Your Questions About Solar Energy Generators

Thomas asks…

Is there a solar electric generator? I heard a company in Chicago has manufactured an electric generator that?

I am looking for a company that manufactures electric generators that uses solar energy.

admin answers:

Erm – that would be a electric solar cell then.

James asks…

is there an alternative for solar panels that can collect and convert solar energy into electricity?

A solar panel is a device that collects and converts solar energy into electricity or heat which can be used by (for example) nearby buildings. But is there any device that acts like a solar panel?

admin answers:

Besides the silicon type, there are a couple of types:

1. The reflector type of solar power, which uses a mirrored dish to focus sunlight to boil water to drive a generator.
2. Using sunlight to heat a thermocouple which drives a current.

Both of these are larger than your typical solar cell and are not really that efficient – yet.

A solar cell is the only thing that converts photonic energy into electricity, although they can be made of silicon and other materials.

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