Your Questions About Solar Energy Generator Cost

Ruth asks…

How hard is it to install solar panels on a swimming pool?

I was thinking about adding a solar heater to my swimming pool. The panels seem very affordable, but is this something I could install myself with no experience or do i need a professional?

admin answers:

Not hard. This web site provides you a step by step process to build a devise that generates solar and wind energy. Not only will it provide electric for your pool, but can lower your utility bill. The cost to build this generator is under $200.

Carol asks…

What are the best Deep Cycle batteries to use when storing energy from a wind generator and a solar panel?

I hear the forklift batteries are the best but they are to heavy to transport so I was thinking something a bit smaller but still capable of storing a lot of energy.
Well thank you very much !

admin answers:

Deep cycle batteries are the correct choice for renewable energy systems. Unlike your car battery, deep cycle batteries are made to be deeply discharged and recharged many times over the life. When selecting batteries for solar and wind systems, flooded lead acid (FLA) batteries are the most cost effective. They also require maintenance -i.e. Regularly checking the fluid level to ensure longest life. FLA batteries offer the largest storage potential, and batteries can be up to several hundred pounds each.

Besides FLA batteries there are also sealed gel cell and absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries for RE applications. These batteries are more expensive than FLA batteries and are generally smaller in storage capacity. They are good for remote applications where maintenance would be difficult, and because fluid levels do not need to be maintained, they have a shorter lifespan than the FLA batteries.

Remember to be conservative when calculating battery size for a stand-alone solar or wind system. If your battery bank is undersized, you will not be able to supply the energy you had planned. Battery bank is size is directly dependent on the amount of Watt-hours you are supplying; how many days of autonomy you will need; the depth of discharge; and inverter efficiency. Be sure to look at the battery warranty as well. Rolls-Surrette batteries are known for their quality and are also a bit more expensive upfront. But high quality batteries, if properly cared for, will outlast cheaper batteries and save money in the long run.
Good luck!

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