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Your Questions About Solar Energy

Donald asks…

How expensive is solar energy to produce?

How expensive is solar energy to produce?

What does a solar energy power plant look like and how do they work?

What are the hidden costs to society and the world? ( pollution, etc)

admin answers:

Solar energy is just taking the sun’s energy and converting it into usable sources for our needs

they are really expensive, usually you need open space for the panels to collect

i don’t know about the hidden costs

Nancy asks…

How expensive is solar energy to produce?

How expensive is solar energy to produce?

What does a solar energy power plant look like and how do they work?

What are the hidden costs to society and the world? ( pollution, etc)

admin answers:

You do not produce solar energy; it is free from the sun. However it can be converted to electricity using solar panels. If you check a picture of a satellite or the space station in orbit, you will see large solar panels to produce electricity to run the machines.
One environmental problem could be the disposal of old and derelict panels.

I came accross a new, proven and tested home made wind power system and solar power system which eliminates our electricity bills. It was written by a Renewable energy enthusiasts Michael Harvey the diy called Earth4energy. You can get your copy to save energy and help environment while eliminating your power bills. Get it from here:

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Your Questions About Solar Energy Generator Price

Jenny asks…

I wan to install solar panels in all my windows. Any help and can I get enough energy?

I am living in a high rise apartment. I have heard of solar panels use for all sorts of things but I have not heard of solar panels being install in any window. Windows are normally inserted vertically. If it can be done, I would save a lot of money on my electrical bills on all electrical ancillary items. It is so scary to have electrical bills going up everyday with the increase onwards of fuel prices.

admin answers:

Solar power windows can save you a lot of money on your energy bill. This type of window actually doubles as a solar panel for the home. The are generally designed to keep cold air out of the home. If you’re looking to improve your home and to make it a green home, then purchasing solar panel windows and installing them is a project you will want to do. Follow this guide to install your new solar power windows.

Step 1 – Understand What the Window Is

Before you install the new windows, you should understand what they do. Solar power windows are made with solar panels. The solar panels allow the passage of light through the window into the home. In addition, it also produces energy for the home. In 2008, scientists created a much more powerful solar paneled window for home use. Some research shows that these newer panels are 10 times more effective in drawing out energy for the home. If the home has a generator that can connect the solar power to produce energy, it will become much more efficient in energy production and less dependent upon traditional energy resources.

Step 2 – Remove Old Windows

Remove the old windows from the home. Tape up the hole that you just created, especially if you don’t plan on installing the new windows just yet. You can usually pull out the old window by removing the window framing and the window sill. The window should just pop out.

Step 3 – Add the New Solar Window

Installing solar powered windows is similar to installing a regular window. It comes with a frame and a sash, a sill and any necessary hardware. Install the window from the outside of the home to the inside. It will usually pop into place. Be careful not to scratch the surface of the window, as the solar properties will reduce if the window is damaged. Add the sash, the sill and the frame. Nail into place.

Step 4 – Connect to the Generator

Follow the directions on your solar powered window. There will be instructions on how to appropriately connect the window to the solar generator. If you don’t have a solar generator, you can skip this step. Understand that in order to harness the solar effects the windows create, you will need to have a generator or power pack that can change this energy from solar into usable energy for your home.

Step 5 – Clean the Window

Using a non-abrasive solution, clean your window. Usually water and newspaper works the best. Don’t use razors or any other types of sharp objects on your window, because you will ruin the solar properties.

Good luck!

Sandra asks…

Why should people use solar panels more for houses?

I need to write a pressuasive essay on why we should use solar panels more than we do. and convince people that their good and stuff.. if u guys could give me some good key reasons why..that would be great.

admin answers:

Hey Dave. There are lots of good reasons why we should use more solar panels. To set one thing straight, panels do not have toxins in their manufacture. Photovoltiac panels, the ones that produce electricity are made up almost entirely of silicone, aluminum and acrylic. The other type, that heat water and air from the sun are made primarily of sheet metal, copper and glass, and have a type of alcohol called glycol running through them. It’s the same type that we use to deice aircraft in the winter.

Whsgreen is quite right on the payback. If you invest properly in solar power today and take advantage of any grants and tax incentives, even if your electric rates do not go up as they are forecast too, you will get your money back over time, well within the lifetime of the equipment, and sooner if there is a rate increase in the future. There are also enviromental benefits. At one time there was an argument that a solar panel will never produce as much power as was used to manufacture it. First of all, this is not correct. The, “Embodied Energy,” in a solar panel is earned back in 2 – 6 years, depending on the type panel, where the raw materials were shipped from, and how it was installed and used in the end. Most panels are warrantied to last at least 25 years, and most last much longer than that. But the argument is not important anyway. We have been living with electricity for over a century now, so it isn’t going away anytime soon. The question is, “What is the best way to produce it?” If you build a panel, and put it along side a similar sized natural gas fired turbine generator for example, which earns back its embodied energy sooner? The answer is the gas turbine never does, because once you build it, ship it and install it, you now have to feed it natural gas for the rest of its life, so it keeps on digging itself a deeper and deeper embodied energy hole that it can never crawl out of. At least the panel has a chance to get even environmentally. So manufacturing and using solar panels in the end releases less pollution into our environment.

There are also mechanical and political benefits. We all know after the oil embargo of 1973, and the gulf war what it means for our country to rely on foreign oil. Wouldn’t it be nice if we only shipped in 20% of our energy instead of 60% the next time something like that happens? Our home has been powered by the wind and sun for years now, but we still remain connected to the electric grid. Last year alone there were two power failures in our county that lasted about a half day each. In both cases, we were not aware of them because our solar array kept on feeding the house. It’s difficult to put a price tag on something like that.

Beyond the mechanical, political and environmental benefits however, lies a less obvious benefit, the social benefit. Right now we pump oil out of the ground, and mine for coal. The process of getting those materials to market involves shipping, military escorts and other activities that use up a good portion of that energy as well as putting lives at risk. Jobs in solar power are higher tech than jobs in coal mining, oil drilling and shipping, and there are more of them. Using more solar power would require us to put more people to work, and increase our education base because the work involved requires certain skills. I would personally like to take all those people out of the coal mines, send them to school and put them to work building solar panels. Nobody would have to die again in one orf those dark holes in the ground trying to find food for our hungry power plants. They could work on a factory floor where they would not be exposed to coal dust, radon and other toxins and dangers. Most of our solar and wind resources are spread pretty evenly over the middle half of our globe, so everyone has access. This puts people in Bogota on a more equal footing with people in Boca Raton by giving them access to electricity, heat and clean water, and the education to use the solar resources that provide those things. Oil, coal and natural gas is generally piled up in a few places, such as Russia and the Middle East. This gives those countries and the richer governments that rule them more horse power in bargaining for the other resources of our planet. These are the things that wars are made of.

So there are lots of good reason to use more solar in our everyday life. Here are some resources to look up and do some of your own reading. Good luck Dave, and take care. Rudydoo

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Your Questions About Solar Generators Lowes

Helen asks…

how much solar power do i need to run a small frig and heater?

admin answers:

Get the wattage ratings off the name plates, double the wattage rating of the frig and add that to the wattage ratting of the heater and you have you answer. Enough solar cells to power this would cost a LOT more than a generator from Lowe’s.

Lisa asks…

Homework Help! 10 pts to the best!?

What are some businesses that use alternative energy. Like Sunships uses solar.
Does it use solar,nuclear,wave power,etc.

admin answers:

Caterpillar utilizes solar powered electrical generators. Lowes uses vast banks of skylights to offset their energy demand. The United States Navy uses nuclear power for many of their large ships.

Am pretty sure its any alternative to petroleum 😉

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Concentrating Solar Power System

What Is A Concentrating Solar Power System?

A concentrating solar power system is a technology which uses reflective materials to concentrate the sun’s energy this concentrated heat energy is then converted into electricity. The technologies involved in a concentrating solar power system are: trough collectors, power towers, and dishengine systems.

In a concentrating solar power system, there are parabolic trough systems which use curved mirrors in order to focus sunlight on a particular absorber tube which is filled with oil or another type of fluid. After this, the hot oil will boil and produce steam, which is then used to generate electricity. These parabolic troughs often use single-axis or dual-axis tracking, and in certain instances they may even be stationary. Temperatures at the main receiver can reach up to 400C, and the heated working fluid may be used for either medium temperature space or process heat, or even to operate a steam turbine for power or electricity generation.

Power towers are involved with systems of their own, and these systems use a large field of sun-tracking mirrors, which are called heliostats, and which are used to concentrate sunlight onto a receiver that is located on the top of a tower. Solar power towers consist of a large field of sun-tracking mirrors, and the enormous amount of energy, concentrated at one point, can produce temperatures of anywhere from 550-1500C. This gained thermal energy can then be used for the heating of water or molten salt, which then also saves energy for later use.

The solar power tower is basically a type of solar furnace which uses a tower in order to receive the focused sunlight. These towers use an array of flat and moveable mirrors in order to focus the sun’s rays upon the central tower, and the more recent heat transfer material that is gained here is that of liquid sodium.

Sodium is a metal that has an incredibly high heat capacity, and although water was originally used as the heat transfer medium in the earlier power tower versions, this system did not allow for power generation during the evening, and therefore a new method had to be thought up.

A solar power system is quite complex and yet simplistic at the same time, and the results which can be generated from this system are incredibly positive and resourceful, not only to the world as a whole, but to people and homes in general.

Your Questions About Solar Energy

Daniel asks…

How solar energy can be generated at competitive cost?

How solar energy can be produced at competitive cost for the welfare of people at large?Presently what is the status of its use in india?

admin answers:

Use materials from space (moon or asteroids) to build solar generating plants in Geostationary orbit and beam the power down to a rectena using microwaves.

We lack the space infrastructure needed to do that so it’s decades away but it is probably the only way solar will be cost competitive (and if we didn’t have nuclear power which could provide the zero emissions power we need it’d be our best bet for solving global warming).

There aren’t really any countries that actually have significant amounts of solar generation (and certainly none that get the majority of power from solar, unless you count hydro-electricity or fossil fuels as solar power (but if you do that then you’d also have to call photovoltaics nuclear)).

I came accross a new, proven and tested home made wind power system and solar power system which eliminates our electricity bills. It was written by a Renewable energy enthusiasts Michael Harvey the diy called Earth4energy. You can get your copy to save energy and help environment while eliminating your power bills. Get it from here:

Lisa asks…

How can we store solar energy in Springs to run a vehicle?

Is there any way we can store solar energy into compression of spring and later release springs when we want to run vehicle. Is there any way we can use compressed springs to run motor.
Any idea on possible system design would be highly appreciated.

admin answers:

Well it sounds like a logical answer, but due to friction and mechanical losses this would not work.
The current ideas are the best store solar energy in batteries for future use yes that does work.
Pressure vessels is another idea the problems are also not a good idea so discount that one.
The idea of a hydrogen cell which gets it’s gas from water is probably the best idea but this does require a small amount of acid to make the water change state with a little electricity.

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Features Of A Solar Power Water Fountain

A solar power water fountain is one that runs by solar cells. The solar cells either use a battery setup or directly power a pump system. A wide variety of such fountains is now available, and their use is becoming popular among consumers each passing day.

How It Works

A solar power water fountain is very easy to set up and most of the models do not require any kind of installation. It works by means of sunlight collected on a number of small panels that convert solar energy into electric current. In many fountains, the solar panels are built within them. Others carry attached wires, which convey the electric current produced in the panels as they are positioned at some distance (usually up to 15 feet away) for collecting optimum quantity of solar energy.

Positioning A Solar Power Water Fountain

Several simple methods can be used to position the solar power water fountain, for example, like placing it on the mounting system that comes with it. Grass stakes can be used to position it in the lawn or garden or you can even mount it to a wall. In areas where there are a lot of bushes or other protruding objects that hinder the sunlight from collecting on the panels, the best way is to mount them to a wooden stake.

Weather And Solar Power Water Fountains

A solar power water fountain is typically a sunny day’s item. The thin silicon PV cells in the panel cannot store enough solar energy if the sun goes down or if it is very cloudy outside. The fountain does work in slightly cloudy weather or in overcast but the performance is affected, yielding a slower and thinner flow. If a battery backup is provided, the fountain works well even in such diffused sunlight or cloudy conditions. In winter, fountains powered by solar energy should only be used if it is not below freezing point. This is because, in snowy weather, when it is sunny outside, the pump will suffer damage.

Prices Of Solar Power Water Fountains

Solar fountains show a great variety in their prices, depending on the size and other features. They range from as low as under 30 for simple vertical fountains to over 2000 for the ornate carved stone style.

Benefits Of Using Solar Fountains

Solar fountains beautify the outside place, using sunlight as their energy source. This makes it possible to place them anywhere that has sunlight available. Most of these fountains need no installation and are easy to use. They are also environment friendly and need almost no maintenance. With no emissions, fuel, or noise, solar fountains are very harmless to kids and pets.

The Purpose Of A Solar Power Station

What Is A Solar Power Station?

There are solar power stations, although quite rare, in North America which are beneficial in many different ways. A solar power station often uses that of trackers, which are used to keep the solar panels permanently facing the sun. A solar power station will often require some other various type of energy storage for when the sun is not shining, and this is why particularly special lead acid batteries are used, which can then discharge half of their energy several thousand times before they actually deteriorate.

In a solar power station, the sunlight is converted directly into electric current, and it is in the solar cells photons of a semiconductor are absorbed, which thus entails that of the production of an electrical charge carrier. A solar power station takes up a large surface area, and, at present, the production of a solar cell is still relatively expensive, as only a small number of this type of item is actually produced.

The solar power plant is also useful in regards to space stations, and it is considered to, in fact, be one of the most important and essential systems of the space station altogether. This is because it delivers direct current, is equipped with a storage battery, and also is comparable in basic principle to a standard steam turbine power plant of the same type.

One solar power station in particular is that of the White Cliffs Solar Power Station, which is located in New South Wales, in Australia. It is actually Australia’s first solar power station, and it was constructed by a team from Australian National University, and the station consisted of fourteen three-meter parabolic dishes, which are each covered by more than 2000 mirrors and then mounted on a heliostatic mounting.

A solar updraft tower is a relatively low technology styled thermal power plant, in which air passes under a very large agricultural glass house and is then heated by the sun and then channeled upwards towards a convection tower. The air then rises naturally and is used to drive turbines, which thus generates electricity.

On the other hand, an energy tower is an alternative proposal for the solar updraft tower as the energy tower is instead driven by spraying water at the top of the tower, and evaporation of water is what then causes a downdraft by cooling the air, thereby increasing its density, driving wind turbines at the bottom of the tower.

The Advantages Of Using Solar Power for Home Use

What Is Solar Power?

The term solar power refers to basically any type of method that involves harnessing energy from the sun in order to convert it into electricity. There are many practical and beneficial advantages to using solar power, especially in regards to using solar power for home use, with some of the benefits including: solar pool heating systems heat pool water to extend the swimming season’s heating costs solar hot water heaters can replace any existing conventional water heaters and can thereby greatly reduce utility bills photovoltaic cells are solar panels that have no moving parts, and yet they are still able to convert sunlight directly into electricity which can be used to satisfy all of a home’s electricity needs.

The most basic uses for solar power for home use are that of: heating the pool, hot water heating, and other forms of electricity. In regards to solar power for home use for that of heating a pool, solar energy is actually used for heating swimming pools than for any other use in homes. There are over 300,000 pools that are currently being heated by solar energy in the United States alone. As well, solar pool heating equipment is so reliable that the warranty coverage for the products actually far exceed that of such things as automobiles and household appliances.

As for solar power for home use, in regards to hot water heating, water heating is considered to account for approximately one-fourth of the total energy that is used in a typical household, and an electric water heater is, in fact, the single biggest energy user of all appliances in the home. This is incredibly important, as by using solar power for home use, including for hot water heating, can dramatically cut costs, as well as be a conscious choice by you the consumer to save the environment rather than using the sparse fossil fuels of the earth.

As for solar power for home use, in regards to other forms of electricity, there are presently more than 10,000 homes in the United States alone that are now entirely powered by solar energy, and 200,000 homes in the United States use at least some type of photovoltaic solar technology the numbers are also increasing rapidly, as more and more people are learning and understanding about critical issues such as Global warming and Global dimming.

RV Solar Power Kits The Answer To All Of Your Electricity Needs

Solar energy is one type of energy that is virtually inexhaustible. When you compare it to the other types of brute force, such as water or wind, you will find that solar energy is that which can be harnessed with least trouble. At the same time, solar power can be forever. There are millions of people out there who choose to live the solar way, enjoying freedom from bills and dependence on the conventional electricity sources. When they installed their solar panels, they discovered convenience.

The Advantages Of The RV Solar Power Kit

Are you and your family people who love to travel at the drop of the hat in your RV? Are you at the same time piqued by the necessity of parking in certain places because of your dependency on outside electricity sources? Well, the RV solar power kit can provide you relief from this worry.

The RV solar power kit will enable you to produce your own electricity however much you want, whenever you want it. The cost is substantial at the installation time however, your investment can be recovered within a maximum two years, because the solar power kit will provide you free electricity.

Once you have the solar power kit installed in your RV, you can camp literally anywhere (safe) you know without having any worries about light, or how much electricity you consume per day.

What You Should Know Before Buying A RV Solar Power Kit

When you go for a RV solar power kit, you need to ensure three main things, (i) what type of temperature (minimum maximum) your battery is going to be exposed to, (ii) operating voltage of the solar panels, and (iii) correct usage of charge controllers. If you manage these three factors, you will never have any trouble with the solar power kit you are installing. Each of these factors is crucial to the installation and function of the solar panel.

When you decide on buying the solar power kit, ensure that you know how much total power you need now and in the future so you can buy an adequate power system to support your present and future needs. The solar power system can always be upgraded as well. It is good however, to work out the minimum future requirements as well so the system can be set up once in for all. In this way, you will invest only once and then enjoy the freedom of traveling anywhere you please, anytime you please.

How Does A Solar Power Fountain Work?

Solar power has always been the necessary change in order to ensure a cleaner environment for our earth and subsequently us. Everyday, millions make that change whether it is a solar powered battery, home, car or just a fountain everything helps in its own little way.

The Basics Of A Solar Power

Solar power is used for centuries in almost any appliance we have around us but because it is harder to collect and use its direct energy we have appealed to faster versions such as electricity and fuel.

Solar energy is collected through specially designed panels which trap the solar energy and covert it the power we can use efficiently in all our activities from home appliances such as bulbs to car batteries.

The benefits of using the solar power are vast, it not only helps keep our planet cleaner but also saves and makes us money in the long run. We all are painfully aware everyday of the huge electricity bills especially in wintertime as well as the fuel costs. Solar power helps us save by eliminating totally our electricity bill and makes us money by selling the extra energy produced by the solar power kit. Thus, in the long run, you don’t only save but make money as well.

Start With A Solar Power Fountain

Try it out for yourself with a solar power fountain and find out the benefits. A solar power fountain has a solar panel installed on the mechanism device, thus enabling it to work round the clock.

A solar power fountain requires minimal maintenance, such as making sure it receives sunlight and is not pampered with. You will not need any wiring, extra installation or any power supply to keep your solar power fountain working other than the sunlight.

You will soon learn to appreciate not only its simplicity but also the effect it has on the environment in the long run. Everything little change counts in preserving our planet cleaner, healthier and longer.

Other Home Appliances That Are Solar Powered

Today a vast number of home appliances are being introduced on the market for the same purpose of ensuring a cleaner environment and saving us money in turn.

You can find from solar powered batteries to cars and entire homes run by solar power. Solar power is the answer for a better tomorrow. Start today to save money for yourself as well as ensure a better place for our future generations by investing in solar power.

Solar Power Plant A Dream Come True

They say, Where there is a will, there is a way. How true this saying is! Since the last two or three decades, people have realized that the natural resources our planet has are going to end if we (humans) use it as indiscriminately as we have in the past. People realized the price we would have to pay for careless use of nature’s bounty extinction. This is not a threat or a panic button, but plain truth regarding our (human race) future.

Can The Establishment Of Solar Power Plants Provide The Answer To This Predicament?

May be it can. Technology today has brought out many excellent models of solar power systems, which are cost effective to install, need no maintenance whatsoever and have a longer life than ours. If such solar power system could be used to make adequate solar power plants, then we can solve our electricity shortage problems and side-by-side get rid of many other related complications.

Acting on this premise, in Portugal, a solar power plant has been constructed on a pilot project basis. The power of some 52,000 voltaic cells would be harnessed to produce around 11 megawatts of solar energy for some 10,000 houses. If this project turns out to be a success, then be sure you will experience duplication of it all over the world. As in this case, solar power plants can provide a feasible alternative to the areas where power is scarce or difficult to install.

All round the globe, people are seeking viable alternatives to petrol and electricity. There are innumerable experts who are researching the conversion of vegetable oil into fuel oil with highly encouraging results. Castor oil, coconut oil and even sunflower oil has been tried and tested for feasibility as a bio-diesel. While the results are encouraging, the actual right ingredient’ has not been yet found.

On the other hand, manufacturers have brought out electric cars, which will need to be charged just as you charge your mobile phone. This is good news for the shortage of petrol, but adds one more item on the list of electricity consumers. This is a fact that brings us back to the use and feasibility of a solar power plant.

Solar power is free of cost and inexhaustible. We can have as much as we want, and that may be (with the threat of global warming and green house effect) more than what we want. Hence, it is a good idea to tap into this extraordinary source of energy for future self-sufficiency. Maybe this could be the way to save our Planet from further exploitation.

The Benefit Of Solar Power RV

Electricity and gas costs are two main issues we face and deal with everyday. Even when you go on vacation camping you need to take in consideration places where you can have power supply for your RV. A solar power RV can enable you to vacation when and where you like without worrying about the power supply or gas costs.

The Benefits Of Solar Power

There are specific solar panel kits, which can be placed on the roof of your RV thus providing you with the required power whenever you require it. A solar power RV can be parked wherever you choose and whenever you choose without worrying about the electricity supply.

Through solar panels you can have the RV’s batteries charged with which other appliances can be used as well.

Solar power RV kits come in different sizes depending on your requirements. It can be installed on the roof of the RV with ease thus, accessing maximum exposure to sunlight at all times.

Besides saving you a considerable amount of money and providing you with the liberty to camp anywhere you find fit a solar power RV is also environmentally friendly due to which is highly recommended. Environmental issues have always caused a great deal of concern especially when using RV’s for camping purposes. Using a solar power RV you can contribute your share to helping keep the earth clean and healthy.

Disadvantages Of Solar Power

The only disadvantage of a solar power installation whether it is for an RV or building is the cost. Any solar power installation requires a considerable investment however, in the long run it will recover all the money invested in it. How? Well, by the simple fact that you will not have to put out any more money for the electricity of your RV when camping will have you hundreds of dollars every year. Therefore, this disadvantage is a short term one that will be over come easily in time.

Due to the importance of using solar power there are a number of governmental and private financial assistance plans, which are specially designed to help those who are willing to make the switch.


Try using a solar power RV and in no time you will be convinced of its benefits that are not only to save you money but also to create and keep a cleaner environment. For more information and assistance on solar power use, check online specialized private and governmental sites.

Your Questions About Solar Generators Home Depot

Maria asks…

Who knows of a honest Company that sells wind generators and solar panels for a decent price?

admin answers:

Try Northern Arizona Wind and Sun. Their prices are decent, not always the lowest, but decent. Service is good, and the forum they sponsor has helped many.

Another company,, has good prices, but you need to wade through the hype. Know what you want, and don’t believe everything you read.

On occasion, some Home Depot stores actually stock the large 165 and 175-watt Mitsubishi panels.

John asks…

How to build your own wind or solar power!?

I am really looking for Ebooks that are FREE, not the kits where you spent $1000 to build the darn thing but books on how to use common items in building a wind or solar power kind of stuff. My father is REALLY wanting to build a wind turbine, and maybe even a solar panel. The problem is that all the books we find require you either buy a kit or go to some special hardware store to get this or that. I have talked to a man that has a solar panel he built himself not spending over $200 and got all the stuff from home depot! This is what I am looking for if ANYONE can point me in the right direction PLEASE PLEASE do so!!

admin answers:

You Can Build A Wind Generator from you home as little as $100
just click on the link or copy and paste in your browers for more info on wind generator

hope this helps you in your matter


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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Solar Power Fan

The actual term solar power is used to describe not only one issue, but rather a number of methods that involve the harnessing of energy from the light of the sun. There are many different and incredibly resourceful matters that solar power can be and is used for, and the actual subject of solar power is becoming one of quickly increasing popularity. A solar power fan is one of the available uses for solar power, however, as with anything else, a solar power fan does have both its advantages and disadvantages.

What Is A Solar Power Fan?

A solar power fan is a fan for those home owners who do not want to use a fan that is run by the more conventional method of electricity. A solar power fan is, instead, powered directly by sunlight, and the fan will stop at sunset when there is no longer enough sunlight available to power the motor any further. There are both advantages and disadvantages to a solar power fan, and both halves which must be taken fully and thoroughly into consideration before can truly shape an opinion on a solar power fan.

What Are The Advantages?

There are certain advantages to this type of solar powered fan, such as the fact that you do not have to power the fan at all with your own electricity. As well, you do not have to run any electrical wiring to the fan. This can save a lot of time and money as an end result, and is considered as an extremely positive set of factors to the environmentally concerned person.

What Are The Disadvantages?

As with anything, however, there are also disadvantages that come with the solar powered fan, such as the fact that the fan must run on solar power. Thus, the motor is simply not as powerful and it also is much smaller. The fan also covers a lot less space than a regular fan, so you might find that you will have to supply yourself with two of these fans, when you would only need one of the regular forms. As well, the actual cost of a solar powered fan is higher than that of an electrical fan, primarily due to the fact that there is the cost of the solar cell which is additional.

Obviously, you must weigh the advantages and disadvantages out, and the final decision is truly dependent upon your own personal preference.

Solar Power Lighting Are Becoming Very Popular Today

Solar power lighting was once upon a time the dream of the future, specifically for rural areas where conventional electricity was difficult to provide. However, the cost of installing the solar panels being prohibitive, the projects was dropped in the middle. This was the picture a decade or so back. In the meantime, technology has brought about many changes, making solar power lighting feasible in terms of both cost and installation.

Solar Power Lighting And Urban Locations

The solar power lighting was initially designed for rural areas. However, the fast depletion of organic fuel and the rising costs of conventional electricity have motivated many people to look into the alternatives available. Out of all the choices out there, the solar power generation system was found as the best. This is because all it needs is a one-time installment for a virtually perennial, free of cost source of electricity.

The discovery of the LEDs also added to the charm of the solar power lighting projects. The LEDs are virtually inexhaustible as they are meant to work for thousands of hours. Just one white LED is capable to provide sufficient light for one person to read at night. The whole house electricity can be taken care of by less than fifty LEDs, which consume one hundredth of wattage that a normal household consumes.

Another great addition to the solar power lighting arsenal is the solar candle. This type of lighting is made with the help of LED that run on batteries. Since they consume so less electricity, these can last forever and the light that these candles give is excellent.

New Solar Power Lighting Devices

The advancement of technology brings out more developed and convenient devices every day. The new tube solar panel is one such example. This device is made of extraordinarily thin and flexible solar panels, which can be rolled into a tiny tube. The tube being small and light, can be carried anywhere like camps, trekking trips and the like to provide convenient and safe solar power lighting.

Another great device for camping and trips is the portable mini solar generator station. This device can provide sufficient electricity for you to run your laptop, fan, TV, stereo, cell phone, lights and the like for as long as you like. The generator normally gets charged with the help of one or two fifteen-watt solar panels.

Your Questions About Solar Energy Facts

Linda asks…

What is the easiest and cheapest way to use solar energy in a classroom?

Hi, I’m doing a school project. We are required to design a classroom which exists in a “storage” container, with the idea that this classroom could host 25 learners and be self-sufficient so that it would be able to be used in rural settlements.
What is the easiest and cheapest method of using solar energy? The energy would only need to be used in winter for lighting and maybe a heater/radiator of some sort.

admin answers:

It is possible but very expensive to build a solar system that will make a room the size of a classroom “Self Sufficient” in winter period. May even be practically impossible if located where a lot of cloudy days are experienced.

At least the projects design and cost calculations may open your students eyes to the fact that Solar power is not easy and cheap like the news media likes to make us believe.

I have studied solar power for years. My first guess is you would spend over $100,000 and still not have a system that could support the goal of “Self Sufficient” unless class is willing to spend many days bundled up in freezing temperatures. May be possible in an area like Arizona or the Sahara desert.

Sharon asks…

what daily activities can be done effectively if solar energy is used?

to reduce the use of non-renewable energy in our day-to-day activities, solar energy can be used as it is abundantly available to us. but please give me an idea for which of our daily activities can solar energy be used however small or trivial the work is.

admin answers:

With the net metering laws in most states today, most solar arrays can be connected directly to the grid, and they supply any load you may have during the day.
In fact, most of them supply power to the grid and spin your meter backwards during a sunny day. This “excess” accumulates a credit on your account and you can use the power later for no cost.
Do your job today to run your loads from solar energy!
Contact us today to start the steps to declaring energy freedom!

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Solar Power Generation: Mechanism And Advantages

The concept of using sun as a source of energy is as old as man himself. Man’s relation to solar energy gradually became more systematic and planned as he entered the industrial age from his ages old agricultural heritage. Solar energy began to be used as the driving force for a variety of tasks and culminated in solar power generation in our age. Solar power generation, as we know it now, refers to the generation of electric power by direct conversion of solar energy-a process known as photovoltaics.

Early Use Of Solar Energy

While the use of solar energy for drying wet objects of human households and heating dates to antiquity, the idea of more systematic use of solar energy emerged at around mid 19th century. British astronomer John Herschel, in the 1830s, cooked food in a solar collector box, during a trip to Africa. The exact channel for generating electricity was introduced by Henri Becquerel’s discovery of the photovoltaic effect. It produces electricity directly from the sun through a photovoltaic (PVs) cell or solar cell, as it came to be known in general.

Solar Power Generation Through A Photovoltaic Cell

A photovoltaic cell is basically a non-mechanical device made from alloys of silicon. When sunlight falls on the photovoltaic cell, part of the solar energy is absorbed by the material of the cell. This energy excites the cell’s material to release free electrons that migrate to the cell’s surface. An imbalance of positive and negative charges results between the cell’s front and back surfaces. Connecting these two surfaces through an external load results in a flow of electricity from the surface of higher potential to the lower one. A number of these solar cells are connected electrically to form a module (a weather-tight package). Connecting the modules constitutes the PV system, also called an array. The output of the PV generating plant depends on the size of the array i.e. the number of modules connected.

Performance Of PV Generating Plant

The performance of the PV generating plant directly depends on the amount of sunlight received on its surface. Climatic conditions (fog, clouds etc.) thus affect the performance. Currently, most PV generating plants are 10 % efficient in conversion of solar energy to electricity.

Advantages Of Solar Power Generation

The greatest advantage of solar power generation is perhaps its minimal environmental impact. It requires no water for cooling of the system, thus creating no large heat imbalance. Also, no by-products are produced that are detrimental to the environment. Another advantage of solar power generation is that bulky mechanical generators are not needed. The process of electricity generation is quick and the arrays are available in a variety of sizes according to the specific use.

Where To Find A Solar Power Garden Light

The sun is the source of all the available energy on Earth and therefore using something such as a solar power garden light is a good idea, because it saves the Earth’s lessening available fossil fuels for other means. The advantages of a solar power garden light are many, including that they can be freely distributed in gardens without the owners having to worry about cabling, or about their children or pets being electrocuted.

A solar power garden light uses renewable energy, and has little or no emission of pollutants. However, one of the only disadvantages to a solar power garden light is that they tend to only have a small area of solar cells, and therefore they have a reputation for emitting only a small amount of light for a relatively short period of time. It should be known, though, that even this should not be considered as a full disadvantage, as the technology of solar cells and batteries is constantly improving and the current generation of solar powered garden lights is clearly superior to that of the first generation of solar powered garden lights.

Where To Find A Solar Power Garden Light

Generally, as with the majority of other products, the more you pay the better quality you are going to get. There are many available locations that offer a wide variety of solar power garden lights, including that of Silicon Solar, which is one of the most popular and notorious solar power product selling company in the world.

Here they offer a multitude of products, including: portable solar power systems, flexible solar panels, flexible panel accessories, solar electric panels, solar panel modules, RV solar panels, solar fountain pumps, floating solar water fountains, solar birdbath fountains, large solar fountains, solar garden lights, solar flood lights, solar security lights, solar flag lights, solar sign lights, solar post lights, solar spot lights, commercial solar cells, solar cells by the watt, educational solar cells, solar panel kits, solar powered cars, and solar powered battery chargers.

They also offer sealed lead acid batteries, solar books, evacuated solar collectors, flat plate solar collectors, solar hot water controllers, solar hot water storage tanks, and more. Silicon Solar is a company which has been around long enough to gain a positive and respected reputation, and they fully stand by all of their products and services if you are looking for a place to shop for your solar power needs, this is an excellent choice.

Would You Like Your Solar Power Charger To Be Waterproof?

Many people would love to have a waterproof solar power charger. The reason is that it could be used outdoors when power is actually most necessary. Think of having power when you are having a picnic on the beach, or on a picturesque virgin location unspoiled yet by human touch. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you would be able to use your radio there, or your toaster, or your coffee maker?

The Good News – Waterproof Solar Power Chargers Are Now Available In The Market

For those who would like to use power outdoors, there is good news. There are a number of new model solar power chargers that are waterproof today. You will have chargers that will satisfy all your power needs in all circumstances. You can use them on your boat where water can splash on them constantly, or you can have them while trekking in the mountains in spite of rain or snow.

Previously, it was not possible to use electrical devices near water because any humidity or water getting to the device could short-circuit it. Today, however, with the technology answering to the needs of the new generation, we can enjoy power wherever we want it. Inside, outside, dry or wet it does not make any difference anymore. You can have power wherever you want it.

There is the need now to get the electricelectronic devices waterproof as well. This may take some time, but this is not too far away. We already have all-weather cameras and computers that can work in any type of weather, be it sunny or rainy. Time will come when there will be waterproof TVs, waterproof radios, waterproof mobile phones and so on.

In the meantime, the availability of the waterproof solar power chargers offers a good alternative for power generation in hostile environments. Now, it is possible to have your devices charges wherever you go without having to worry about any type of water or humidity. It will be okay if you are on a boat or on an expedition or in the rain your devices will be charged thanks to the waterproof solar power chargers.

There is a lot of freedom brought about by the waterproof solar power chargers. However, until we have our electronic devices waterproof, as well, we will still need cover during rain and watery conditions. Until then, we will need to make do with what we have available.

Finding A Solar Power Electric System Company

A solar electrical system is one which generates electricity when exposed to the sunlight, and works through silicon layers which are laminated under non-reflective glass in solar panels, which then collect photons from the sun and turn this energy into electrical power. Then, this power is flowed into an inverter, which converts and transforms it into usable voltage and AC electrical power.

If you are looking for a solar power electric system company, there are many reputable and decent ones out there. Solar Power Electric System is one of these solar power electric systems, and is a company which has been around long enough to gain an incredibly positive and respected reputation. Solar Power Electric System is the California solar power energy industry leader.

What Is Solar Power Electric System?

Solar Power Electric System uses a wide array of innovative and economical residential solar power systems, as well as that of business-savvy commercial power solar systems in their business. They have an incredibly extensive line of solar solutions which allow you to have the power to turn your electrical meter backwards so to speak, and even to sell back excess energy to your local power company.

This company has been in business for over 26 years, and they proudly stand behind their experienced team of solar experts, and offer many ways to customize an excellent solar power solution for your home or business area. In fact, Solar Power Electric System has been designing and installing solar systems for California and area customers since 1978. As well, they were rated as the best photovoltaic installer and the highest percentage performance of installed systems in Southern California.

They offer a number of quality references to the table as a company they have over 25 years of experience, five times more competitors than any other company in their industry, and as well are the world’s oldest licensed, full service photovoltaic contractors with over 500 residential solar power systems and 100 commercial photovoltaic solar power system installations in and around California.

Typically photovoltaic systems have a warranty for twenty to thirty years on average, and these systems require little to no maintenance, as because of the fact that there are no moving parts on a solar power system, thus there is basically nothing that can go wrong or stop working. This can save you much time and money, especially when compared to that of regular electrical systems.