Your Questions About Solar Energy Generators

Ken asks…

What are some challenges using and managing renewable energy resources?

Like winter power, solar energy and biomass fermentation?

admin answers:

I think one of the biggest challenges is just getting enough renewable energy to replace a good portion of energy generated by fossil fuels. Right now I think renewable energy accounts for only about 1-2% of the total energy produced. Sources like solar and wind power are good at adding capacity to the grid during peak usage, but they’re not good base load power generators.

Also another problem is that they are more expensive to produce. The cost gap is closing, however, because the new technology is getting better and better, and also it’s starting to cost a lot more to drill for oil and even mine coal. Of course, renewable would be a lot cheaper than fossil fuels if the true cost of obtaining coal and oil were calculated, like using our military to secure a steady supply of resources overseas.

Donna asks…

What are the major benifits of using Regular Electricity or Solar Electricity?

Hi guys i was just reading about solar energy more importantly about it’s energy saving properties, i just wonder why most of the people on planet still prefer regular electricity instead of solar power, is there any disadvantage of using solar power?

admin answers:

There is a disadvantage to them. For one it is extremely expensive to use only solar to power your whole house because the solar systems are so expensive. I something falls on the panel it may break and at that point you will have to buy all new ones. Even a small broken area can make the panel so inefficient it is almost unusable.

The amount of solar panels to power a house can take up a lot of space and is not always great to look at. They are definately are great supplement to your electricity and can save you a lot of money over time. If you are only using solar you will have to get battery systems with inverters to power your home for the time when the sun is not out. Also no power when dark or very cloudy.

Some other sources of energy to look at are windpower, hydropower, and even wood gasifiers with generators.

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