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George asks…

Where can I learn all about installing a solar system for the home to start my own business in Cairns, AU?

I would like to learn all about installing a solar system for the home to start my own business in Cairns, AU.

I would really like to get hands on experience ordering and installing solar energy and wind systems. I have no idea where to start. I would be happy to go to a school to learn everything that I need to know so that I can start my own green energy business.

Thank you!

admin answers:

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Chris asks…

Is it possible to use solar and electricity at the same time seamlessly?

I’m just starting to learn about solar panels and solar energy. I’m curious if it is possible to rig your house up to a few batteries charged by a few solar panel, and when the batteries are empty, it will switch to electricty.

It would be handy if you didnt have to switch back and forth all the time when the batteries get low, if that makes any sense.

admin answers:

Yes this is often done; there are also currently incentives from Fed govt and many states to do so.

Below is an article on the incentives (including link to a database to see what is available from your state.)

This can be tricky to install, so unless you have a good knowledge of electricity, contact an installer; just google “solar panel installations” +yourstate and you will find local ones that should be able to give you a good price (get quotes, references and ask if you can see any other jobs they have done.) There are a lot of new “Fly-by-night” companies jumping into this these days; you want somebody with solid knowledge of solar, the programs available, and licensed electrician.

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