Your Questions About Solar Generators For Sale

Richard asks…

What would you do if society colapsed end every one was on their own?

no cooperation between anyone, not even families

no utilities or power, unless you can provide it for yourself like your own well or generator and if you can you have to protect it from any one else who might want to steal it for them selves.

no sale or trade between people you just have what you own and what you can take or steal from others.

how long do you think you could last? Where would you go? What’s your plan?

admin answers:

Regenerate society among my family and our neighbors (we already have that planned)

We have wind / solar powering our ranch, and diesel back up… We also raise 80% of our own veggies and 95% of our meat / dairy… We have a 1 year stock of grain, coffee, sugar, etc.

I won’t mention our weapons… Or our security arrangements other than to say that a few Marine Gunny Sergeants and SEALs (friends) have been up here and approved / and improved.

We live 20 miles from town and 90 miles from the city… We have our own valley and access to another four via neighbors… Time to start a tribal / feudal system !!

James asks…

How much does a tie to grid battery bank cost per KWH?

A power company has a sales thing where for an 18 month contract, you can get free power from 10pm to 6 am. I would like to get a solar setup eventualy, and think this would be a great stepping stone.

I would need to be able to charge the battery from the grid or from panels eventualy. What would be the cost to setup a 10kwh bank tied to the grid (using 6v batteries or whatever)? Ball park? 500? 2k? 5k?

admin answers:

Solar panels would be your best bet as generators are expensive when you factor in the (rising) fuel costs.

Find a local solar installer here:

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