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Paul asks…

What’s the most earth friendly car on the market today? Also is there any solar powered cars in the works yet?

I think that having solar powered cars would be amazing you hear about people trying to make them possible and then the idea just fades away. I guess that would be a big upset for the gas company’s or maybe it’s just impossible…. Any why, what is the most earth friendly car on the market right now and what is it powered by?

admin answers:

A problem with solar is the energy conversion is so low that to be affective the cells must be put into huge frames on large land areas. These are solar farms that convert the Sun’s energy into electricity.
The most earth friendly vehicle is made in India and are used as delivery trucks. They run on compressed air. Here in the states, a complete electric car that can travel 200 miles on a charge is called a Tesla sports car and costs over $100,000. Here is the problem, it runs quietly and efficiently on electricity but where does this power come from? Much of our electricity comes from heavily polluting coal generators. See the problem?

David asks…

why use of solar energy has not worked for India so far?

It is widely accepted that use of solar power for domestic purposes in the country like India can share the burden of power crisis to a great extent. Govt. apathy may be the reason?

admin answers:

Solar panels or cells requires silver lining which needs more capital (money) and the output is very less for each solar plate.It also requires lot of maintenance because of direct exposure to environmental conditions.Any how, the solar generators or solar lamps are now coming into market abundantly;But as you said to resolve the power crisis,I think it would take more time….

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