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Your Questions About Solar Energy Generator Suppliers

Michael asks…

I will like set up a solar panel to cut down my eletricity cost in Cameroon.can you allocate me a supplier?

I need a solar panel which can light up 4 full loaded 5 rooms appartment houses

admin answers:

Good idea going solar, i would suggest doing a google search, as their are many suppliers. Then you need to calculate the amount of wattage you think these apartment houses are going to require. Volts x amps = watts. If you are going to be off of the power grid, then you will need a way to store excess energy during good times,( lots of sun) in order to use it during bad times ( no sun ). Or see if you are able to sell your extra power back to your local power company, check because some companies do not allow this. You could even have a generator for emergencies if you go off the power grid. On final note, solar is a pretty sizable investment up front and your profits are seen mainly in the long run, but you will get energy savings immediately, but more likely those savings will go to paying off the solar panels also, you will need a converter to convert the ac (alternate current) produced by the panels into dc ( direct current ) which is used by the apartments. It will tie in to the existing electrical system in the apartments. I know germany is really pushing solar energy and they offer their citizens some pretty sweet deals to go solar. The companies are profiting from this so i would suggest looking for a supplier in germany, first. They may have better deals, or try bp (british petroeum) they have been in the solar business for awhile. I wish you success!

Mandy asks…

how do power stations make electricity?

ok i have the general idea of a power station they use friction to make electric and cole to make gas i guess the gas will cost money to make but what about electric?.

How do they make electricity?
Does it cost the energy supplier anything to make this energy?
is there a reasonable reason for high energy prices? or are they just making it for free and putting a price on it?

next they will tell us using a solar panel costs money to use :p
they say we are running out of resources thats why they want us to cut back on fuel consumption, with the prices raising it begs to wonder how it all works

admin answers:

Most electricity is generated with a “thermal power station” In these something is burned like: Coal or natural gas or heat is produced in some other way like using a nuclear reactor, concentrating the sun or getting heat from volcanic areas deep in the Earth. The heat is used to produce steam which is then used to turn a turbine that mechanically turns a generator that produces electricity.

But there are a few exceptions. Windmills and water turbines in a hydroelectric plant turn turbines directly without using steam or heat. Solar photovoltaic panels convert the sun’s light to electricity directly. There is also another process called magnetohydrodynamics that produces electricity directly without a turbine or a generator. This involves hot charged plasma moving past a magnetic field.

So there are several different fuels and several different processes that can be used to make electricity. What they all have in common is turning one form of energy into another. This is a business and it costs money to operate. Conventional power plants typically have a lower cost for the facility and an ongoing cost for the fuel that is used. Alternative power stations typically have a larger up front cost for the facility but little or no fuel cost. These would include hydroelectric, geothermal, wind and solar power stations. Both have maintenance costs but newer and alternatively fueled stations will cost less for maintenance.

Once fuel was cheap and now it is getting more expensive to supply fuel to older power stations. These older stations are requiring more maintenance so electricity costs rise. But electricity costs have doubled in the last 20 years. Petrol prices have gone up 4 to 6 times in that same period so it is all relative.

There are many factors that go into supplying electricity. Too many plants raises capital costs too few plants requires that electricity to supply the grid must be purchased from somewhere else at a higher cost. Electrical production must meet a constantly changing demand. There are electricity markets to supply too much and too little but very little of it can be stored at this time.

In some places rapid development requires expansion of the electrical grid in order to carry the supplied power to where it is needed. All of this costs money and if it is mostly invisible that is because someone is making it all work. Sometimes they are using your money to make sure it works.

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