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Your Questions About Solar Energy Generators India

Robert asks…

How do we stop global warming?

How do we decrease or stop global warming when to run windows vista unltimate and directx 10 video cards we need at least 650watts power supply? Whos at fault?

admin answers:

I think the problem is beyond a few cards kiddo.

We must become more conscious of the effects of our actions on the world. Making responsible decisions is what it is all about. In Europe the latest fad is about the size of your footprints on the planet. It is almost a game there it is so popular.

Here are a few really basic common sense ideas for you. Dump your SUV and get a hydrogen run vehicle. Run your dishwasher only when it’s full, replace air-conditioning and furnace air filters regularly, and adjust your thermostat to a little warmer in summer and a little cooler in winter. You can also set your water heater to no higher than 120 degrees (F); it saves money and is safer. Try low-flow shower heads to use less hot water and wash clothes in cold water. Most detergents today clean just as well in cooler temperatures. Use energy efficient light bulbs. Improve your home insulation. And seal up all the cracks. And my favourite, shower with friends. LOL.

Since all of these save electricity, they save not only resources, but also money for you. It just makes sense.

For you fools who deny the truth of global warming, here are a few facts for you. By the way, they also include some solutions to help east the problems, although there is so much more to do. Saying you do not believe in something does not make it any less real!

Big Business is beginning to look at global warming through eyes blinded by dollar signs. Climate change is replacing tech and bio tech as the major investment theme of the future. Wall Street’s analysts are devising ways to cash in on weather.

Discussions have changed to talk of what a 1-degree rise each year in temperature would do to profits. Global warming is becoming a major market-moving force that represents a generational shift likely to influence how people invest for decades. The world’s biggest financial services firms are investing massive amounts of time and brainpower trying to pinpoint what stocks and sectors will benefit or be hurt by Global warming.

There are at least 74 companies in 18 countries that can profit from changing weather patterns. Global warming will change world economy. There is a company in California which manages the largest pension plan in America that has committed $800 M to invest in clean technology. At this time 90% of global warming is the result of human activity.

Temperatures around the globe could raise 2 to 12 degrees Fahrenheit by 2100. This will result in more intense heat waves, stronger tropical storms and a rise in sea levels that will swamp low-lying cities and farmland. When I was boating through rice fields in India last summer I wondered how these people would survive even a few inches rise in water. Most of the farmers live at sea level.

Corn will be used to create ethanol. The technology is already in use. If corn is used to provide even 10% of the nation’s automotive needs, it would use 35% of America’s corn crop.

Since 25% of all food prices are affected by the cost of corn, we could face a corn vs. Food situation. Farm leftovers can be used to create cellulosic ethanol for fuel. Farm equipment companies should do well because farmers will be rethinking harvesting techniques. They will also retool their machines for the new fuels. Monsanto is working on creating more drought resistant crops.

Energy conversion devices and sun power are becoming buzz words. Windmills. Fuel cells. Solar panels. Several companies are developing types of clean solar panels with the hope of rivaling oil and coal, deemed “dirty” fuels. Eco technology is still too mature to make a lot of money. Solar will only create a tenth of the world’s energy. Technology that makes dirty energy sources like coal and oil cleaner. There will be more money made on the dirty stuff. Nuclear power generators are also on the rise. The new nuclear energy is much cleaner and produces no carbon.

Ethanol, hydrogen, clean diesel, bio diesel fuels hold promise for the future. Hybrid cars are the way of the future. The major car manufacturers are working on increased efficiency. Investing in hybrid vehicles and components and batteries etc will be good investments. Automotive builders are striving to outdo each other in these fields. “Smart cars” are popping up everywhere.

The insurance industry will change incredibly. So many energy and utility companies will all have to face different challenges due to the effects of weather. Suddenly they realize climate and profits are closely related. Investors will start to lean more toward green investments. This movement has been spreading for a decade.

I also think security and protection companies might do well because the displacement of people and shortages could result in an increase in crime.

The world’s demand for energy is accelerating as China and India grow. Heavy construction and engineering companies that build power plants will do well. The smart ones will build ecologically sensitive plants will steal market share. They will find ways to make plants more efficient and cleaner. One technology, clean coal, puts devices in smokestacks that pull the carbon out of the exhaust and plow it back into the soil.

After Hurricane Katrina, folks are rethinking the option of coastal real estate. People will develop an aversion to locations on the water and severe-weather-prone areas. People will flee Florida for the Smokey Mountains for example. This covers Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina. This is already happening. Thousands have begun the process of relocating to higher ground. The high insurance premiums for living near the water will affect property values.

Small parts and components that go into everything from washers and dryers to fighter jets and elevators could play a gigantic factor in curbing energy use. We already have the technology to reduce the world’s power use by 30% overnight. About 11% of the savings could be achieved with efficient electric motors inside washing machines, conveyor belts and other motors that use half the energy of older technology. Another 11% could be saved in transportation using hybrids. The last 8% can be saved with energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs. Currently businesses that focus on energy efficiency are already becoming more profitable.

The wealthier nations are in better condition to deal with these things. It is the poorer nations that will have serious difficulties. Holland could just disappear. A great deal of landmass will also be lost, which will drive up the cost of real estate everywhere.

That is how America sees the future according to Global Warming. In its usual entrepreneurial way, Americans see the silver lining of this problem as an opportunity for positive change and innovative growth. This is all fact, kids. You know corporations do not make such changes without a good reason.

Although global warming is a problem today, there is an equally huge problem that governments do not want their citizens to know about and keep all information suppressed. If this particular topic is not addressed, we will face changes on the planet more deeply embedded not in nature but from within our bodies.

I speak of Depleted uranium and its effects on the human race and all other living things on the planet. If the environment of earth is ill humanity becomes ill. Our health depends upon its health. The environment is the world around us, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the soil in which we grow our foods. It is exciting to see individuals begin to take responsibility for their footsteps upon the planet even if the movement was only taken seriously once Global Warming began to hurt big business. There are all sorts of wonderful initiatives out there.

However, we can pretty things up, cut down on carbons and become more eco friendly but all of these accomplishments will mean nothing if we do not get to the invisible pollutions that are becoming harder and harder to escape. I am not trying to denigrate these wonderful actions people are taking. We have to begin somewhere and global warming is as good a place as anywhere.

N April of 2003, the World Health Organization said they expect global cancer rates to increase 50 percent by the year 2020. Infant mortality is going up at appalling rates all over the world, an indicator of the level of radioactive pollution. Basically, it’s like smoking radioactive crack. It goes straight into the blood stream and is carried all throughout the body into the bones, the bone marrow, and the brain. It goes into the fetus and corrupts its development. It’s a systemic and a radiological poison.

Winds carry this radioactive dust several miles, contaminating the air and water that innocent humans breathe and drink. These munitions were used in both Iraq wars, Kosovo, and training sessions in Puerto Rico. We have huge dust storms that are a million square miles and transport millions of tons of dust and sand every year around the world.

The main centers of these dust storms are the Gobi Desert in China, which is where the Chinese did atmospheric testing, so that’s all contaminated with radiation, and it gets transported right over Japan. It then comes straight across the Pacific and dumps its sand and dust in North America. The stuff is loaded with radioactive isotopes, soot, pesticides, chemicals, pollution — everything is in it — fungi, bacteria, viruses.

The Sahara Desert is another huge dust center, and it goes up all over Europe and straight across the Atlantic, to the Caribbean, and up the East Coast. Of course, you get it in Texas with those hurricanes. They all originate in the Sahara Desert.

The third region is the Western United States, which is where the Nevada test site is located.

Concentration of the depleted uranium particles in the atmosphere all around the globe is increasing. There are indications that the U.S. Will go in June and bomb the heck out of Iran. U.S. Army ammunition factories have very large orders for those huge bunker buster bombs that have 5,000 tons of DU in the warhead.

Hold your politicians accountable. For both this crime against humanity as well as implementing stronger controls on factors contributing to Global warming. Both of these horrible threats must be dealt with immediately if our grandchildren are to have a planet to live on.


Jenny asks…

Can we use solar energy to power a whole house in india?

admin answers:

It is all relative – Big House, or Small House?

Yes you can use solar energy.

2 types – generate electricity and/or make hot water.

First work out your NEEDS.
Make a list of all the appliances you will be using – at any one time – read the Watt or Kjoul rating off the ‘appliance info plate – at the back’.
Add to this all the LIGHTS – ie… 10x 60 watt globes = 600 watts

Arrive at a TOTAL POWER for the House – and start costing the SOLAR COLLECTORS available to you to find if you can afford it all.

HOT WATER SOLAR is easy – a tank and a BLACK hose – use convection [hot water rises] and place the Tank on the roof – and the hose below it – then you have a gravity feed to your bath, etc.

SUPER HOT SOLAR WATER – can make steam pressure, to run a turbine blade connected to a generator.. But this is a bit more hassle and high tech.. But simple in concept.

ELECTRICAL STORAGE – batteries – is what you charge up of a day, and run them flat of a night – via an INVERTER – to boost the 12volts (DC battery) – up to 115/240v to run your ‘stuff’.

A small solar collector is okay for your mobile phone or computer – maybe… Check the ‘watts’.

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Your Questions About Solar Energy For Kids

Carol asks…

Pl. send any social org.Who can privide fin. support for my project of use of solar energy in automobile?

I am trying to use solar energy in four wheeler.###Trying to mount solar pannel on carrier of 4 wheeler and providing solar power to a/c,lighting and music system.This has been sent to govt. since one month ,But I hope nobody will take care of it as my experience says.

admin answers:

Our company took one of those 12 volt John Deere Gator toys that kids ride on, and mounted solar panels on the roof, and it would have to sit in the sun two solid days to charge the battery to where the kid could actually drive it.

It’s only a working idea that they take to schools for energy fairs, and it’s only to inspire. So I know if you are looking to actually power a real car, not even a golf cart (NEV) with solar panels hanging off everywhere, you are going to need to find the latest technology and even then there will likely be a lot of shade with panels hanging way over the roof and hood nearly like an airplane to get it to where you could drive on the generation. It kind of sounds like the National Lampoon’s Vacation Family Truckster, ‘If you think it looks bad, just wait until you drive it…’

Ken asks…

What does mechanical and thermal energy have to do with Global Warming?

I am doing a project about the conversion that take place in Global Warming. I need to figure how heat, mechanical energy, and thermal energy is converted.

admin answers:

Global warming is the theory that the earth is warming. There is little accurate data to support this, but historically we are very cold, almost as cold as the ice ages. So, likely we are warming. Anthropomorphic global warming is theory that man’s activities contribute significantly or mostly to global warming. No evidence for that, but many people fervently believe in it anyway.

Not clear what energy conversion you are talking about. Energy can have different forms. Two basic catagories are potential energy and kinetic energy. Potential energy is stored energy that can do work; kinetic energy is energy stored in the motion of an object. Classical examples are kid on a swing or roller coaster. As the kid or coaster reaches the top, speed slows as potenial energy (height of weight) increases, and kinetic energy, sort of like momentum, decreases.

Other distinctions are things like chemical, mechanical, thermal, electrical energy. For example, coal or oil are chemical energy (also potential energy). A moving machine represents mechanical energy.

If you are talking about electrical power generation, this doesn’t have much to do with global warming, but it sounds as if your teacher may think it does.

To make electricity, the most efficient and cheapest was to make it is generally to burn coal. The coal fired plants work by burning the coal to generate heat or thermal energy (same thing). This is used to boil stream inside a huge “tank” called a boiler, and to pressurize the steam to very high pressures and temperatures. This steam goes through a turbine, similar to a big jet engine on an airplane, where it forces the turbine to turn. This is the mechanical energy form. Mechanical energy is nice partly because it is easily converted to electricity. This is done by turning the crank of a generator, which looks pretty much like an electric motor.

Alternative energies can work a little differently. For example, in wind power a propeller (called a wind turbine) is turned by the wine, making mechanical power. This then turns a generator that makes electrical energy. Solar power can use small cells (like a battery) that make a little electricity. Large solar plants use the sun’s heat by focussing in onto a boiler that makes steam and runs it through a turbine to make electricity. Water turbines convert kinetic and potential energy in water to mechanical energy, which again drives generators. This could be considered solar power, since the water gets above the dam via solar energy evaporating it, then rain from the clouds.

Google things like power plants or coal power to get more info.

Good luck.

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Your Questions About Solar Energy Colorado

Sandra asks…

How do you think the united states should gain energy independence?

I am looking for how people think we should gain energy independence here in the united states and not have to rely on foreign countries for our energy sources.

admin answers:

There is no realistic possibility of it happening in the foreseeable future. Hydrocarbon fuels are essential for transportation, and alternatives to petroleum are simply too expensive to be practical. In future, if nuclear power catches on big, there may be enough nuclear energy available to split water and make hydrogen, which could be combined with coal to make hydrocarbons — but the process is very expensive in terms of energy and won’t be economical any time this century. Oil shales, present in vast quantity in Colorado, will be a cheaper source for decades, although they are not cost effective now. Solar and wind will continue to be bit players, as they are simply too expensive — as well as intermittent.

Nancy asks…

How to calculate the amount of electricity produced by a solar cell ?

How to calculate the amount of electricity produced by a solar cell when the efficiency and the area of the solar panel is given? In my case, the efficiency is 18 % and area is 333 466 122 400 sq.centimeters. Please help quickly!!!!!!!!

admin answers:

Http:// gives the equations.
Http:// gives panel ratings.

The cm^2 per ft^2 is 929 to 1. Your array is 3,602,263 ft^2. For an average of 12W/ft^2 energy density, the best guess is 43,227KW
Peak amount occurs only at the point when the sunlight angle is at exactly normal to the panel. Anything different will be much less, falls off as the cosine of the angle of incidence.

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Your Questions About Solar Energy Pros And Cons

Richard asks…

SOLAR ENERGY! How does it work, how its made, come from,pros & cons, fit hawaii???HELP PLEASE!?


I need to know what is solar energy.

How it works, how its made, where does it come from.

What are the pros and cons.

How does it fit Hawaii.

Please and thank you.

( describe very much )

admin answers:

I cant write it all down so here a link that might help

Mary asks…

What are some creative uncommon, creative renewable energy sources?

for my science class exam, I must assemble a portfolio of 4 types of renewable energy technologies, it cannot be solar or wind. I must explain whether the technologies are feasible or not. I must explain the pros & cons of utilizing this type of energy, whether it be environmental, economic, social or political. I can only find wind and solar and we’re not allowed to use those. I know of like cranks and generators but I still need more. So can anyone give me any other good ideas for renewable energy technologies?……….. I have until friday.

admin answers:

A hundred mile long cable attached to a satellite assembled to allow the cable to drag through the Earth’s magnetic field would produces massive amount of energy that could be turned in micro waves, beamed to a receiver on the ground and distributed over the already established grid. A series of small wind turbines arrayed alongside freeways would be turned by the wind energy produced by moving traffic. Using underwater ocean currents to turn turbines is a proven technology and a future use of matter/anti matter interchange is technically feasible as that technology is developed. The best way to improve the energy picture is to use far less of it. We really don’t need all night/every night advertising lights….all that does is burn up massive quantities of fossil fuels for no reason. Of course folks that sell fossil fuels would lose money, and electric companies that sell electricity would lose money as well…but that’s another factor that you might consider bringing up in the discussion.

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Your Questions About Solar Energy Calculator

Helen asks…

Can you get solar energy from a household lamp ?

Can you get solar energy from a household lamp?

admin answers:

Jordan is technically correct. But if you mean to ask if light from a lamp can produce electricity in a solar cell, then yes it can. But the amount of power the solar cell would produce is always less than the power needed to make the lamp shine, so there is no point in doing it. Except possibly for using a hand held calculator that has a solar cell on it and no battery. The light from the lamp will be enough to power such a calculator.

Charles asks…

How do you determine sun angle to apply in passive solar design?

I’m trying to self-educate myself in principle of passive solar construction. I have a basic understanding of the principle behind it:
-Capture winter sun
-Block out Summer sun
-Thermal mass to store energy
-southernly facing within 15 degrees of true south

My question is, how do you determine/calculate the sun angle to accomodate the principle. I can do a sun angle calculator but I don’t know how to interepret and apply the output: for example:
how would I determine the angles winter & sun angles ( picture: based off of information received:

Lat/Long: 37.05N / 94.51W
Altitude Angle: -17.73
Azimuth Angle: -74.22
Clock time: 6:00am
Solar time: 5:38am
Hour Angle: -95.43
Declination: -22.97
Equation of time: -0.06
Sunrise: 7:28am
Sunset: 5:15pm

**the above is just an example of a given day***

Now that I have the data for that one day, how would I use those figures to determine the winter & summer critical sun angles?

I understand thats just any day and I think I would need the figures for for the beginning and end of the solistices to get a span, but what do those figures above tell me?

How would I use them to draw a diagram (like the link provided) for any given location to ensure enough glass would capture the maximum amount of sunlight in winter but determine enough overhand to block the sun?


admin answers:

The basic critical angle is 90 degrees minus your latitude. The sun angle will vary +/- about 23 degrees from this.
I found that I put an awning above my 2-story south windows which was just wide enough to completely block the sun at the summer solstice. This gave a varying amount of insolation throughout the year without the hassle of tracking.

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Your Questions About Solar Energy Generator Suppliers

James asks…

what are solar energy converters?

i need to do a presentation on solar energy converter…can someone please suggest me a site where i can look for matter related to the topic….

admin answers:

A solar energy converter includes: a light-concentrating instrument; an electron emitter in an insulated vacuum vessel, emitting electrons in a vacuum as a temperature rises by sunlight; an electron accelerator within the light-concentrating instrument; a cathode on a surface of the electron emitter opposite to a surface which is irradiated by sunlight, and electrically connected with the electron emitter; an electric field supplier having a positive terminal and a negative terminal; and an electron collector in the vacuum vessel, collecting the emitted electrons flying from the electron emitter toward the electron accelerator; wherein the electron accelerator is connected with the positive terminal and the cathode is connected with the negative terminal to generate an electric field, and the electron collector is used as a negative generator electrode and the cathode is used as a positive generator electrode in which the collected electrons migrate to the electron emitter to generate electricity.

Sandy asks…

what are the main european power stations?

admin answers:

The EU use various sorts of power, ranging from fossil fuels to renewable energy: coal, gas, solar thermal, hydro, wind, nuclear.

If you want the names of a few major power companies…

RWE npower is one of the UK’s leading electricity generators. Its parent company, RWE is one of the leading international utility companies. The company provides customers with electricity, gas and water as well as services related to these products. The company’s core markets are Germany, the UK and Continental Europe.

There are other national energy supply companies such as Eon in Germany and Gaz de France. There is also the power supplier E.ON UK.

In addition, EDF already has a significant presence in the UK energy market with its purchase of London Energy, Seeboard Energy and SWEB Energy. The company operates 58 atomic reactors in France and is expected to be among those firms bidding to build the new nuclear plants.

The E.U. Already imports half of its energy. By 2030 that figure is set to rise to 70 percent. While Europe has managed to reduce its dependence on oil since the crises of the 1970s, imports still account for three quarters of oil consumption and are expected to approach 90 percent by 2030. In Europe, natural gas is expected to be the largest energy source after oil, but before coal and lignite. Already 15 percent of electricity comes from gas power stations.

At present, nuclear power generates 35 percent of electricity within the E.U. The popular alternative to coal for electricity generation is natural gas. Already 15 percent of electricity comes from gas power stations, and this is expected to rise to 40 percent by 2030.

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Your Questions About Solar Energy Environments

Donna asks…

What are engineering challenges to develop solar energy for comfort/home uses?

What are engineering challenges to develop solar energy for comfort/home uses?

admin answers:

Solar is an old technology now and is fairly developed. Cost is a bit of a barrier but that is coming down quickly. Production scale could also be considered a barrier, as the industry can’t yet make enough solar panels to satisfy demand. The panels themselves are limited in how much energy they can take out of the sun’s rays, but they are getting better at this. Materials are a big thing now, mostly in trying out different materials and structures in the cells to bring down the cost and boost the efficiency.
I came accross a new, proven and tested home made wind power system and solar power system which eliminates our electricity bills. It was written by a Renewable energy enthusiasts Michael Harvey the diy called Earth4energy. You can get your copy to save energy and help environment while eliminating your power bills. Get it from here:

Ken asks…

What are the democratic and republican views on solar energy?

What are the democratic and republican views on solar energy?
what are the views, and how do they affect america?
i need both sides, democratic, and reublican views

admin answers:

In reality – Solar Farms are not practical or cost effective – YET!
They need to be subsidized by government. Solar panels only have a 10-20 year life.
When solar panels go below the 8 cent per watt cost – then they will be more cost effective.

Some Democrats don’t want their development or wind Farms.
“AMBOY, Calif. — Senator Dianne Feinstein introduced legislation in Congress on Monday to protect a million acres of the Mojave Desert in California by scuttling some 13 big solar plants and wind farms planned for the region.” – – Plus the Kennedy’s stopped a wind farm in Massachusetts.

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Your Questions About Solar Energy Generator Cost

Ruth asks…

How hard is it to install solar panels on a swimming pool?

I was thinking about adding a solar heater to my swimming pool. The panels seem very affordable, but is this something I could install myself with no experience or do i need a professional?

admin answers:

Not hard. This web site provides you a step by step process to build a devise that generates solar and wind energy. Not only will it provide electric for your pool, but can lower your utility bill. The cost to build this generator is under $200.

Carol asks…

What are the best Deep Cycle batteries to use when storing energy from a wind generator and a solar panel?

I hear the forklift batteries are the best but they are to heavy to transport so I was thinking something a bit smaller but still capable of storing a lot of energy.
Well thank you very much !

admin answers:

Deep cycle batteries are the correct choice for renewable energy systems. Unlike your car battery, deep cycle batteries are made to be deeply discharged and recharged many times over the life. When selecting batteries for solar and wind systems, flooded lead acid (FLA) batteries are the most cost effective. They also require maintenance -i.e. Regularly checking the fluid level to ensure longest life. FLA batteries offer the largest storage potential, and batteries can be up to several hundred pounds each.

Besides FLA batteries there are also sealed gel cell and absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries for RE applications. These batteries are more expensive than FLA batteries and are generally smaller in storage capacity. They are good for remote applications where maintenance would be difficult, and because fluid levels do not need to be maintained, they have a shorter lifespan than the FLA batteries.

Remember to be conservative when calculating battery size for a stand-alone solar or wind system. If your battery bank is undersized, you will not be able to supply the energy you had planned. Battery bank is size is directly dependent on the amount of Watt-hours you are supplying; how many days of autonomy you will need; the depth of discharge; and inverter efficiency. Be sure to look at the battery warranty as well. Rolls-Surrette batteries are known for their quality and are also a bit more expensive upfront. But high quality batteries, if properly cared for, will outlast cheaper batteries and save money in the long run.
Good luck!

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Your Questions About Solar Energy Materials And Solar Cells

Maria asks…

How much fossil fuel does it take to make solar cells (energy ratio)?

Count the energy the solar cell can harvest over its lifetime. For the fossil-fuel side, you can use the chemical energy in the material, or the amount that could be obtained with heat engines, but in either event specify which measure you used.

admin answers:

I don’t think the Information on this page entirely answers your question, but it gets you a lot closer…


Paul asks…

How do solar cells work?

Hi, can anyone please tell me how solar cells work? Not in too much detail with alot of compicated terminology. I just need to know how they convert solar energy into electrical energy without all the complicated stuff.

Thanks alot!

admin answers:

Detailed Version: A solar cell is composed of a semiconductor with n-type and p-type material, that has a built-in potential at the junction. When light photons hit the semiconductor, they are absorbed and convert the photons energy into an electron and hole pair. These carriers are split by the built-in electric field of the junction in the semiconductor which outputs a current and voltage that can be used for energy.

Less complicated version: light hits a solar cell and the light is converted into a voltage and current similar to a battery which can be used to supply electrical power.

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Your Questions About Solar Energy Facts

Chris asks…

What are some inherencies on solar energy?

Hello, I am in a debate class and I need some inherencies on solar energy please, thanks

admin answers:

Inherency-Current administration opposes R+D now
“Top energy official extols Colorado based federal lab” Nov 8 2007
Judith Kohler.
Fact: NREL has laid off 32 employees and suffered a $28 million shortfall (National Renewable Energy Lab) So currently understaffed and underfunded national labs for renewable energy research.

Inherency-tax credits for renewable energy have fallen prey to cost cutting related to the Iraq war
“Foster: Dems pushing for renewable energy,” March 29, 2008 UPI
There is an effort underway to extend and renew tax cuts supporting the production and use of renewable energy. The tax cuts for renewable energy have little chance of passing due to the costs of the Iraq war. (how ironic is that, LOL)

These two inherencies prove that the US is not currently doing enough to support research and development of renewable energy such as solar, and also not extending tax credits to promote development and purchase of renewable energy such as solar.

Also, look out your window. How many solar panels do you see? There is an inherency right there.

Ken asks…

I have a 300+ acre land and I want to build a green energy farm. What do I have to do and consider?

I am thinking of utilizing geothermal, wind, and solar energy generation. Can I do that on my land?

admin answers:

You need to find out what potential your property has. Any of the three will work but the question is what will be the better of the three and at what cost. Geothermal, while one of the best forms of electricity, is also the most expensive to place in areas where Geothermal heat is located to deep underground to be practical to be harnessed.

Wind energy can be very efficient and cheap to harness but in areas where the wind doesn’t blow consistently wind generation can be a frivolous pursuit.

Solar energy while not as efficient is very cheap and can be set up in pretty much any location that gets a good supply of light. The down side to solar energy is the fact that current capture capabilities of solar are only about 10% at the very best (8% is industry standard to date) The lack of efficiency in the collection cells makes it necessary to build Immense collectors to make up for the deficiency in energy capture.

You might begin by conducting a few simple tests to see what energy would best be created on your location. Other than that I would consider only making what you need to sustain your own life on 300 acres because what you will get out of a commercial endevour is minimal.

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Your Questions About Solar Energy Generators India

Donna asks…

Why is solar energy generators are so costly (India)?

When the whole world is speaking about global warming, extinction resources like charcoal for electricity why is the Solar energy generating equipments are so costly ? It roughly takes 15000 INR for 1 fan, 1 tube light, 5 9W CFL bulbs for 1 hour back up.

admin answers:

Solar energy itself may be considered clean and easy to harness, but the materials needed to transduce sunlight into electricity are very expensive.

Silicon wafers, needed to produce solar cells, are difficult to manufacture. The silicon must be of high purity, which is achieved by a lengthy and expensive process.

There are other possible ways being researched, such as polymer solar cells that don’t require silicon.

Joseph asks…

Where exactly are Obama’s Green Jobs going to come from?

Why build a solar panel here when China can pay their workers $1/day to build the panel?

China controls 95% of rare earth metals to make the generators.

70% of the Green Energy components are already being imported.

So exactly what are blue collar workers going to build here that China can for much less?

We might need a few service techs to check on things but I don’t see millions of new jobs.

admin answers:

He is creating thousands of jobs in China and India.

Sheesh. Everyone is so demanding!

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Your Questions About Solar Energy Jobs

Jenny asks…

Careers in Solar energy and Photovoltaics?

I am really interested in solar energy(currently in high school).I wanted to take up a career in this field.I would like to know the available choice of careers in the area and the academic requirements for the same.

admin answers:

You can do research on making and fitting solar cells. This would require engineering, chemistry or physics… At school you’d have to stay on top of maths & sciences.

You could work for a company that fits solar cells, in which case you could get on an apprenticeship or similar. A bit of maths and practical subjects like electronics (if you can) wouldn’t go amiss.

Alternatively, you could try getting work for a power company that deals with solar power. They will need people with skills in marketing and business. For other things they would need people with problem solving skills, the sort of things you pick up from maths, physics etc. I’m not sure how competitive these are…

I did a physics degree and I’m now writing up my Masters thesis in solar cell research. The other people in my research group either had degrees in physics, although one guy did electronics engineering.

I could have got a job with a power company, solar cell company or a PhD in solar cell research from here. Whatever path to solar you take, it’s safest to make sure you stay on top of maths and science at school IMO.

Chris asks…

I’m interested in a career in Solar Energy. What kind of College Major is required?

I’m going to be a senior in high school this year and I need to find a major to accomodate my goals. I believe a degree in engineering is the way to go. I hope go to to the University of Texas at Austin because they have courses in Solar, but it is not indicated what major it is associated with. Even if I do carreer in solar energy, what can I expect to be doing as part of my job?

admin answers:

If you want to stay on the “practical side” of solar energy, take a degree in Mechanical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering Technology for your undergraduate degree.

If you want to go to the Research side, take Engineering Physics or Engineering Mechanics, or perhaps Electrical Engineering, then follow up with a Master’s degree.

One interesting non-Engineering degree is offered by James Madison University:

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Your Questions About Solar Energy Generators

Mary asks…

New horizons spacecraft now in a way to fly by Pluto around 2015 is fueled by solar energy alone or what else?

Is it possible to send the spaceship entirely working over solar energy?

admin answers:

New Horizons is powered by a Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator. Most spacecraft are indeed powered by solar panels linked to a bank of batteries, but that would not be feasible for New Horizons. The sunlight in the outer Solar System is too feeble for solar cells to be effective. Although they are powered by the decay of Plutonium-238, they are not nuclear reactors. They are pellets of plutonium dioxide encapsulated in a heavily armored container to prevent the plutonium from escaping in the event of a launch vehicle failure that results in a crash or explosion. Plutonium 238 has a half-life of 87 years and because it emits mostly alpha particles, it it not very dangerous unless it was inhaled or ingested from a radiological point of view. Indeed, only lightweight radiation shielding is required for an RTG. Plutonium is however also a very poisonous heavy metal, which is why NASA builds as strong a container for the RTG’s as possible to reduce the risk of Plutonium escaping. That is one reason it is put in RTG’s in the form of an oxide and that is vitrified to further contain the Plutonium. Inside them are devices called thermocouples. As the Plutonium-238 decays alpha particles and heat are released. The heat is converted by the thermocouples to generate electrical power, which operates all of New Horizon’s systems. The advantage of this system over a nuclear reactor is there’s no way for it to melt down or go “runaway.” They cannot explode, nor can they cause a massive radiation release because the amount of fuel they carry is very small. Plutonium-238 cannot be used to build nuclear weapons either. They are compact, radiation proof and will generate power for decades no matter how the spacecraft is oriented with respect to the Sun. As they Voyagers have shown, they will operate even in interstellar space. They gradually produce less and less electricity over time, and eventually New Horizons will not have enough power to run it’s instruments and it’s other systems. At that point it’s mission will end and New Horizons will become mankind’s fifth piece of interstellar space junk as well as time capsule.

Steven asks…

Would it be possible to derive electrical energy from roads heating up during the day?

Just an idea that occurred to me during a conversation today. Solar energy is becoming pretty trendy these days, and it seems to be that with how hot roads get, they are basically solar panels. Admittedly thermal rather than electric, but would it somehow be possible to turn this heat into electricity? It seems to be a rather vast untapped resource if so.

admin answers:

Its complex, and expensive, but a great idea. I’ve thought it before.

The only way to do it is to use a thermal cycle with a refrigerant. You need to embed a heat exchanger (tubes) in the road. They need to be able to withstand temperatures, thermal flexing, salt, mechanical loading from cars. There are some issues to overcome.

If you use the right medium it undergoes a phase-change at the operating temperature of a road, that sucks up a TON of energy. You pump in a liquid, pump out a gas. With hot gas you can either run it through some sort of generator, or use it to heat something else up then run the something else through a generator.

So you might think of putting fins on the coils and making them more like long lines. Here in Phoenix AZ the hot summer sun only radiates 1kw/sq-meter. You can compute from the radiation coefficient and the temperature of the pavement what part of that is re-radiated away. Its likely significant. Bottom line: to get meaningful power you must have large area of pavement soaking up light.

There is a good book in thermal system design by Boehme from the 1980’s. You could find it, check it out using inter-library loan, and then put the idea as something in a science fair. If someone likes it, they could support your work, if not you can still earn glory and scholarships. A good heat transfer text would also do you pretty well.

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Your Questions About Solar Energy

Donald asks…

How expensive is solar energy to produce?

How expensive is solar energy to produce?

What does a solar energy power plant look like and how do they work?

What are the hidden costs to society and the world? ( pollution, etc)

admin answers:

Solar energy is just taking the sun’s energy and converting it into usable sources for our needs

they are really expensive, usually you need open space for the panels to collect

i don’t know about the hidden costs

Nancy asks…

How expensive is solar energy to produce?

How expensive is solar energy to produce?

What does a solar energy power plant look like and how do they work?

What are the hidden costs to society and the world? ( pollution, etc)

admin answers:

You do not produce solar energy; it is free from the sun. However it can be converted to electricity using solar panels. If you check a picture of a satellite or the space station in orbit, you will see large solar panels to produce electricity to run the machines.
One environmental problem could be the disposal of old and derelict panels.

I came accross a new, proven and tested home made wind power system and solar power system which eliminates our electricity bills. It was written by a Renewable energy enthusiasts Michael Harvey the diy called Earth4energy. You can get your copy to save energy and help environment while eliminating your power bills. Get it from here:

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Your Questions About Solar Energy International

Sandra asks…

Which types of Solar Energy are available in India?What is Solar Panel ?What is the scope of Solar Energy?

Picture of solar Panel.What is Solar Cooker?Advantages of Solar Energy.Disadvantages of Solar Energy.Uses of Solar Energy.

admin answers:

A photovoltaic module or photovoltaic panel is a packaged interconnected assembly of photovoltaic cells, also known as solar cells. The photovoltaic module, known more commonly as the solar panel, is then used as a component in a larger photovoltaic system to offer electricity for commercial and residential applications.

Because a single photovoltaic module can only produce a limited amount of power, many installations contain several modules or panels and this is known as a photovoltaic array. A photovoltaic installation typically includes an array of photovoltaic modules or panels, an inverter, batteries and interconnection wiring.

Solar Energy Advantages :

Saves you money :

After the initial investment has been recovered, the energy from the sun is practically FREE.
The recovery/ payback period for this investment can be very short depending on how much electricity your household uses.
Financial incentives are available form the government that will reduce your cost. (visit to find out about incentives available in the state you live in!).
If your system produces more energy than you use, your utility company can buy it from you, building up a credit on your account! This nifty little scheme is called “net-metering”.

It will save you money on your electricity bill if you have one at all.
Solar energy does not require any fuel.
It’s not affected by the supply and demand of fuel and is therefore not subjected to the ever-increasing price of gasoline.
The savings are immediate and for many years to come.
The use of solar energy indirectly reduces health costs.

Environmentally friendly:

Solar Energy is clean, renewable (unlike gas, oil and coal) and sustainable, helping to protect our environment.
It does not pollute our air by releasing carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, sulphur dioxide or mercury into the atmosphere like many traditional forms of electrical generation does.
Therefore Solar Energy does not contribute to global warming, acid rain or smog.
It actively contributes to the decrease of harmful green house gas emissions.
It’s generated where it is needed.
By not using any fuel, Solar Energy does not contribute to the cost and problems of the recovery and transportation of fuel or the storage of radioactive waste.

Independent/ semi-independent:

Solar Energy can be utilized to offset utility-supplied energy consumption. It does not only reduce your electricity bill, but will also continue to supply your home/ business with electricity in the event of a power outage.
A Solar Energy system can operate entirely independently, not requiring a connection to a power or gas grid at all. Systems can therefore be installed in remote locations (like holiday log cabins), making it more practical and cost-effective than the supply of utility electricity to a new site.
The use of Solar Energy reduces our dependence on foreign and/or centralized sources of energy, influenced by natural disasters or international events and so contributes to a sustainable future.
Solar Energy supports local job and wealth creation, fuelling local economies.

Low/ no maintenance:

Solar Energy systems are virtually maintenance free and will last for decades.
Once installed, there are no recurring costs.
They operate silently, have no moving parts, do not release offensive smells and do not require you to add any fuel.
More solar panels can easily be added in the future when your family’s needs grow.

Solar Energy Disadvantages:

The initial cost is the main disadvantage of installing a solar energy system, largely because of the high cost of the semi-conducting materials used in building one.
The cost of solar energy is also high compared to non-renewable utility-supplied electricity. As energy shortages are becoming more common, solar energy is becoming more price-competitive.
Solar panels require quite a large area for installation to achieve a good level of efficiency.

The efficiency of the system also relies on the location of the sun, although this problem can be overcome with the installation of certain components.
The production of solar energy is influenced by the presence of clouds or pollution in the air.
Similarly, no solar energy will be produced during nighttime although a battery backup system and/or net metering will solve this problem. See for details on how net metering allows you to save electricity and money.
As far as solar powered cars go – their slower speed might not appeal to everyone caught up in today’s rat race.

Mark asks…

How do I make my own country?

Well.. I have a massive ship out at sea. We have over 100 potential citizens, we’ve been out at sea in the Pacific for 13 years. When we’re near another country in international waters, we send rowboats to do some international business (buying food and whatnot). We are self sufficient in that we process seaweed snacks and fish. We are also energy efficient with solar energy. How do we apply for countryship?

admin answers:

Buy a bunch of dirt–a real big bunch–and find a place in the middle of the ocean where there is no country and put the dirt there. Build houses, make a flag and move in.

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Your Questions About Solar Energy

Daniel asks…

How solar energy can be generated at competitive cost?

How solar energy can be produced at competitive cost for the welfare of people at large?Presently what is the status of its use in india?

admin answers:

Use materials from space (moon or asteroids) to build solar generating plants in Geostationary orbit and beam the power down to a rectena using microwaves.

We lack the space infrastructure needed to do that so it’s decades away but it is probably the only way solar will be cost competitive (and if we didn’t have nuclear power which could provide the zero emissions power we need it’d be our best bet for solving global warming).

There aren’t really any countries that actually have significant amounts of solar generation (and certainly none that get the majority of power from solar, unless you count hydro-electricity or fossil fuels as solar power (but if you do that then you’d also have to call photovoltaics nuclear)).

I came accross a new, proven and tested home made wind power system and solar power system which eliminates our electricity bills. It was written by a Renewable energy enthusiasts Michael Harvey the diy called Earth4energy. You can get your copy to save energy and help environment while eliminating your power bills. Get it from here:

Lisa asks…

How can we store solar energy in Springs to run a vehicle?

Is there any way we can store solar energy into compression of spring and later release springs when we want to run vehicle. Is there any way we can use compressed springs to run motor.
Any idea on possible system design would be highly appreciated.

admin answers:

Well it sounds like a logical answer, but due to friction and mechanical losses this would not work.
The current ideas are the best store solar energy in batteries for future use yes that does work.
Pressure vessels is another idea the problems are also not a good idea so discount that one.
The idea of a hydrogen cell which gets it’s gas from water is probably the best idea but this does require a small amount of acid to make the water change state with a little electricity.

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Your Questions About Solar Energy Materials And Solar Cells

Charles asks…

what is the prospect of solar cells becoming really succesful?

Solar cells have two problems: 1 high cost 2. low efficiency What are the prospects that either of these is going to change ?

admin answers:

Pretty good. The real question is how long will it take for either to change.

First off, the efficiency of solar cells has already grown by leaps and bounds, with the disadvantage being that the methods with the greatest efficiency are very expensive.

There’s a couple of ways to improve the efficiency, perhaps without the associated increase in cost.

1) Increase the spectrum of light that can be converted to electricity. Currently, solar cells only convert a very small range of light frequencies to electricity. You could theoretically expand that range by combining different materials in a solar array, but if the crystal lattices of the different materials differ too much efficiency also suffers.

A new development, discovered during development of LEDs rather than solar cells, could expand the range of frequencies that could be converted to electricity without increasing the cost. Indium gallium nitride holds the promise of increasing efficiency to 50 to 70 percent (the best current solar cells run around 30%). The material is very defect tolerant, meaning the crystal lattices don’t have to match so precisely, decreasing the cost of production, plus it has a high heat capacity. Of course, a p-type version compatible with indium gallium nitride still needs to be developed, but if one is found, the efficiency of solar cells would leap while the cost would plummet.

2) Increase the number of electrons emitted in response to being struck by photons of light. Current solar cells can convert one photon of solar energy to one electron with the rest being lost as heat. Nanotechnology could increase that to three electrons per photon of solar energy, increasing solar cell efficiency to around 65%.

Richard asks…

How does surface area affect energy solar cells?

Can someone explain to me how surface area affects energy solar cells in a simple way?


admin answers:

Likely in the same way acreage area affects farming. More space, more potential.
But productivity isn’t necessarily a linear logical thing. I mean what if the farmer doesn’t water his plants enough? And in the same light, what if less efficient material is used in solar cells?

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The Advantages Of Using Solar Power for Home Use

What Is Solar Power?

The term solar power refers to basically any type of method that involves harnessing energy from the sun in order to convert it into electricity. There are many practical and beneficial advantages to using solar power, especially in regards to using solar power for home use, with some of the benefits including: solar pool heating systems heat pool water to extend the swimming season’s heating costs solar hot water heaters can replace any existing conventional water heaters and can thereby greatly reduce utility bills photovoltaic cells are solar panels that have no moving parts, and yet they are still able to convert sunlight directly into electricity which can be used to satisfy all of a home’s electricity needs.

The most basic uses for solar power for home use are that of: heating the pool, hot water heating, and other forms of electricity. In regards to solar power for home use for that of heating a pool, solar energy is actually used for heating swimming pools than for any other use in homes. There are over 300,000 pools that are currently being heated by solar energy in the United States alone. As well, solar pool heating equipment is so reliable that the warranty coverage for the products actually far exceed that of such things as automobiles and household appliances.

As for solar power for home use, in regards to hot water heating, water heating is considered to account for approximately one-fourth of the total energy that is used in a typical household, and an electric water heater is, in fact, the single biggest energy user of all appliances in the home. This is incredibly important, as by using solar power for home use, including for hot water heating, can dramatically cut costs, as well as be a conscious choice by you the consumer to save the environment rather than using the sparse fossil fuels of the earth.

As for solar power for home use, in regards to other forms of electricity, there are presently more than 10,000 homes in the United States alone that are now entirely powered by solar energy, and 200,000 homes in the United States use at least some type of photovoltaic solar technology the numbers are also increasing rapidly, as more and more people are learning and understanding about critical issues such as Global warming and Global dimming.

Your Questions About Solar Energy Jobs

Ken asks…

What are possible positions (jobs) in solar energy?

I want to work in something that has to do with alternative energy sources such as solar energy hydroelectricity etc. To what type of program i would need to applay and what are the requirements?

admin answers:

I’m just finishing a physics masters in CdTe solar cells. If I wanted to I could go into solar research from here, or get a job with a renewable energy company. A first class (or in some cases upper second) physics degree is sufficient in the UK.

Particularly well paid jobs will generally require a degree. Physics for research and possibly for planning, engineering for designing installations and possibly planning. Mathematicians or other physical scientists may be able to get involved in the actual planning. Non-scientists may be able to get jobs in solar companies in marketing, human resources etc. Physics or electrical engineering would be my recommendation.

If you don’t particularly want to go to university and/or you don’t particularly like maths, then many countries now run practical courses which teach you how to install solar systems in houses and you can get on one of those and be fully qualified to work in installing solar panels.

Carol asks…

what is the best way to break into the solar energy industry?

what is the best way to break into the solar energy industry is still by way of a thorough solar education as provided?

admin answers:

Start by building your own solar cell from recycled materials, but don’t give up your day job. Experiment in your spare time and also take all the solar education courses that are available in your area. Solar energy will definitely be the power of the future as fossil fuels are exhausted.

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How Does A Solar Power Fountain Work?

Solar power has always been the necessary change in order to ensure a cleaner environment for our earth and subsequently us. Everyday, millions make that change whether it is a solar powered battery, home, car or just a fountain everything helps in its own little way.

The Basics Of A Solar Power

Solar power is used for centuries in almost any appliance we have around us but because it is harder to collect and use its direct energy we have appealed to faster versions such as electricity and fuel.

Solar energy is collected through specially designed panels which trap the solar energy and covert it the power we can use efficiently in all our activities from home appliances such as bulbs to car batteries.

The benefits of using the solar power are vast, it not only helps keep our planet cleaner but also saves and makes us money in the long run. We all are painfully aware everyday of the huge electricity bills especially in wintertime as well as the fuel costs. Solar power helps us save by eliminating totally our electricity bill and makes us money by selling the extra energy produced by the solar power kit. Thus, in the long run, you don’t only save but make money as well.

Start With A Solar Power Fountain

Try it out for yourself with a solar power fountain and find out the benefits. A solar power fountain has a solar panel installed on the mechanism device, thus enabling it to work round the clock.

A solar power fountain requires minimal maintenance, such as making sure it receives sunlight and is not pampered with. You will not need any wiring, extra installation or any power supply to keep your solar power fountain working other than the sunlight.

You will soon learn to appreciate not only its simplicity but also the effect it has on the environment in the long run. Everything little change counts in preserving our planet cleaner, healthier and longer.

Other Home Appliances That Are Solar Powered

Today a vast number of home appliances are being introduced on the market for the same purpose of ensuring a cleaner environment and saving us money in turn.

You can find from solar powered batteries to cars and entire homes run by solar power. Solar power is the answer for a better tomorrow. Start today to save money for yourself as well as ensure a better place for our future generations by investing in solar power.