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Your Questions About Solar Energy Generators India

Susan asks…

Is it costing Germany the renewables more than the nuclear?

Renewable energy is very expensive, and it takes more energy to produce than energy that could be recovered. So I think Germany is making a mistake by phasing out all the nuclear plants, because nuclear is cheaper.
Please tell me your thinking about this, and please include facts !

Thank you 🙂

admin answers:

It is a Pro situATION
PRO: The Fuel Is Free, Abundant, and Perfectly Clean. Through nuclear fusion reactions that are taking place a nice, safe distance (93 million miles) from Earth, the sun provides our planet with 6000 times more power than we’re consuming. Though the low latitudes receive more direct sunlight than those closer to the poles, places as far north as Germany and Canada do quite well.

PRO: Distributed Energy: Solar is “The People’s Power.” Solar energy is ideal for deployment at the consumer level, on the rooftops of homeowners, office buildings, etc. This reduces loss of power in transmission from utilities, while reducing the overall importance of those utilities in our lives.

PRO: Solar Comes in Many Flavors, Each of Which Is Advancing Technologically. There are many different technologies by which the sun’s energy is directly converted to electricity via photovoltaics, some of which have the potential to be extremely easy to install, e.g., thin-film, which can be sprayed on windows – transparently.

Wind turbines have three basic parts: the blades, the pole and the generator. Three large, propeller-like blades are mounted on top of of a tall pole, and when the wind blows, it turns the blades. The energy produced powers the generator, which creates electricity that you can use in your home. If the turbine produces more energy than you need, it can be fed back into the power grid.

Europe has been producing energy from wind for years, especially Germany, Spain, Denmark and France. Many other countries such as China and India also produce wind energy. The US has a lot of catching up to do, but as these renewable energy systems become more popular, they also become more affordable.

Wind Energy Pros
•Wind energy is clean, and harnessing it does not produce any harmful by-products.
•Wind is free and 100% renewable.
•Turbines pay for themselves within a few years.
•The power company pays you back if you produce extra electricity.
•Tax incentives may be available from local or the federal government for those who install wind turbines.

Wind Energy Cons
•Upfront costs are high.
•You must have enough land to accommodate a turbine.
•Not all geographical locations are suitable for wind turbines; check your local wind speed averages.
•Building codes may restrict turbine installation.
•Wind turbines make noise and some people (possibly your neighbors) find them to be ugly.
•Turbines typically operate at only 30 percent capacity (but to put that in perspective – solar panels operate at only 15 percent efficiency).
•Blades have been known to kill birds.
•Turbines can be damaged in lightning storms.

Donald asks…

why india has not been able to take up solar energy power generators and devices at a faster rate?

admin answers:

That fully depends on the budget that India has. Indian Govt. Is also not that interested in developing nation’s facilities.

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