power company.

This company has been in business for over 26 years, and they proudly stand behind their experienced team of solar experts, and offer many ways to customize an excellent solar power solution for your home or business area. In fact, Solar Power Electric System has been designing and installing solar systems for California and area customers since 1978. As well, they were rated as the best photovoltaic installer and the highest percentage performance of installed systems in Southern California.

They offer a number of quality references to the table as a company they have over 25 years of experience, five times more competitors than any other company in their industry, and as well are the world’s oldest licensed, full service photovoltaic contractors with over 500 residential solar power systems and 100 commercial photovoltaic solar power system installations in and around California.

Typically photovoltaic systems have a warranty for twenty to thirty years on average, and these systems require little to no maintenance, as because of the fact that there are no moving parts on a solar power system, thus there is basically nothing that can go wrong or stop working. This can save you much time and money, especially when compared to that of regular electrical systems.

The Importance Of Solar Power Light

The issue of solar power light is one of great importance and significance, and all key issues in relation to this matter should be taken fully and thoroughly into consideration, in order to truly distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of the topic of solar power light.

What Is Solar Power Light?

Solar power light is light which is derived from the sun, which is usually taken in through a series of panels, which attract the sun and then literally suck in the accepted power from the sun and convert that into energy.

What Are The Advantages Of Solar Power Light?

There are many advantages in regards to solar power light, including that of: solar power is pollution free during use, and production end wastes emissions are manageable using existing pollution controls facilities can operate with very little maintenance or intervention at all solar power is becoming more economical as the costs with production decrease in certain situations where connection to an electrical grid is difficult, harvesting solar power is often an economically competitive advantage to energy from traditional sources.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Solar Power Light?

There are also many disadvantages to solar power, which includes: indeterminacy, as it is obviously not available at night and is also reduced when there is cloud cover locations at high latitudes or with that of frequent substantial cloud cover then offer reduced potential for solar power use solar power can only be realistically used by converting light energy into another form of energy and more.

There are many uses for solar power light, such as that of solar garden lights, which can dramatically enhance the beauty of any of your gardening areas. In general, solar garden lights, as with many other things, the more you pay the better quality you will receive. The main problem with solar lights is that they tend to have only a small area of solar cells and as well a relatively modest battery capacity. Due to these factors, solar garden lights have a reputation for emitting a small amount of light for a short period of time.

Solar garden lights require no electrical wiring or work, and they are powered by DC electricity which is generated from sunshine and can be easily relocated should you wish to redesign your gardening landscape. The factor which is considered to be best of all is that the light from solar garden lights does not require the burning of fossil fuels and the generation of carbon dioxide.

Important Things To Know About Solar Power Energy

What Is Solar Power Energy?

There are many important things that you should know and understand regarding the matter of solar power energy. In the simplest terms, the term solar power energy is used to describe a number of methods which are harnessing energy from the sun. Solar technologies use the sun’s energy and light to provide such elements as heat, light, hot water, electricity, and even cooling for homes, businesses, and industries.

In other words, the sun has produced energy for billions of years, and solar power energy is the radiation which then reaches the earth. This solar power energy can then be converted either directly or indirectly into other particular forms of energy, such as heat and electricity, for instance. Solar energy can be used for heating water for domestic use, for the space heating of buildings, the drying of agricultural products, and even for generating electrical energy.

Solar energy has been around and been used since the prehistoric times, and before 1970, some research and development had been carried out in a few countries, with hopes to exploit solar energy more efficiently, however most of this work remained academic for the most part.

Solar energy is, in fact, even being used in India for heating the water for both industrial and domestic purposes.

Solar energy is considered to be the most readily available source of energy, and it is easily the most important of the non-conventional sources of energy because it is non-polluting and therefore helps in lessening the greenhouse effect. The electricity that can be stored from solar energy can be used for many purposes, such as: domestic lighting, street lighting, village electrification, water pumping, desalination of salty water, powering of remote telecommunications repeater stations, and railway signals to name a few.

The only real problem with solar energy is that it only works when the sun is shining, so on cloudy or dark days or during nights the power plants cannot create energy. There are other certain hazards that are possible with solar power proponents of solar energy present facts, figures, and graphs support claims that energy from the sun would be less expensive, considering that conventional fuel supplies dwindle and technology of solar energy systems improves.

Even so, one must stop to consider what will actually stop the solar energy equipment manufacturers and solar power companies from raising prices when they achieve a monopoly and other fuel sources disappear.

The Need of Today The Solar Power Generator

More and more people today are turning to solar power for their energy needs. It is a great source of energy, which requires just a one-time investment. Once this is done, you would have free uninterrupted electricity for life. Anyone will tell you that this is a very wise investment.

The Uses Of The Solar Power Generator

The best thing that a solar power generator does is provide continuous, free electricity to whomever it uses it. Free electricity is not an exaggeration here it is totally free. This is the beauty of the solar energy it is free for whoever wants it. Hence, your investment will be reimbursed to you within two years time, time in which you will get totally hooked on you solar power generator. You will be surprised in the end, how you could live before without it because life becomes impossible without it.

There are millions of families out there in the world who are happily using solar power generators these people have completely forgotten what it means to have to pay an electricity bill. They can use any and all the appliances they need in the course of the day, just as they did before they switched off from the conventional electricity company to the solar power generator. The only difference they find is the lack of bills at the end of the month. The electricity provided by the solar power generator is as good, if not better, than the conventional electricity system.

A Befitting Answer To Environmental Problems

Since people are shifting to using solar power over the conventional hydro-power that we use today, the solar power generator also contributes to the solving of the environmental problems that we are facing today. The more people who opt for solar power, the better the environment will get, since there will be lesser exploitation of the natural resources available.

The cost of electricity is spiraling out of control. People are fighting hard to make both ends meet on one salary and paying thousands of bills that come from all over. Once the shift is made, from conventional electricity to solar power generator, the electricity cost will be reduced to zero. Solar power is totally free. All you have to do is to order its installation and then enjoy its use forever. The solar power generator will show you how you get free electricity forever.

Solar Power House One Viable Alternative To Power Shortage

People, the world over, are realizing that we are running out of natural resources. There will be one day, when there will be no potable water available to drink, no gasoline to use for the car, no hydro-power. Conservation of these priceless energy resources is one remedy. Another highly popular alternative emerging is the use of solar power.

The Solar Power House The House Of The Future

Solar power was first envisaged as the answer to rural power woes. In reality, it turned out that the installation of solar panels for the consumption of a village or hamlet was too high to be a feasible choice. Today, when the technology has brought out better, cheaper and more powerful solar panels, the rural solar power house seems a possibility again. This could mean that rural areas, too, can enjoy the benefits of electrification, without having to pay for it. Solar power is free!

What started as an alternative electricity source for rural areas, turned out to be a boon for the urban population as well. The rising costs of electricity and the increasing dependence on electric appliances, be it the air conditioner, the fridge, the TV, the DVD player, the kitchen robot, the electric oven and so on, almost crippled the urban population with its cost.

Desperate to escape the rising costs, the urbanites stumbled upon the solar power house possibility. There are now billions of people out there, who enjoy free electricity following the installation of solar power systems in their homes. The installation is costly, but it represents a one-time investment for a lifetime free source of electricity. The bargain is great!

The Solar Power House Has Other Advantages As Well

The solar power system offers great advantages to its users. The best and highest on the list is that they become independent of any power failure problem. The electricity they get from their solar power house is perennial and free. The solar panels today come with a guaranteed lifetime of 25 years however they are known to last at least double of this quote.

Side by side with enjoying free electricity, they also have the greatest satisfaction that by turning their home into a solar power house, they are actively contributing to the preservation of energy on the planet. This situation is a good example of having your cake and eating it too.

Solar Power Information That Is Crucial For Anyone To Know

There is much available solar power information that is essential to learn and understand, in order to truly gain a proper grasp on the entire solar power situation. Solar power information and the matter of solar power is actually quickly increasing in popularity, primarily due to the upheaval in concern for the environment and for the world as a whole people in general are beginning to take more notice and try to involve themselves and participate by helping in whatever way they can. Its use is spreading even more as the environmental costs and limited supply of other power sources such as that of fossil fuels is realized.

Important Solar Power Information

The actual term solar power is used to describe a number of methods that involve the harnessing of energy from the light of the sun. Solar power can be used in many different facets and situations of life, including that of practically anything you can think of. Solar power is used in water heaters, fans, lights, as well as any type of battery charger you can think of, and more.

There are both many advantages and disadvantages to solar power. One advantage is due to the dangerous issue of Global dimming, which is an effect of pollution that is beginning to allow less and less sunlight to reach the earth’s surface. Global dimming is a matter which is rather intricately linked to that of Global warming, and is deeply of concern to proponents of solar power, due to the fact that there is an existing and potential future decrease in available solar energy.

Besides the advantages and disadvantages of solar power, there is also a lot of other solar power information that is quite crucial to know and understand. Solar power information basically involves anything which relates or bases around that of the issue of solar power, such as that of solar design in architecture, solar heating systems, solar cooking, solar lighting, and any and all other key or related matters.

Solar power is thought upon differently by each person, and it is a matter which is sure to be thought about even more as time goes by. This is because the continuing increase in pollution continues to bring the rise of concern in regards to such dilemmas as Global warming and Global dimming thus increasing the yearning of the public for solar powered products and services.

Where To Find Solar Power Outdoor Lighting Products

There are many places available that offer solar power outdoor lighting products and most of them sell their products at reasonable prices. There is a wide multitude of options to choose from in regards to solar power outdoor lighting products and, depending on what sort of an overall look you are trying to achieve, the final decision will obviously primarily rely on your own personal preference.

What Solar Power Outdoor Lighting Products Are Available?

There is a vast array of available solar power outdoor lighting products, including: general solar outdoor lights, solar spot lights, Malibu solar garden lights, solar flag pole lights, solar wall lights, solar lamp posts, solar security floodlights, solar floodlights, solar pillar and column lights, solar accent lights, solar house and address number lights, solar Christmas tree lights, solar floating pond and pool lights, solar marker lights, solar street lights, solar bollard lights, solar recessed deck and dock lights, and more.

Where Can I Find Solar Power Outdoor Lighting Products?

There are many available locations across the world that offer these types of products, including that of the Rittenhouse, which offers a wide variety of solar products that help you to beautify your garden at both day and night, with their contemporary solar lights that are the perfect synthesis of solar technology and garden art.

One of their most popular products is the Firefly, which is a stainless steel garden stake that is topped off with a delicate hand-blown cracked glass globe. The Firefly works by having its solar panel convert photons into electrons during the daytime, while it charges the rechargeable batteries. Afterwards, during the nighttime, it is these batteries which power the high efficiency LED source, which then will turn on automatically once the night comes.

The Firefly is an incredibly attractive type of solar powered light, and is easy to relocate, and most importantly, by using this light you are making a conscious choice to help the environment by using a renewable source of energy, rather than that of the earth’s fossil fuels. The most primary offered features of the Firefly are: the amber LED light will last 100,000 hours includes two rechargeable AA batteries superior quality solar cell keeps the product lit for a minimum of 6-8 hours and a detachable bottom stake which allows for two different size stakes in order to be able to accommodate various sized plants and flowers.

What A Solar Power Panel Is And Where You Can Find One

What Is A Solar Power Panel?

A solar power panel is a semiconductor device which converts photons from the sun into electricity. A solar power panel has many applications and uses, and is considered as being particularly used in situations where electrical power from a grid is unavailable, and they are often electrically connected and encapsulated as a module, thereby termed as a photovoltaic array or solar power panel.

A solar power panel uses semiconductors which are made from silicon, and the generating of useable electrical energy that a solar power panel creates is considered to be the photovoltaic effect.

What Is The Photovoltaic Effect?

The photovoltaic effect consists basically of the fulfilling of two functions: photogeneration of charge carriers in a light-absorbing material, and separation of the charge carriers to a conductive contact that will transmit the electricity. It is actually the conversion of this which is titled the photovoltaic effect. In other words, the photovoltaic effect is the basic physical process through which a solar cell coverts sunlight into electricity the energy of a photon is transferred to an electron in an atom of the semiconductor device.

A photovoltaic cell is principally made from doped silicon, and when a cell such as this is exposed to the sun’s electromagnetic rays, the photons in light transmit their energy to atoms in the connection. Basically, the photovoltaic effect is the phenomenon in which the incidence of light or other electromagnetic radiation upon the junction of two dissimilar materials, as a metal and a semiconductor, induces the generation of an electromotive force.

Where To Find A Solar Panel

There are many different locations that offer solar panels for the public to purchase, and if you are going to buy solar panels, you should remember to compare them by dollars per watt. Used solar panels are the best idea, and can be considered as bargains in several different ways. However, used solar panels produce less power per square foot than do new panels. As well, a modern solar panel might produce twice as much power as an old one of the exact same size however it will also cost you about twice as much.

Solar panels are obviously essential to the process of solar power, and are an incredibly important matter to thoroughly understand if you are hoping to actually learn anything about the solar power process.

The Benefits Of Having A Solar Power Home

The issue of having a solar power home has become one of incredible popularity, especially as of recently. This is due to many reasons, especially the fact that so many people are becoming more considerate of the environment and the world as a whole, and are taking time to consider other options that save and protect the earth’s fossil-fuels as best they can.

What Is A Solar Power Home?

A solar power home is a home which has all its forms of electricity run by solar powered mechanisms, rather than the conventional form of electricity. There are many myths, advantages, and disadvantages that surround the matter of a solar power home, and all of these should be carefully and thoroughly considered and discussed in order to be able to gain a proper and correctly knowledgeable viewpoint on the subject matter.

For example, a few of the common misconceptions surrounding a solar power home are: too expensive, won’t provide enough power for large applications, won’t work during the winter, only provides power when it is sunny or windy, too difficult to install and maintain, only last for a short length of time, unreliable, useless at night, inefficient, and not worth it or simply not profitable.

Although there are, of course, certain disadvantages with a solar power home, as with anything else, most of the myths and discussed disadvantages are simply not true. For instance, solar power is actually quite cheap and, as well, solar panels in fact work better in winter, because of the huge temperature change in the weather. It does not need to be sunny outside for solar power to work efficiently, as solar panels use the changes in temperature in order to provide electricity.

As well, the modern solar panels that are available today are heavy duty, reliable, and usually come with lengthy warranties. In the event of a black out, a home that is powered by solar power will thus remain unaffected, with a battery supply and also a constant supply of wind and solar power in order to keep the battery system full.

An interesting fact is that the government in some areas is actually considering a new law that will make all new homes and buildings required to have solar panels on them. Not only could these solar panels provide extra power to the electrical grid, but also to that of emergency power for owners, and even dramatically decrease the electricity shortage.

The Benefit Of Solar Power For Residential Homes

When we think solar power, the first thing that comes to mind is the fact that it is environmental friendly. However, this is not the only benefit that solar power for residential homes brings.

Solar Power Benefits

Lower electricity bills, or not having a bill at all, are the first and foremost issues that have many home owners convinced to make the switch the solar power. It is one of the best incentives solar power for residential homes has to offer and is on the top of the benefits list. In due course you will only lower your electricity bill but you can also make some money by selling the excess energy that you produce from your solar power installation.

A solar power system also requires little to no maintenance at all. It is easy to install and has practically no wiring to worry about. This feature will help you save money in the long run as there will be no repairs, replacing etc to be done.

Solar power is extremely environmentally friendly. This feature is the reason why solar power was tapped into the first place. As we all are painfully aware, our earth is getting more polluted on a daily basis and anything that we can do to prevent it is a step towards having a better environment not only for us but also for the generations to come.

Solar Power Disadvantages

Even something that sounds this good has disadvantages and they are:

The cost of solar power for residential homes is considerably high however, there are many incentives made available both by the government and private sector to assist homeowners in installing solar power for their homes.

The other disadvantage may be the location of your home in relation to the sun. In order to produce electricity the solar panels need to be facing directly to the sun for a considerable amount of time during the day failing which it will not be possible to create the electricity desired.

Other Ways To Implement Solar Power In Residential Homes

On the market today, there are a number of appliances available, which are powered to solar energy such as ventilators, flash lights, radios and video cameras to name a few.

It is important that we all make an effort to adopt the solar power in the residential home we live not only for your benefit but also for a preserving a better environment for our children and the generations after them.

Solar power in residential homes has been on the increase in the last years as more homeowners are finding the benefits of the solar energy to be much more than the disadvantages of the same. For more information on how you too can switch to solar energy visit any specialized site on the matter today and help make earth a better place for all of us.

What Do You Understand By Solar Power Inverter

Today, when the whole world is looking for alternatives to renewable energy, solar power seems to be an excellent choice. If there is something we will always have in plenty, it is the solar power. It is true that it takes some investment to set up the solar power inverter and panels, but once it is done, the electricity cost you consume will dwindle to almost nothing.

The Many Uses Of A Solar Power Inverter

The application of the solar power inverter is now more versatile than ever. What started targeting homes and offices now are found in gyms, factories, schools, and even gardens and glasshouses. You will find solar power inverters everywhere today. You look around you and wherever you think electricity is needed, you can now use a solar power inverter.

Is It Cost Efficient To Use Solar Power?

It is true that there is a substantial investment required initially to set up the solar power inverter. Nevertheless, once it is installed it has the capacity to cut the annual bills to a fraction of what it was. On an average, a family of four would pay a bill of 1500-2000 per year. However, after the solar power takes over, the cost for the electricity would be about 300 per year. In a few years, whatever investment you have made will be reimbursed. In addition, you will have the mental satisfaction that you have contributed to the global conservation of energy.

There are many ways to improve on the investment costs as well. For this, you will have to use special strategies. If your home is situated in a cold climate area, you will have different ways to conserve and collect solar power. For example, you would need to use a dark roof surface to attract more sun in winter. You will also need to have the majority of your windows facing south to capture the sun in the winter. At night, it would be advantageous to use insulated shutters to conserve heat.

On the other hand, if your home were situated in a hot climate area, you would use other strategies to ensure the best use of your solar power inverter. For, example a sunny home should be having a good number of porches and patios to protect it from direct sun on the walls. Here, the roof may be of light color to reflect the sun as much as possible.

Wherever you use it, if it is installed well, the solar power inverter would pay for is cost within maximum two years, and then you can enjoy free electricity as a gift from nature.

Solar Power Boat The Modern Day Boat

Expert sailors insist that boats should be equipped with as much solar backup power as possible. There is no other power source, at present, which can give you electricity better or more conveniently. All you will need is to make a one-time investment in the installation of the solar panels on the boat. Then, you will have a perennial source of electricity that needs no maintenance, nor imposes any recurring costs.

The Advantages Of Having A Solar Power Boat

The solar power boat is indeed the best that we can have today. Just think, this is a boat which can produce its own electricity, have no bills for producing or using it and it can last forever. The solar panels available today come with a guarantee for 25 years, which is a conservative estimate of their life. In reality, the panels can last double the time or more.

A solar power boat can be the answer to all those sailors who want to be free of any tie-ups’ to the world while sailing. You can do without gasoline, petrol or generators and still have all that you need in terms of electricity on your board. The best part is that the solar panels, once installed, will be working for you for a lifetime. This makes for a very wise investment.

Another great advantage of having a solar power boat is that you will never need to ration the use of electricity again when you are at sea. With the solar power boat you can produce as much electricity as you will need, so you will not have to bother about how much electricity you are using or worry whether it would last you during the trip or not.

One thing you will need to ensure is that your solar panels can convert as much electricity as it is required for you to be comfortable on your boat. Many complain of lack of space for installing adequate solar paneling, for which they have to complement the solar power with conventional sources of electricity.

There are many types of solar panels being manufactured today, specially keeping in mind this problem. Though the solar panels are today smaller and more powerful than they ever were, this problem is still not fully addressed. The day there will be an adequate design for the solar paneling, will be the day when people can enjoy totally free of worry trips to any destination, without having to worry about how long will their generator last.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar Power Cars

What Are Solar Powered Cars?

Solar powered cars are electric vehicles which are powered by solar energy that is obtained from solar panels on the surface of the car. Basically, photovoltaic cells then convert the sun’s energy directly into electrical energy. Solar powered cars are can operate for limited distances without the sun, but they are still not considered as a practical form of transportation.

Solar powered cars were first built by universities and manufacturers, and development continues on solar cell design and car power supply requirements such as heater or air-conditioning fans.

The solar array on solar powered cars consists of hundreds of photovoltaic cells converting sunlight into electricity. Cars, unlike many other objects that use solar energy, can use a variety of solar cell technologies, which most often involves polycrystalline silicon, monocrystalline silicon, and gallium arsenide. Solar cars usually have incredibly distinctive shapes, as designers aim to minimize drag, maximize the exposure to the sun, minimize weight and still make the vehicles as safe as possible.

The Advantages And Disadvantages

There are both advantages and disadvantages to solar cars, and all of these should be taken carefully and thoughtfully into consideration. Some of the advantages include, for one, that of safety and convenience, for instance there are batteries available on most solar cars which store electrical energy that is to be used later by the electric motor when the demand for electric power exceeds that of the output of the onboard generating device.

There is also the advantage involving efficiency, which relates to the fact that all solar cars are able to produce their full rated power at any speed, unlike that of regular automobiles. Another prime advantage of solar cars is that they are positive in regards to the economy. This is because an electric motor and an electric generator are the same device, basically, and electrical current is fed into such a device, causing it to act as a motor and, thus, creates mechanical power.

There are certain disadvantages, too, such as, most of the solar cars available do not have the power or speed of many of the regularly available cars and vehicles and, as well, the battery on the solar car may have to be used far too frequently depending on the weather, for instance if it is dark out for several days, you will have to rely on the battery of the car in order to make it work. This can seem as a hassle to many people, which is a large explanation towards why solar cars still aren’t that popular today.

The Different Types Of Solar Power Battery Chargers

The issue of solar power is becoming one of quickly increasing popularity, and the topic of solar power battery chargers is of great overall significance to this subject. There are many different types of solar power battery chargers available and knowing and understanding each of the separate types is truly crucial and essential in order to understand the solar power process as a whole.

What Are The Different Types Of Solar Power Battery Chargers Available?

The most common types of solar power battery chargers are: automotive solar power battery chargers, PDA solar power battery chargers, 12 volt solar power battery chargers, and travel solar power battery chargers.

An automated solar battery power charger is the superior product for anyone’s automotive needs, as it is a compact car charger which allows you to simply plug the device into the cigarette lighter of the car and will charge the car battery through this. This solar battery charger allows you to start your car quickly and easily even after leaving it for a lengthy period of time and, as well, it will actually prolong the life of the car battery and keep the overall level of the car battery constant.

The PDA solar battery chargers are typically made with high density single-crystalline solar cells, and each unit includes a solar panel that will charge your PDA within hours. The basic qualities of the typical PDA solar battery charger are: unbreakable solar panel, relatively inexpensive, lightweight design, will charge in the car window, will not damage your batteries and has a built in charge regulator, and will be able to charge any batteries under the standard 60 watt light bulb.

As for the 12 volt solar battery chargers, these offer an incredibly affordable and reasonable solution to the providing of power to any 12 volt battery system, and each battery typically includes a built in circuit in order to prevent any battery discharge as well to prolong the actual life of the used batteries. Typically there is no assembly required with this form of solar powered battery charger, and it is used to keep 12 volt and 6 volt batteries up to charge.

Travel solar battery chargers are chargers which are specifically designed to charge AA batteries, and which typically have a built in battery box which allows for the insertion of up to four batteries.

Why Use A Solar Power Battery?

Solar power is known to provide a number of benefits out of which one is energy. The main reason why solar energy is pursued is for the protection of the environment. Today, our earth is faced with drastic circumstances due to pollution, which is caused by every single one of us in one form of the other.

Take batteries for example, from the type that you use in your flash light to those used to run a car, they all pollute our earth. Choosing solar power battery is one way in which you can help prevent pollution.

Helpful Information On Solar Power Battery

In order to get the right solar power kit to charge your batteries you must determine how much energy the size and energy required by these.

Different types of batteries require different temperature in which they can be charges such as lead-acid batteries, which at 40 degrees F will provide about 75% of its capacity and at 0 degrees F just 50%. Amp hours are used to measure the storage capacity and the amount of energy a battery can hold.

A solar power battery will be able to hold and provide energy for the amount of time it is not exposed to the sun and in cloudy conditions as well.

There are two types of solar power battery wiring used in order to produce energy for the same and they are parallel wiring and series wiring. Series wiring increases the volts and the parallel wiring increases the amps.

Solar Power Benefits

Whether you use a solar power battery or you have a whole solar powered home you can only benefit from this source of energy. It is environmentally friendly and cost effective in the long run.

Millions have turned to solar powered products from household appliances to cars that have solar powered batteries. It is important that we acknowledge the importance of switching to more environmentally friendly products, which will in turn provide us with a healthier planet.

Even though solar power has been used for centuries and without which life would not be possible on earth we have not used it to its fullest capacity. An expensive investment even if you are just going to use solar power batteries but definitely worth it in the long run not only for yourself but for generations to come as well.


Even the smallest changes such as using solar power battery will help in preventing pollution and making the earth a better place to live in. This itself should be reason enough to make anyone start using solar powered appliances today.

Solar Power Air Conditioner: Past And Present

The need to utilize solar energy is being thoroughly appreciated by innovators, so much so, that now their inventions become almost paradoxical. What else, but paradoxical, would you call an invention like the solar power air conditioner? It is a device that cools down the heat generated by solar energy falling on earth, while itself working by absorbing this very heat energy. What surprises more, perhaps, is the fact that the idea of cooling rooms and living places with solar energy is anything but new.

The Romans’ Ancient Solar Power Air Conditioner

It evokes wonder to know that the Romans, in their acme of civilization, used a natural form of air conditioning or ventilation. They used to dig a trench just leading from their house to about 100 200 yards in a straight line away from the house. A pipe and chimney were fitted in it such that the heated air in the chimney would rise, drawing air through the cool pipe. The pipe, which was underground, cooled the air to the temperature of the earth. This cool air was let to circulate through the house to keep its temperature lower than outside.

Modern Solar Power Air Conditioner

With the development of Direct Absorption (DFA) in Japan in the 1960s, solar cooling technology took off. In 2004, BROAD Air Conditioning Co. Ltd. provided an American customer with the first solar power air conditioner. It has worked exceptionally well. Today, it is possible to cool down the heat generated by the sun by means of battery-powered air conditioners such that the battery is charged by solar energy. The solar modules charge the battery during the day, when the sun is high, while the solar power air conditioner can be used anytime.

Direct Cool Air Conditioning Inc. has created its own energy efficient DC Airco units. These solar air conditioners consume less than half power requirement of an AC input system. They are good cooling devices for small houses and cottages, industrial buildings telecommunication cabinets etc. A couple of these air conditioners can be used to cool a larger structure. Since the units operate on low voltage (2448 DC) batteries, they are ideal for replacing expensive external generators. These cooling units are available as wall-mounted devices.

Advantages of DC Airco Solar Conditioners

DC Airco Solar Conditioners consume less power and provide greater cooling. They can be used anywhere in the world because they are not frequency dependent. They do not require Genset for power supply, and do not need an inverter.