Your Questions About Solar Energy Facts

Betty asks…

What are some good things about nuclear energy?

Im doing a group debate tomorrow, about why you should use Nuclear energy as opposed to Fossil Fuels, Hydroelectric, and Solar energy. I will be presenting our opening statement, and any good things to include would be a great help.

admin answers:

Fossil fuels always release more pollutants, including CO2 if you consider that a pollutant. Hydroelectric electricity has limited availability, and it’s a resource that is pretty much tapped out – every river which can be dammed for electricity already is. Solar energy is expensive, far more expensive than anything else. There is a lot of variation is solar panels, but it often involves rare earth elements, which limits the total numbers of panels which could be produced (at a number too low to matter). Solar energy is also not very energy dense. The total land it would take to capture the same amount of energy using solar as can be generated using nuclear is tremendous. States worth of land. Unlike oil, we have a lot of uranium locally, and the other nation with big resources is Australia who we’re on pretty good terms with. And if we had some modern reactors, there would be much less nuclear waste produced. In fact, some of the new plants can eat material which was previously considered waste.

Daniel asks…

Solar Energy accounts for how much of our energy consumption?

I need to know out of all the electricity we use, how much of it comes from solar energy? source please

admin answers:

Since heat is what energy through inbody is released, about 25 – 30% of it comes for solar energy.

On more fact is that, beside energy consumption, it also tends us to feel tired and lazy ……. This is because … Sometimes the heat accumulated by the skin cells from the sun is complexed and as a result it dehydrates our body.

These are the following sources:

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