Your Questions About Solar Generator For Well Pump

George asks…

Is it possible to convert hot water which is obtained by solar energy to convert it into electricity ?

Water is heated with the help of solar heaters to 70 or 80 degree centigrade then the energy stored in the hot water is used to convert to electricity is there is any methods to convert to electricity?
It is not possible to convert water into steam by using small solar plate collectors so that why is there any method to convert hot water into electricity?

admin answers:

You could make use of the piezoelectric effect, but you wouldn’t get much.
Why not heat the water further to generate steam? Then direct the steam into the nozzles of a turbine blade, which then turns an electric generator. Then recover the water and pump it back to get heated again. You’d think someone would have invented the Rankine cycle before.

Linda asks…

Can a solar panel help to eliminate frozen water pipes in a well?

This past winter my tenants had frozen water twice. Once when the power went out for 5 hours and another time when it hit -38 and no tap was running. The well is enclosed in a heated, insulated room with electric pump. There is also plenty of wind, so am thinking of going solar or wind power instead of a generator for back up.

admin answers:

Was the sun shining when the temperature was so low? I’m guessing probably not. If the wind was blowing during these cold and blackout periods, that may be the best option. There are wind kits for as little as $1000 and you can connect them to ‘heat tape’, which is basically a cord that emits heat. They are often used on pipes and eaves to melt snow. See the wind systems below. They will require a small battery system, have the provider draw out your system for you, and then you can install it.

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