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The Basic And Most Primary Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar Power

What Is Solar Power?

Solar power is an incredibly and dramatically important issue, and there are many important issues in regards to the matter of solar power. Solar power technologies use the sun’s energy and light to provide heat, light, hot water, electricity, and even cooling for such things as homes, businesses and industries. There are several primary solar technologies that are used, which include that of: photovoltaics, passive solar heating, concentrating solar power, and solar hot water and space heating and cooling.

Photovoltaics are solar cells which are used to directly convert sunlight into electricity. These solar power cells are made of semi conducting materials, and crystalline silicon is the leading commercial material for photovoltaic cells, which can be used in itself in many forms, including that of: single-crystalline or monocrystalline silicon, multicrystalline or polycrystalline silicon, ribbon and sheet silicon, and thin-layer silicon.

Passive solar power heating involves that of buildings which are designed for passive solar and daylighting incorporate design features such as that of south-facing windows and building materials that absorb and slowly release the sun’s heat. In passive solar heating, there are no mechanical means at all used, and passive solar designs can also include that of neutral ventilations for cooling.

The concentrating of solar power involves that of technologies which use reflective materials such as mirrors in order to concentrate the sun’s energy this then concentrated form of energy is converted into electricity. Solar hot water heaters on the other hand, use the sun to either heat water or a heat-transfer fluid in collectors. A typical solar hot water and space heating and cooling system will reduce the need for conventional water heating by about two-thirds, which is obviously considered as being quite dramatic.

Solar power, besides providing heat and light, is also what causes the wind that we feel on Earth. This is because winds are created when various layers of that atmosphere absorb different amount of heat and therefore expand differently, thus creating regions of lower and higher pressure, which results in masses of air that circulate both at ground level as well as that of higher altitudes. Solar power is also responsible for fossil fuels such as that of petroleum and coal, as these substances are the result of large masses of decayed plant matter, which during their own lifetime, had absorbed solar energy.

The Basics On Solar And Wind Power

Energy is quite literally what makes the world go around, and without the continuous supply of energy that is taken for granted on the whole, everything in life would dramatically and quickly come to a halt. Solar and wind power are two incredibly important and highly significant factors in this matter, and both should be properly and thoroughly understood and considered in order to gain a respective ideal on the subject issue. In order to truly gain a proper understanding on solar and wind power, all key issues should be taken fully into consideration.

What Are Solar And Wind Power?

Solar and wind power are alike and different in many ways, and the similarities and differences of solar and wind power should both be properly learned and understood. First, the term solar power is used to describe the number of methods which include the harnessing of energy from the sun. Solar power has been around and been considered and used for centuries, although it has truly only come into completely widespread use as of particularly lately.

Solar energy is energy which is derived directly from the sun, and passive solar heating involves that of the design of homes and buildings in order to make use of direct sunlight for that of heating purposes. Most of the solar energy today is harnessed as heat or electricity, and the most common uses for solar power involve that of: solar design in architecture, solar heating systems, solar cooking, solar lighting, and more.

Wind power is literally defined as the conversion of wind energy into more useful forms, which is usually that of electricity using wind turbines. Most of the modern wind power is primarily generated in the form of electricity by converting the rotation of turbine blades into electrical current through the means of an electrical generator. Wind energy is incredibly abundant, widely distributed, clean, and renewable.

We as a people have, in fact, used the wind as an energy source for a particularly lengthy amount of time. In fact, the electricity-generating wind turbines were invented in the United States and Europe in the late 1800s. Wind power didn’t used to be much of a topic of interest, however as of recently there has been a sudden increasing interest in it. There are two primary reasons for this, which are: one, most electricity generated today uses non-renewable fuels such as coal, oil, and gas and secondly, advances in wind power science and technology are reducing the cost of wind power to a point where it is actually becoming competitive with many other energy sources.

Solar And Electric Power Association

What Is The Solar And Electric Power Association?

The mission of the Solar and Electric Power Association is to facilitate the use and integration of solar electric power by that of utilities, electric service providers, as well as their customers. The Solar and Electric Power Association strives to do many things, including that of the following: provide tools to utilities and service providers supporting the use and integration of solar power, foster business to business networking, share information on solar electric technologies and programs, and evaluate and report on policies and regulations.

The Solar and Electric Power Association has done an excellent job of identifying and responding to the needs of utilities which are participating in or with that of the solar industry. The Solar and Electric Power Association is an association which is non-profit, and which consists of utility, electric service provider, manufacturer, installer, government, and research members.

SEPA strives to meet its many goals by doing that of several things, especially, which is surrounding that of its members, including: a solar power conference and expo, which is jointly presented by SEPA and SEIA, and which is the largest business-to-business solar conference and expo in all of America bi-weekly electronic newsletter and email alerts, meaning that SEPA members then automatically receive all of the most relevant and important news on solar technologies, policies, and programs conference call seminar series, as the SEPA holds monthly seminars on various technology, policy, and marketing topics.

They also have a members only resource library, which allows their members to use an expanded library resource center that contains reports and data from other utility members email discussions groups, as the SEPA has technical and policy email discussion groups through Yahoo Groups so that members can easily interact and learn from other members’ experiences powerclerk software discount, in that powerclerk allows managers to efficiently and effectively receive incentive applications, process incentive applications, analyze programs, as well as report on program results.

There is also a solar programs options tool, which is expected to be released late in 2006, and through this application, SEPA members will be able to access the tool through the members only section. With this the user can do many things, including: optimize objectives across a variety of solar technologies, with consideration of performance, first costs, levelized life-cycle costs, as well as the overall efficacy in achieving that of RPS, green power, and other targets.

The Facility Of Portable Solar Power Generators

Sunlight stands as one of the most important renewable sources of energy in prospect. Solar energy is now actively being used by the technology of solar cells, which collect solar energy from the sunlight and covert it into electric power. To greatly facilitate the use of such solar plants, now we have the portable solar power generators commercially available.

Reasons For Choosing Portable Solar Power Generators

Users of power generators gas and motor oil are often complaining against the noise produced by them. Also, these generators have to be constantly refilled with the fuel-an alienating duty. Solar power generators rid the user of these concerns. Still better, portable solar power generators make it possible to provide the appliances as small as a power drill to larger ones like TV or Refrigerator with the required electric power. Running on wheels, these generators are ideal for using at remote construction sites, camping, desert trips, and ordinary household use. Many durable designs are now available for use with a strong wagon-style base and large handles that are easy to grip. In short, portable solar power generators make power available at almost anywhere.

Features Of Some Good Portable Solar Power Generators

Some of the best portable solar power generators come in different models with 12 to 30 Amperes electric current and 150 watts inverter. These are mostly easy to use due to their plug and go system. Some of these come with batteries for storing the charge others lack batteries. A good solar power generator will store six batteries. Panels, which run the generator, can be folded for easy portability. Also, these generators show protective and durability features like separate fusion of the sockets, unbreakable enclosures, and resistance to weathering or corrosion. Most of all, such generators are environment friendly and produce both AC and DC current without noise or fumes. House lights, computers, fans, radios and TV etc. all run perfect with these portable solar generators.

Pros And Cons In Using Portable Solar Generator

On the plus side, a solar power generator is going to be more efficient than electricity powered generators. You will not to have to not have to search for an outlet to plug in your generator. On the other hand, you must remember that your solar generator will require sunlight. On a cloudy day or after sunset, it will not work unless you have additional batteries stored in it for holding solar energy as electric charge.

Residential Solar Power System Why Is The World Not Accepting This Concept Yet?

All of us agree that our using the natural resources much too fast is contributing to the deterioration of our Planet. We also agree that unless we ration water, oil, and electricity, we will find ourselves very soon with no other choice but learn to live without it. Thus, people are avidly searching for alternatives for renewable energy, as well as methods of conserving rationing what we have left on the Planet. Nothing, though, seems to work the way as planned.

What Is The Place Of The Residential Solar Power System In This Scenario?

The residential solar power system looks like a good alternative for the electricity shortage problem. Billions have already shifted to solar power systems in their homes and offices and find it pretty good. What is, then, preventing the states and countries the world over to shift to this alternative and stop the pressure on the non-renewable energy sources?

The detrimental factor is the cost. The charge for installing a residential solar power system to support the whole household’s needs for electricity is quite high. However, if you look at it from the larger picture point of view, you will see that the cost of the installation can be recovered within two years only. Thereafter, the electricity you use would be completely free. This can easily save you about 1500 per year which is not a small amount.

In spite of the benefits, residential solar power systems are still on the threshold of acceptance by the majority of the world. It is true that there are billions of people out there, who have shifted to residential solar power systems, are happy with their choice. Nevertheless, the movement is yet to gather real momentum.

It is expected that the technology advancement will bring down the cost considerably in the near future as well as make the solar panels smaller and more powerful. This will enable people to use these panels not only for their residential solar power system but also for their cars, boats, gardens and so on.

There will come a day, in the not too distant future, when residential solar power systems would be the conventional style and the hydro-power the exception. When that day will come, we will be able to give our Planet that has been supporting us for so many thousands of years, some respite to regenerate and breathe. Hope that day will come before it becomes too late.

Installing A Home Solar Power System

With the growing rise in the concern of such issues as Global warming and the lesser known but just as critical Global dimming, the world seems to be paying more and more attention to the matter of solar power. The term solar power refers to any type of method that harnesses energy from the sun and then works by converting this energy into electricity.

How To Install A Home Solar Power System

There are actually quite a few different important issues that are involved or can be optionally involved in the installing of a home solar power system. The most common processes involved in that of a home solar power system are: solar design in architecture, solar heating systems, solar cooking, and solar lighting. Although these are the most popular and common in regards to a home solar power system, there are many other available options.

Solar power can be used in the architecture factor of your home solar power system, in that solar design can be used to achieve a comfortable temperature as well as light levels with little or no additional energy. The matter of passive solar can also be involved here, which is the maximizing of the entrance in sunlight in cold conditions and reducing it in hot weather then there is also that of active solar power, which refers to the using of additional devices such as pumps and fans in order to direct warm and cool air or fluid.

In regards to solar heating systems, these are systems which use sunlight in order to heat the water of a home, and these particular types of systems can either be used to heat domestic hot water or for space heating, however, they are most commonly used to heat pools. Thereby, there are three most basic categories which all solar heating systems fall under, which includes: active systems which use pumps to circulate water or a heat transfer fluid, passive systems which circulate water or a heat transfer fluid by natural circulation, and batch systems which use a tank that is directly heated by sunlight.

In the issue of solar cooking, there is a solar box cooker which is used to literally trap the sun’s power into an insulated box, which can then be used for cooking. In regards to solar lighting, the entire interior of a building such as your home can be lit during daylight hours using light tubes, and generally, it is claimed that this actually gives the interior a more natural light and can be used to reduce the energy demands of electric lighting.

Save And Live Better With A Home Solar Power Kit

Pollution is a growing problem that is threatening our earth. We can all help make our planet a cleaner healthier place by taking different actions such as recycling and using solar powered appliances.

Solar power use has grown over the years significantly not only because it is an effective way to a cleaner environment but also because it is cost effective in the long run. In most cases the extra electricity that you will produce from a home solar power kit can even be sold and thus you can even earn a considerable amount in the long run.

The Benefits Of A Home Solar Power Kit

It is easy to understand the benefits you will receive from a home solar power kit on a short and long term basis and here they are:

Cleaner environment Something we all should take seriously and contribute to whenever possible is a cleaner environment. Home solar power kit will provide your household with the electricity and energy needed so you will not have to access the traditional sources.

Long-term savings A home solar power kit is expensive to acquire and install however worth every single penny in the long run. There is financial assistance made available by both private and governmental sector to help those who are willing to install solar powered systems for their homes. Also, you can sell the extra energy produced by your home solar power kit and cover the initial investment made.

Increase the value of your property A home solar power kit will add value to your property as an appliance of the future, which will save on overall cost as well as provide some considerable earnings out of the extra energy produced.

Getting A Home Solar Power Kit

Research the market before settling for a home solar power kit for the following features:

Warranties Solar power panels have very little maintenance however, make sure you are covered with a good warranty from the selling company.

Buy your solar power kit from a manufacturing company and not just a selling third party, in this way you will be assured to get the right price as well as first hand customer service after installation. The installation of the home solar power kit should be done by solar experts to ensure proper function.

Invest in the future and in a cleaner, healthier planet for you as well as other generations to come.

Backup Solar Power System Can This Be The Answer To Power Failures?

There are many instances where sudden power failures paralyze a location, a city and even a State. You, too, must have, at one time or other, faced the hardship of a sudden unscheduled power failure. During such times, you will realize how much dependent you are on electricity, and how much you tend to take it for granted. We need power to see, to cook our food, to keep our homes cool, to preserve our food, to purify water, to draw water, to read, to bathe, and so on. When the power fails, it becomes imperative that we have a replacement for electricity or our lives become paralyzed.

The Backup Solar Power System Can Be Extremely Convenient

When there is an unscheduled power failure, you tend to use invertors or generators, which can provide sufficient electricity to run your household with the least of inconvenience. However, you cannot run all the appliances on a generator or inverter for too long. At best, these can help you for four to eight hours. After that, you will have to do with candles for light, and do without the rest of appliances.

If the power failure stretches over long periods, life becomes very stressful. There are instances when people die because of lack of electricity. This could be in the case of quadriplegics who need electricity in order to keep their life support systems working. You also have cases where people die of extreme cold or heat due to lack of power.

The backup solar power system can ensure continuous free electricity for as long as you need it. If the solar system is installed well, you can run all your appliances without any interruption. It is wonderful to have a reliable source of electricity whenever you need it. All your power problems can be solved with the installation of a backup solar power system.

The Backup Solar Power System Is Safer than Any Electricity Backup Program

Look at the alternative electricity providers. You have to choose from among wet batteries, generators, inverters each of these can expose you to extreme danger of fire, explosion and acid spills. If you look at it, the backup solar power system is your safest choice. There is no spillage, almost no maintenance, no chance of it exploding and in return, you get the best and most reliable source of electricity.