Your Questions About Solar Generators For The Home

Sandra asks…

How to convert a horse trailer to a camper?

Hello, I have a 2001 Sundowner 3 Horse Slant horse trailer and I might want to covert it into a camper in the future. Is there any permit needed to do this? I’d also like to wire it so it can run off of a generator, solar powering, or wind power. I want plumbing too and I was wondering if there is some sort of system that recycles the shower water, filtering it then putting it back in the water heater. And I’d like to install a window and replace some with larger windows and seal some up. Can I do this on my own or do I need to pay someone? I also want it to be insulated and maybe a fireplace. I’ve seen fireplaces that aren’t really tradition fireplaces but are meant for tents. And I want the end result to be a cozy home away from home. Like a home on wheels, not some RV feeling.

Also, what are the pros and cons of converting it into a camper? I’ve heard of people doing this before.

How much can I do on my own?

How much can I except to spend roughly?

Who would I need to contact for permits (if any)?

Do RV parks allow trailers that have been converted to a camper?

Is this all too ambitious? Am I better off buying an RV?


admin answers:

A friend of mine did it with his. He put a small generator in the back of his pickup,(but you could easily put on in the trailer itself)
He has a 30 gallon water tank that he uses for the water heater and his horses. It already had windows.
He did all the work by himself, it was pretty reasonable. He uses it to go camping and to haul his horses. With a quick change. There were no permits required.
Hope this helps.

James asks…

Are there any monthly expenses when purchasing solar panels for your home?

I understand you pay the price for the solar panels once and then use them for like 20 years – but are there any other expenses? Such as…charging the battery, maintanence, etc.?


admin answers:

batteries, inverter, wiring, switches, photo cells, knowledge to hook it all up,
solar isn’t, what its all hoped up to be,
solar lights are a better deal, you can put them to work, but to power a home ? Forget it,
buy a 13 K generator for total home power, all that cost is fuel ,
use propane powered stove,s fridge,s freezers, [ the amish do ]
there still for sale, in cross ville, tn
there is a lot of other ways to be self sufficient, solar is a gimmick, for now

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