Your Questions About Solar Energy Generator Cost

Betty asks…

What is the cheapest type of generator to use?

I’m thinking about using a generator for outdoor use but the price of petrol and diesel is too expensive and wondering of there’s any other types of generators that cost a lot cheaper to run. I was actually thinking about buying a Diesel one and running it on red diesel but I don’t know where to buy red diesel.
Over here in the UK you need to prove what you want red diesel for like if you own a farm or something to run tractors. It isn’t easy to buy because people will use it to run diesel cars as its tax free.

admin answers:

Solar cells or wind powered turbines, but initial cost is horrendous.

However, in the UK at the moment there are Government backed schemes for these Green Energy sources where you can actually put power back into the National Grid, when you are not using it, or generating an excess for your own usage and get paid for it. Again initial costs are mind blowing.

Jenny asks…

Why doesn’t set up a deep water siphon to lift deep cold water power running on solar and?

Energy to power, generators for the pumps that lift the water,

is cost the only factor or are there any

ideas on generating electricity from noise as it’s everywhere,

like a static powered watch only higher

levels of current for houses ?

Cheers & Thanks to all answers, Mars Mission.

admin answers:

Cost seem to be the key factor and the lack of Research on it.

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