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Your Questions About Solar Generators For Sale

Mark asks…

where can i find out how a solar generator works and how long they last?

Im interested in getting a solar gen. to use for camping,[coffee pot,heater, lite,ect im trying to get reliable info on them.

admin answers:

You can get basic info about small units for sale from most camping, hunting and outdoors shops – all of the outdoorsmen still want to be able to recharge their electronics. For more general info about these, you should be able to ask questions at forums about outdoors subjects.

Sandra asks…

Do you think the government should force manufacture of fuel effciant cars?

They have electric roadsters that do 0-60 in 3 seconds and have a 100 mile plus range lineing up for production. Just add a small desile generator and some solar panels and it will get 100 to infinity miles per gallon. Why don’t they mandate hybred and solor car manufacturing! Think they should make a limit on how much fuel a vehical can consume? Like 1 gallon per hour private and 3 commercial?

admin answers:

You can’t mandate something like that.

The consumer dictates what will be built. The companies respond to that.

When gas got to $3.00 a gallon, SUV and pickup sales went down to its lowest levels since 1995. People were looking into more efficient cars. Toyota and Honda had already thought ahead and been producting them. The government encourages it by giving tax breaks and allowing them into HOV lanes. The US car makers were still churning out SUV’s and fell behind yet again. Now Toyota is poised to become the number one car maker because they’re able to think ahead, innovate, and respond quicker to the market.

Now that gas is back to $2.06 a gallon, people are going *whew* and are driving SUV’s again. But there is a percentage that are thinking ahead and are selling their SUV’s and buying the Toyota’s and Honda’s.

You can blame the SUV and Minivan market in part on the increased safety levels required by the government. Since they require car seats for each kid, a family with three kids needs a larger vehicle so Minivan’s were born. Guys were harassed about driving a “minivan” so the car manufacturers created SUV’s to satisfy a guy’s ego.

Then you have the Hummer type ads. You’ve seen them. Where they harass the moms now, calling them wimps and pressuring them to buy Hummers. What a bunch of crap.

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Your Questions About Solar Energy For Kids

Mark asks…

What do you think of creating your own wind and solar energy?

I stumbled across this site that shows you how to make your own windmill and solar panels…
Do you think it’s a good investment? If it works I’m a welder and I could pop a whole bunch of windmills up easy but thats only if this works.. What do you think?

admin answers:

Wind Power wouldn’t really benefit you unless you have a lot of wind near your house. Also Wind Turbines cause a lot of noise pollution (annoying noise) and kill birds (I’m not kidding, migratory birds get killed when they get near the turbine because they get stuck). I wouldn’t invest in wing power unless I live near the beach where there is a lot of wind or a place with a lot of wind.

It will take you about 10 years to get back the money you have invested in a solar panel. Keep in mind that the days get shorter during winter until the winter solstice and there is less sunlight. Solar Panels absorb very little of the energy of the sun.

Keep in mind what I said before investing in solar and wind power. I suggest waiting till the solar panel cost gets cheaper till you buy.

Betty asks…

Can you get solar energy when your renting a town house in Las Vegas?

Or do you still have to pay an electric bill with the energy company?

admin answers:

It would cost a substantial amount to eradicate an electric bill. Keep in mind that most states have laws regarding housing, specifically anything that is physical attached becomes the property of the property owner. This would apply even to something as simple as an under counter can opener.

If you want to maintain ownership get it in writing.

You will also need permission to make an addition to the property. A homemade window box collector would not need attaching necessarily but fits into a partially open window. Search it like
solar windowbox heater free plans Relatively easy to build and cost effective until some smart “S” kid throws a rock.

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Your Questions About Solar Generators

Mandy asks…

How do I build a solar generator for my cabin?

We don’t use much electricity, so we don’t need anything too heavy-duty. I would like to run our cabin on solar electricity, but am having trouble getting help as far as what size battery, inverter, solar panel I will need. I know I also need a regulator, but don’t know anything about them either. From start to finish, what do I need and where can I get all he parts I need at a reasonable price? Is it cost-effective to buy an already put together solar generator?

admin answers:


The stuff they sell seems to more or less live up to the specifications.

If you decide to buy discounted panels be a little careful. It was my experience that the specifications overstated the performance by 50% to 100%

BTW – the best investment you can make is a good recent book on the subject. Anything copyright before 2007 is probably obsolete.

Good luck

Sandra asks…

Does anyone have any leads on backup solar generators?

I want to purchase a solar powered backup generator in the event that we have a power outage. I don’t want a gas/diesel generator as I don’t want to have to fight everyone else to get gas for a generator. I’ve been only able to find one solar generator that would seem to work for my home. Any suggestions?

admin answers:

I’ve just started looking at solar myself, here’s a link to a site that seems to have some reasonably priced systems:

Maybe there will be information that will help, I’m a novice myself so I’m not sure what exactly you are looking for.

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Your Questions About Solar Energy Environments

Susan asks…

What are the ways that Solar Energy is more environment-friendly and feasible than Nuclear Energy?

The more, the better. The arguments should be at least remotely feasible. I’m looking for ecological arguments why Solar Energy is a better alternative than Nuclear Reactors.

admin answers:

They both have their place, so if you’re planning for a debate, you’ll have to take this into consideration. Your argument should be for solar, but not against complete replacement of nuclear. If you argue the latter, you’re sure to lose, unless your opponents are incompetent.

But to answer your question directly:

– Solar can provide heat directly, without being converted to mechanical motion and then electricity. It is thus more efficient at heating (say) water.

– Solar scales down well, so a single house system can be feasibly installed. A nuclear reactor needs at least an apartment-building load to be feasible. And they would only do that in Russia, because

– Nuclear reactor technology can be used to breed weapons materials. And even if you couldn’t construct an A-bomb, if you could order fuel for your home reactor, a bad person could grind it up into a fine power that would make a hazardous mess when blown up in a public place.

– The nuclear waste and radiation hazard also make nuclear unsuitable for single-home usage. These are not as much of a problem for a centralized plant.

I came accross a new, proven and tested home made wind power system and solar power system which eliminates our electricity bills. It was written by a Renewable energy enthusiasts Michael Harvey the diy called Earth4energy. You can get your copy to save energy and help environment while eliminating your power bills. Get it from here:

Thomas asks…

How does solar energy effect australia?

For example, how does it effect the environment?
How much solar energy is used in australia?

admin answers:

Without solar energy there would most likely be no life on Earth let alone Australia.

There is an argument that all energy except geothermal and nuclear derives from our Solar source.

As Australia is closer to the ozone depleated South Pole the sunlight there is more intense than in other places in the world. As a result skin cancer rates can be expected to be higher.

You might wish to narrow your question a bit.

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Your Questions About Solar Generators Lowes

Maria asks…

where can i buy solar power products?

Is there a store I can see and buy solar power products like lights and generators.

admin answers:

Lowes and Walmart both offer solar powered lights.

Chris asks…

how easy, or hard, is solar panneling to install?

where im staying at the mo is plagued by power cuts normally twice a day, which makes things like cooking a real b*tch,
i’ve thought about a generator but petrol/diesel is also a problem here prices are on par with UK for fuel which is ridiculous, i already have an inverter for AC to DC to power battery’s for an elctric fence and a gate, also is it temperature or sunlight that the solar cells work from? because sunlight here is strong all year round but temperature in winter is quite low?

admin answers:

It not hard to install, but, may be expensive from what you mention in your comment. Solar Panels produce DC (Direct Current) Electricity. A house uses AC (Alternating Current).
Also remember that the Voltage and Amps produced are low.
You can buy Inverters that change DC to AC but for the power you looking for could get real expensive. What I am thinking of is this. May need to change to Propane/Natural Gas for Cooking and Hot Water. OR. You could get an Electric Generator, but, even this may not have the Amps you need for a Cook Stove, or, even a Refrigerator, you would need a large one capable of running what you want, and again, this could get Expensive.
The link a place you may be able to get an idea of Solar Costs;
These two links help you understand Generators and costs;

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Your Questions About Solar Generators Hawaii

Sharon asks…

Is living in Hawaii practical for a loner with money?

I’ve been thinking that I want to just relax for a few years.

admin answers:

Yup, loner or not, Hawaii gotta place for evabody, ok? I know of place ova onna Big Island, nice house off the grid, got year round spring for water, solar lectric, windmll for well, to elevate pressure tank, also propane 15K generator, delivery from truck to 2000 gallon tank, use to cook, heat water, run fridge, end of 4 mile graded gravel road, with 5 acres of you own…if you really a loner, can’t get much more alone than that, so if you wanna be alone, this maybe place for you, ok? But, mobetta that you gotta heavy check book too, but hey that what you say, yeah? Peace and aloha to you!

Maria asks…

can I run a desktop computer with a solar panel?

I am moving to Hawaii and the house we are living in has independent electricity. (solar panels and gas powered generators.)

admin answers:

The system in the Hawaiian house has solar panels that charge a battery bank. If the sun doesn’t shine enough, the generator will kick on and provide the extra power needed. An inverter converts the DC voltage stored in the batteries to AC power that you plug into a wall outlet to use. Depending on the inverter, it should be exactly the same as the AC you buy from the electric company now, so anything that you currently plug in to use will work.

The exception is if they are using an inexpensive modified sine wave inverter, that doesn’t generate as clean power as a pure sine wave inverter. Some delicate electronics may have trouble running on it. You may want to ask the house owners which type of inverter it is. If they don’t know, ask them the model and you can easily look it up.

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Your Questions About Solar Energy Generator Companies

Steven asks…

How do the energy companies generate ac power?

and how could I build myself an ac generator, can it be done with photovoltaic cells or would that be dc, Im trying to emphasize using a power inverter powered by solar charged 12 volt batteries, would this work. Any help apprciated.

admin answers:

Various ways, but in the US, mainly coal fired boilers driving turbines, which drive generators.

Some oil fired, some hydroelectric, some wind, some solar, some nuclear.

You can buy a solar array and use that to keep a battery charged, and run an inverter from the battery to generate 120 or 240 VAC. You will need a charge controller between the solar array and the battery, which regulates the charge to the battery.


Maria asks…

Do power companies store excess energy during times of low demand?

Power companies always shut down generation plants when there is low demand in the power grid, but they always have to maintain a safety margin – perhaps 10% or more power than the grids demand.

Do they STORE this excess/unused power? what happens to unused power.

admin answers:

I read up a bit on this and here what I’ve found:
Like your car’s Alternator there is no “extra” power that is created without demand. Meaning if everyone shuts off their A/C’s in a big city the power plant’s generators simply slow down or shut off.

The safety margin is that they try to preemptively have power “potential” that is on the ready – maybe some turbines spinning, ready to accept load. Given, running a power generation source without load is wasteful but it is acceptable since even the power companies cannot tell when exactly or how much demand will change. They usually make up the needed power from providers while they increase capacity – if they can.

You car’s alternator is good example – once you get up to speed above an idle, it is making more power than the engine, the basic accessories and the battery needs. If you could monitor the drag or draw of the alternator on your car as you turned devices on a off you would see how load makes the alternator put out more power – while spinning at the same rate. Your engine has to absorb the drag of the alternator by increasing fuel consumption or idle speed. Your alternator is simply using regulating the voltage going out and its’ speed determines the amperage potential. At about 2500 rpm your alternator is putting at about 70% of capacity.

The easiest way to see this is turn on all your accessories at idle and you should see the headlights dim a bit. Raise the engine speed and notice that they brighten but only so much.

Overall the generators that power company’s use are far more efficient than the alternator in your car so any waste is simply there to feed our ravenous need for power.

The only utilities that are planning for storage for solar and wind, since the sun sets and winds change. Those methods range from air compression, to molten salt to flywheels and many others.

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Your Questions About Solar Energy Jobs

David asks…

Is there any kind of training for something related to solar energy?

I heard in solar energy jobs is growing. I want to learn more about it & maybe working in that field. Where can I take training class in San Jose, California?

admin answers:

ITT tech insitute

Michael asks…

What are some jobs created by using solar energy?

I mean how is solar energy contributing to the job market?
Is it creating more jobs? If so, which ones?
If not, why not?

admin answers:

It requires people to manufacture the solar cells (in a semi-conductor plant) as well as people to get up on roofs to install them, PV doesn’t require much maintenance although solar thermal (pretty much restricted to large scale generation) does require quite a bit of maintenance.

The diffuse nature of solar power means that you need a lot of collectors to get a decent amount of power out of it so solar would create quite a lot of jobs for the amount of power generated which is one of the disadvantages of solar power compared to other more concentrated forms of power. Creating jobs isn’t really of much use if the jobs are useless and having more people working in the energy industry than necessary means that there are less people available to work elsewhere (though there are much better arguments against ground based solar power).

If we reduced our energy usage by the levels that many solar and wind proponents want us to then we’d probably find we don’t have enough energy to run any of our factories (although those levels are never going to happen so it isn’t a very realistic worry).

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Your Questions About Solar Generators

Steven asks…

Is the usage of Wind Powered Generators & Solar Generators Illegal in Singapore?

I’m planning to buy either a Wind Powered Generators, Solar Generators or a Hybrid Generator to be more “Green” & at the same time save on electric bills… I’m able to install such a generator on my home…

admin answers:

Its sad that Singaporeans should ask such questions. We are so timid. At the very worst you get a fine for installing green equipments. Take a MRT ride where you can see many terrace houses. You will find many with solar roofs.Their owners are not languishing in Changi prison. As for wind power, Singapore is not windy whole year round. Best stick with solar panels.

Maria asks…

Can a solar generator and panels be hooked up to a trailer home on a rural field?

I plan on moving a newly manufactured trailer home onto around ten acres of rural field. I need a source of power, i have found solar power can be fairly inexpensive in the long run, though i have been told trailer homes cannot be hooked up to solar generators and panels. Is this true? if not how do i hook six 80 watt panels up to the trailer home?

admin answers:

USA Yes you can, unless there is a local municipal ordinance against it – which I have never heard of. But, why 80 watt panels? The industry standard is 230 watt. Six 80 watt panels won’t even power a normal refrigerator (they’re usually 700 watts). If you have all the parts and equipment, or if you can get them for free, then it is worth it to hook them up. But, if you have to buy the items, the average cost is $5 per watt, which is $2400.00 for a 480 watt set up. Generating 480 watts per hour will total 5000 watts on a good day. That is about $0.50 worth of electricity. At $0.50 per day, it will take you 4800 days – that is more than 13 years – just to break even.

You should add up the power requirements for everything in the home that might be used at the same time – cooking, refrig, cooling or heating, well pump, lights, TV – and base the size of your system on how many watts you will need. If you can, go more than what you need and sell the extra to the utility. They have to buy it from you.

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Your Questions About Solar Energy Generators India

Paul asks…

What’s the most earth friendly car on the market today? Also is there any solar powered cars in the works yet?

I think that having solar powered cars would be amazing you hear about people trying to make them possible and then the idea just fades away. I guess that would be a big upset for the gas company’s or maybe it’s just impossible…. Any why, what is the most earth friendly car on the market right now and what is it powered by?

admin answers:

A problem with solar is the energy conversion is so low that to be affective the cells must be put into huge frames on large land areas. These are solar farms that convert the Sun’s energy into electricity.
The most earth friendly vehicle is made in India and are used as delivery trucks. They run on compressed air. Here in the states, a complete electric car that can travel 200 miles on a charge is called a Tesla sports car and costs over $100,000. Here is the problem, it runs quietly and efficiently on electricity but where does this power come from? Much of our electricity comes from heavily polluting coal generators. See the problem?

David asks…

why use of solar energy has not worked for India so far?

It is widely accepted that use of solar power for domestic purposes in the country like India can share the burden of power crisis to a great extent. Govt. apathy may be the reason?

admin answers:

Solar panels or cells requires silver lining which needs more capital (money) and the output is very less for each solar plate.It also requires lot of maintenance because of direct exposure to environmental conditions.Any how, the solar generators or solar lamps are now coming into market abundantly;But as you said to resolve the power crisis,I think it would take more time….

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Your Questions About Solar Generators For The Home

Linda asks…

What solar equipment is necessary to power a steam generator for a home steam bath?

The generator I have is rated at 12 KW, requires 220V and 33Amp service to heat a room of 500 cubic feet. The power is only needed periodically and for short periods of time, 30 – 60 minutes a day. (on a rare occasion, twice a day.) How do I plan, organize and calculate the required equipment?

admin answers:

You want to power it with Photovoltaic panels?
Or are you asking about passive solar pre-heaters?

If you are going to buy Photovoltaic panels, just call up a install firm and get some. There is a 30% tax credit for them now even. But why you are specifically tying the PV panels into your sauna is just confusing. It would sure make for an expensive sauna.

Sandy asks…

easiest way to quiet down a portable generator?

I am looking to run a generator to power my mobile home when my solar and wind generators aren’t making enough power. I usually park in semi suburban areas and the last time I ran my generator for a prolonged period I got a noise complaint and had to move at 3am [not so fun] what are some ways to quiet down the generator while its running?

admin answers:

I had the same issue with an air compressor. I built a wooden enclosure with a small fan to bring cool air into the box. It has worked fine for over twenty years! But for your problem:

Find a cardboard box that will fit comfortably, upside down, over the generator. If that is not enough, glue some fiberglass insulation inside the cardboard box. That will decrease the decibels sufficiently. Otherwise, you will need to build a wooden enclosure with fiberglass insulation inside.

Good Luck

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Your Questions About Solar Energy Facts

Michael asks…

what is the fact about earth that creates the unequal distribution of solar energy?

Need help on this question:

what is the fact about earth that creates the unequal distribution of solar energy?


admin answers:

That it is a sphere. At high latitiudes, the sun’s rays hit nearly parallel to the ground, and thus heat is spread over a large area (like tilting a flashlight at a wall. It forms a circle, but as you tilt it, it makes a larger and larger circle that’s dimmer). And that’s why it gets cold.

William asks…

How could i find a sponsor to invest on solar energy?

I have finalized some inventions in the field of hydrogen and solar energy. I have made many connections to demonstrate them, but because of very poor investment on research in my region there is the least chance to find a sponsor. Do you know someone, some company or organization to be interested in the matter?
The fact is that i have also contacted some universities, but since my prior education is not related to this field (mining engineering), they can not accept me.
At the time being I am working on the patents.

admin answers:

I work for appalachian energy. We provide solar, wind, andhydro power. Go to

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Your Questions About Solar Generators Portable

Sandra asks…

How should I ground a floating circuit that is a portable solar generator?

I’m going to be mounting several pieces on a dolly such as a plastic bin to hold a battery inside, a voltage regulator, and inverter will be on top and a solar panel on the top (50 watt).

admin answers:

If you ground a circuit, then it isn’t floating is it?

Since you don’t know electricity, you should consult an engineer.

Mark asks…

How do I keep portable power for small appliances for long durations on the move?

If I’m living in my car down south and I need constant power for a fan, fridge, tv, recharging things, etc… what do I need and how much does it cost? Do those solar power panels work? Can you place them on the roof lying under the blazing sun? And then I can plug my applicances in? How much do I need to spend on those? Or will it not work? I don’t know. Help me out. No smart alic comments, only answers. Thanx.

admin answers:

To power those kind of appliences that draw that kind of power you need a kickass power inverter, i would say 4000watts or more and they are not cheap and you will need alot af battery power to keep them going
you can also use a gas generator but they are noisy
you can go to an rv dealer and talk to them as thats what they do

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Your Questions About Solar Energy Generator Cost

Betty asks…

What is the cheapest type of generator to use?

I’m thinking about using a generator for outdoor use but the price of petrol and diesel is too expensive and wondering of there’s any other types of generators that cost a lot cheaper to run. I was actually thinking about buying a Diesel one and running it on red diesel but I don’t know where to buy red diesel.
Over here in the UK you need to prove what you want red diesel for like if you own a farm or something to run tractors. It isn’t easy to buy because people will use it to run diesel cars as its tax free.

admin answers:

Solar cells or wind powered turbines, but initial cost is horrendous.

However, in the UK at the moment there are Government backed schemes for these Green Energy sources where you can actually put power back into the National Grid, when you are not using it, or generating an excess for your own usage and get paid for it. Again initial costs are mind blowing.

Jenny asks…

Why doesn’t set up a deep water siphon to lift deep cold water power running on solar and?

Energy to power, generators for the pumps that lift the water,

is cost the only factor or are there any

ideas on generating electricity from noise as it’s everywhere,

like a static powered watch only higher

levels of current for houses ?

Cheers & Thanks to all answers, Mars Mission.

admin answers:

Cost seem to be the key factor and the lack of Research on it.

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Your Questions About Solar Generator For Sale

David asks…

information about solar irrigation?

I have a stream running by my house and would like to draw water from it to water our garden/ yard…via a solar pump…does anyone have any information how I could get started? thanks

admin answers:

A boating store might be able to help you out. Most of their systems run on DC current and they also have outdoor-rated equipment for sale. A boat need its own power sources and so they may have decent-sized solar panels and wind generators. Even if you don’t buy from them, they have all the components to create a full system you can then piece together yourself via alternative sources.

Good luck!

Laura asks…

how do i make electricity at home?

admin answers:

How sunny or windy is the place you live? You can use solar panels if its rarely cloudy where you live and windmills if the breeze is in excess of 3-5m/s.
Its fairly easy and cheap to make wind mills and solar panels at home yourself. Though professionally pre-made plans are usually for sale. If your home windspeeds are at 9-10 m/s you can power the entire place through a 3-10 KiloWatt wind generator. Any other way is usually impractical for home generation.

There are also petrol generators available. Though they are expensive and costly to run as well.

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Your Questions About Solar Generators Costco

Betty asks…

How many kilowatt hours would I need to power a town of 1000 people plus businesses and a mine?

If i had a remote alaskan town of 1000 residents, how much power would I need to generate to run the whole town. Would a diesel generator work?

admin answers:

You didn’t give enough info.

1000 people and business plus mine isn’t specific.
What kind of people? Treehuggers? Hippies? Or the typical super-wasteful American stereotype?

What kind of business? Small things like the mom-n-pop stores? Small-town restaurants? Or a giant general motors automobile plant? Or what about a server farm (which requires lots and lots of power)?

For a mine, again, it depends of what kind of mine. How big is the operation? How updated is its facilities? Is it a pit/strip mine? A tunnel mine into the side of a mountain? Or a deep mine that goes way into the earth?

Then you have the climate. Alaska narrows it down some. Its cold there. But you forgot to say how is the town heated. Oil? Gas? Electric? Solar? Geo-thermal?

No matter the answer, I can tell you unless the town has tiny mom-n-pop businesses, tree huggers and hippies and an obsolete open pit mine, you’ll need a lot more than a diesel generator. You can try something green- like geo thermal, wind, tidal power. If you embrace the power of the future, nuclear power is the way to go. You can have an oil-fired or coal fired plant. It can run on natural gas or methane from composting waste. You can even have one burning trash to make power.

How much kW of power?
If each house had 4 people, then it would be about 250 households. Each household would consume about 15 kW a day of electricity.
So for homes you have 15×250 = 3,750 kW
business, say you got small ones and one Costco store.
Say 10kW electricity for 12 small businesses and 40kW for the Costco (they have lots of lights and fridges).
So business you have 12×10+40 = 160 kW
say you got the average open strip mine. A small operation that employs 350 people. Its not high-tech. It processes gypsum (different types of mines uses different amounts of electricity) for another plant in nearby Anchorage. That stuff is shipped by rail. I’d estimate 2000kW energy.

So subtotal:
homes: 3,750 kW
Stores: 160 kW
mine: 2000 kW
you need to generate at least 5,910 kW a day or you’ll have power issues. If all the homes are electric heated and not gas or oil, add another 1000kW a day.
In all, you needs at least 6,910 kW a day, but not more than 9,000 kW. The 2,000 kW a day difference allows some flex and deals with expansion of the town or unexpected high power consumption.

Remote Alaskan towns should not rely on diesel, or anything that needs to be shipped in. If the shipment is late or not coming, everyone could freeze to death. You’d want something that comes out of the earth reliably. Like geothermal. The earth won’t die for a very long time. If you place the plant near a volcano or place with thermal activity, you’ll get good, reliable high power output for the next couple thousand years or so.

Donald asks…

What is the best book for building an electric car?

I want to begin the project of building an electric car, can someone tell me what the best book to aid in this process. I am a novice.

admin answers:

The one EV car I currently have (have 2 vehicles that run on hydrogen also) I converted from a vw bug and is free to charge. As I live completely off the grid all my electricity comes from solar panels and 2 wind generators, which I also built.

However I did charge up at Costco in Carlsbad California (I actually only drove up there to fill up) if I remember right it was around $2.00

Not sure if you’re interesting in doing it yourself, but I’d be willing to walk you step by step threw the conversion. I’ve converted 3 of my own cars (a datsun truck, ford ban, and a vw bug) and a few for neighbors. I’ve also converted cars to run on hydrogen, ethanol and biodiesel, by far EV is the easiest.

If you’re interested here’s what it would entitle…

– The engine compartment is first cleaned out of any gasoline components.
– Electric components are then installed in exchange.
– A battery bank is built and incorporated.
– Existing starter and driving systems are connected.
– Turn the key, step on the gas pedal sending more energy to the electric motor, & thus more power to the drive system, which in return creates more speed, more acceleration.
– The system has normal automotive top speeds and acceleration, typical to the vehicle your modifying. If your top speed was 85 mph and your acceleration was 1 mile per min, then this will be what your left with after the conversion.

The methods are extremely simple, making the process possible for anyone, everyone, ANYWHERE.

Typical tools, hardware & supplies are used, making access to parts available for all.

Electric Conversions can be easily accomplished in ANY model vehicle, even tractors, Generators, types of machinery, etc.

Project lengths range from 1 day to 1 month.
If you’re interested I wrote a guide on it which is available at www agua-luna com

My last EV conversion ran me about $1400. Everything is available online. I have a how to do it yourself guide available at www agua-luna com that will walk you step by step through the process. If you have ANY questions feel free to contact me through the site. Here’s a list of what you’d need…

Advanced DC Motor
The motor is an 8″ Advanced DC series-wound motor. It weighs 107 pounds and is rated at 68 peak horsepower. These motors are available in several sizes.

Adaptor plate
The adaptor plate mates the motor to the transmission. It is constructed of 1/2 inch aluminum and is pre-drilled with bolt hole patterns for both the motor and transmission. An aluminum spacer is also used for proper spacing between the shafts of the transmission and motor. Adaptor plates are available for many cars.

DC Motor Controller
The controller regulates current going to the motor. It is a solid-state device that uses a pulse width modulator (PWM) that sends short bursts of current to the motor at a rate of 15 kHz. Controllers are available from both Curtis and DCP.

Potbox (Potentiometer)
The potbox is a 5K ohm throttle between the controller and the accelerator, similar to the way a sewing machine pedal works. The potbox’s lever arm is attached to the existing accelerator cable.

Main Contactor
An electric relay that serves the same purpose as the ignition switch in a gas car. When the key is turned to the start position, the contactor closes the circuit to allow current to flow to the controller.

Circuit Breaker
A safety device that shuts down power for servicing or during an emergency. The circuit breaker is installed under the hood and can be switched both off and on from the drivers seat with an extension or cable.

Main Fuse
The main fuse protect the system from high voltage spikes. A fuse should be installed at each battery box or group of batteries.

A shunt is placed in series within the wiring as a means to connect meters. Shunts are available in different sizes for both high and low power configurations.

Charger interlock
A relay that keeps the circuit open so nobody will inadvertantly drive off with the charge cord plugged into the car.

DC/DC Converter
The DC/DC converter is similar in function to a gas car’s alternator. It charges the 12 volt accessory battery by chopping voltage from the main battery pack down to 13.5 volts.

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