Your Questions About Solar Generators For Sale

Mark asks…

where can i find out how a solar generator works and how long they last?

Im interested in getting a solar gen. to use for camping,[coffee pot,heater, lite,ect im trying to get reliable info on them.

admin answers:

You can get basic info about small units for sale from most camping, hunting and outdoors shops – all of the outdoorsmen still want to be able to recharge their electronics. For more general info about these, you should be able to ask questions at forums about outdoors subjects.

Sandra asks…

Do you think the government should force manufacture of fuel effciant cars?

They have electric roadsters that do 0-60 in 3 seconds and have a 100 mile plus range lineing up for production. Just add a small desile generator and some solar panels and it will get 100 to infinity miles per gallon. Why don’t they mandate hybred and solor car manufacturing! Think they should make a limit on how much fuel a vehical can consume? Like 1 gallon per hour private and 3 commercial?

admin answers:

You can’t mandate something like that.

The consumer dictates what will be built. The companies respond to that.

When gas got to $3.00 a gallon, SUV and pickup sales went down to its lowest levels since 1995. People were looking into more efficient cars. Toyota and Honda had already thought ahead and been producting them. The government encourages it by giving tax breaks and allowing them into HOV lanes. The US car makers were still churning out SUV’s and fell behind yet again. Now Toyota is poised to become the number one car maker because they’re able to think ahead, innovate, and respond quicker to the market.

Now that gas is back to $2.06 a gallon, people are going *whew* and are driving SUV’s again. But there is a percentage that are thinking ahead and are selling their SUV’s and buying the Toyota’s and Honda’s.

You can blame the SUV and Minivan market in part on the increased safety levels required by the government. Since they require car seats for each kid, a family with three kids needs a larger vehicle so Minivan’s were born. Guys were harassed about driving a “minivan” so the car manufacturers created SUV’s to satisfy a guy’s ego.

Then you have the Hummer type ads. You’ve seen them. Where they harass the moms now, calling them wimps and pressuring them to buy Hummers. What a bunch of crap.

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