Your Questions About Solar Energy Facts

Chris asks…

What are some inherencies on solar energy?

Hello, I am in a debate class and I need some inherencies on solar energy please, thanks

admin answers:

Inherency-Current administration opposes R+D now
“Top energy official extols Colorado based federal lab” Nov 8 2007
Judith Kohler.
Fact: NREL has laid off 32 employees and suffered a $28 million shortfall (National Renewable Energy Lab) So currently understaffed and underfunded national labs for renewable energy research.

Inherency-tax credits for renewable energy have fallen prey to cost cutting related to the Iraq war
“Foster: Dems pushing for renewable energy,” March 29, 2008 UPI
There is an effort underway to extend and renew tax cuts supporting the production and use of renewable energy. The tax cuts for renewable energy have little chance of passing due to the costs of the Iraq war. (how ironic is that, LOL)

These two inherencies prove that the US is not currently doing enough to support research and development of renewable energy such as solar, and also not extending tax credits to promote development and purchase of renewable energy such as solar.

Also, look out your window. How many solar panels do you see? There is an inherency right there.

Ken asks…

I have a 300+ acre land and I want to build a green energy farm. What do I have to do and consider?

I am thinking of utilizing geothermal, wind, and solar energy generation. Can I do that on my land?

admin answers:

You need to find out what potential your property has. Any of the three will work but the question is what will be the better of the three and at what cost. Geothermal, while one of the best forms of electricity, is also the most expensive to place in areas where Geothermal heat is located to deep underground to be practical to be harnessed.

Wind energy can be very efficient and cheap to harness but in areas where the wind doesn’t blow consistently wind generation can be a frivolous pursuit.

Solar energy while not as efficient is very cheap and can be set up in pretty much any location that gets a good supply of light. The down side to solar energy is the fact that current capture capabilities of solar are only about 10% at the very best (8% is industry standard to date) The lack of efficiency in the collection cells makes it necessary to build Immense collectors to make up for the deficiency in energy capture.

You might begin by conducting a few simple tests to see what energy would best be created on your location. Other than that I would consider only making what you need to sustain your own life on 300 acres because what you will get out of a commercial endevour is minimal.

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