Your Questions About Solar Energy Generator Cost

Sharon asks…

What is the price tag on a wind farm for generating energy?

I was wondering about the total cost of building a wind farm or even a solar farm. What would the initial investment be?

admin answers:

If by wind farm, you refer to those gigantic wind generators found in some places around the country, our Electric co-op did an article on them last year. ONE of those gigantic windmills runs around a million dollars.

Mary asks…

Does anyone know anything about solar energy?

i don’t know if solar energy and solar power are the same thing? are they?

1.) How widely used is this form of energy (in usa) . (example: Provides 40% of total electricity in the us.)

2.) How economical is solar energy when compared to other sources?

3.) What are the environmental factors which must be considered when using solar energy? (at least 2)

i will reward the best answer with all stars so please help me. dont forget please CITE your source its very important that you do so(: please and thank you.

admin answers:

Solar power usually refers to making electricity from the sun. Solar energy may refer to this and also sometimes using the heat energy from the sun. Thermal solar collectors may use solar energy to make solar power.

Solar energy is only beginning to be explored in our society. In other societies (ancient Greece for example) there were laws to prevent one person from blocking the sun from the land of another as the sun was important for heating. The sun’s energy stored in chemical bonds has been very common in our society. Oil is king. This has marginalized direct solar energy use. The amount of Solar energy in our society depends upon what you are including. Direct Solar? Wind? Biomass? Hydro generation? Here is one site that adds it up to 13%:″>

2 the economics of solar is also subject to definitions. Real cost or cost including politically gained subsidies. Gasoline may cost $3.00 at the pump but estimates of its real cost are from $10 to more than $20. Nuclear power is also heavily subsidized. Solar is just getting into the game and is taking time to get its political markers in place. When it comes to efficiency solar is far more direct and has some distinct advantages. Http://

3. Direct Solar energy and renewable solar energy is substantially more eco friendly than using fossil solar energy. Shading environments with solar collectors changes environments this may have effects to be considered. Some large scale solar power installations need water in environments where this is scarce. Wind generators may have an adverse effect on flying wildlife. And hydroelectric dam may add unusual pressure on the Earth’s crust. Http://

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