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Lisa asks…

Which is the best DIY solar panel/wind turbine program? Real people only, please.?

I’ve been looking at all of the options for installing solar electricity systems online, and I’ve noticed that even the so-called review sites all seem to be part of a sales pitch….haven’t found a single, independent review of any of these products. Has anyone out there actually used any of these (Earth4Energy, HomemadeEnergy, etc.), and if so, how good are they?

admin answers:

If you have noticed that Earth4Energy is a scam (which it is), then you may be amused by my analysis of it at

If you want to build a wind turbine yourself (like a good engineer would), then get the following book:

Homebrew Wind Power
Dan Bartmann & Dan Fink
Foreword by Mick Sagrillo

ISBN: 978-0-9819201-0-8
Published by Buckville Publications LLC

You can get this from This is a startlingly complete book and it has all the background theory you need too. They explain why, for example, you cant use a car alternator or something from a generator, and then proceed to build alternators from scratch. The references are compete — if you explore them and have the time to read, you will be right up there with the pioneers.

As for DIY solar, you can get the parts (panels, inverters, batteries, charge controllers) individually from many sources and make a system. It will not be cheap. You can’t make your own silicon cells, and probably aren’t up to designing the electronics, can’t make your own batteries etc.

My recommendation is this: Get the wind book. Look through the web sites of some of the better looking solar dealers, and if they seem to be “no bull” then e-mail them and tell them what you want. E.g. An entry level system, 80W panel, battery, inverter and charge controller so that you can make enough power for say, a small laptop. The good ones will be able to tell you what works together.

If you are thinking of a whole home solution, then you have a lot of reading to do. You need to switch to natural gas or propane (no electric heat, electric stove, electric hot water) and absolutely mininize the electrical load.

It would be nice to market a good DIY manual, but with a truthful title like “Generate power at home for more than you are paying now” or “With thirty thousand dollars in equipment, you too can avoid those monthly power bills” sales would be pathetic.

Have fun.

As for “real people” comment, when I see questions like this, I wonder if I am wasting my time because many of the questions are not real either. They are simply created by scammers so that they can add their scam replies and rate it best answer. I find this particilary galling when someone says, “this is for my science fair, and I am 14 years old” and all the answers are Earth4Energy scammers. Other times, I find my comments pasted on fake energy sites with links to pharmaceuticals. It is a mad world out there.

Ken asks…

What are some good green technology carers or job?


admin answers:

The Wind Industry
Designing Wind Turbines

Wind Analyst (studies wind patterns) They earn approximately $54 to $75 thousand a year!

Wind Turbine Machinist (usually specialise in metal and plastic parts, but also other areas of wind turbine’s structure)

Wind Farm Electrical Services Designer Operator (Makes sure the electrical components of a wind farm operate properly)

Wind Development Director (Massive responsibility for the correct overall functioning of the Wind Farm and oversees well everyone else!)

Wind Power Field Salesperson (You could start as a Representative and work your way up to Sales Manager, maybe even a Executive Position!)

Wind Turbine Drivetrain Engineer (Perform Engineering and Mechanical tasks relating to wind turbines) They make an average of $52 to $62 thousand a year.

Wind Farm Construction Manager (Make $60 to $80 thousand a year!)

Wind Farm Electrical Systems Designer ($30 to $50 thousand a year)

Wind Turbine Generator Builder (Make $15 – $20 an hour)

Wind Power Turbine Installer

Wind Energy Technician (Make $15 – $22 an hour)

Solar Power Industry
PV Solar Panel Installer

Solar Sales Person (make $43 to $73 thousand a year)

Photovoltaic – PV Solar Designer

Solar Thermal Installer

Solar Operations Engineer

Solar Lab Technician

Solar & PV Installer-Roofer

Solar Fabrication Technician

Photovoltaic PV fabrication Testing Technician

Solar Radiant Heating Installer

Solar Hot Water Installer

Organic Farming Industry


Organic Food Production Worker



Organic Farmer

Nursery Manager


Organic Poultry Farming

Natural Building Industry

Star Bale Construction

Sustainable Home Design

Indoor/Outoor Lanscape Architect

Green Interior Designer

The list goes on and on and on!

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