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Daniel asksā€¦

I have a Solar Energy essay for Bio-Ecology.and i don’t know how to start?what could i do?

im having trouble on my essay.
i don’t know anything about solar energy.
we’re split into groups of four and my topic about solar energy is
SOLUTIONS;local,state,national and international.
what does that mean?
im lost?and my biology teacher he intimidates me,im too scared to ask for help.yikesss! šŸ™

admin answers:

Each one in your group discusses possible solutions to the solar energy problem. One person take possible local solutions, another person takes possible state solutions, etc. Each person in your group should do their own research, and be prepared to present their material themselves. But then that’s just the way I’d do it….

Mary asksā€¦

How do you build a solar panel out of household objects?

I’m doing my science fair project on solar energy and i need to know how to make a solar panel out of household objects. I found a website that said it is possible to build one out of a box, paint, plastic, and aluminum foil but I can’t find out how.

admin answers:

If you are trying to build a solar oven you can get some great ideas and free plans at: Solar Cookers International:

And like the other have said Build it Solar has lots of great solar energy projects:

If you are trying to build your own solar panels that is a little more involved and you will need supplies that are not in your home but this can still be done as a do-it-yourself project:

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