Your Questions About Solar Generators

Mandy asks…

How do I build a solar generator for my cabin?

We don’t use much electricity, so we don’t need anything too heavy-duty. I would like to run our cabin on solar electricity, but am having trouble getting help as far as what size battery, inverter, solar panel I will need. I know I also need a regulator, but don’t know anything about them either. From start to finish, what do I need and where can I get all he parts I need at a reasonable price? Is it cost-effective to buy an already put together solar generator?

admin answers:


The stuff they sell seems to more or less live up to the specifications.

If you decide to buy discounted panels be a little careful. It was my experience that the specifications overstated the performance by 50% to 100%

BTW – the best investment you can make is a good recent book on the subject. Anything copyright before 2007 is probably obsolete.

Good luck

Sandra asks…

Does anyone have any leads on backup solar generators?

I want to purchase a solar powered backup generator in the event that we have a power outage. I don’t want a gas/diesel generator as I don’t want to have to fight everyone else to get gas for a generator. I’ve been only able to find one solar generator that would seem to work for my home. Any suggestions?

admin answers:

I’ve just started looking at solar myself, here’s a link to a site that seems to have some reasonably priced systems:

Maybe there will be information that will help, I’m a novice myself so I’m not sure what exactly you are looking for.

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