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Your Questions About Solar Generators For The Home

Linda asks…

What solar equipment is necessary to power a steam generator for a home steam bath?

The generator I have is rated at 12 KW, requires 220V and 33Amp service to heat a room of 500 cubic feet. The power is only needed periodically and for short periods of time, 30 – 60 minutes a day. (on a rare occasion, twice a day.) How do I plan, organize and calculate the required equipment?

admin answers:

You want to power it with Photovoltaic panels?
Or are you asking about passive solar pre-heaters?

If you are going to buy Photovoltaic panels, just call up a install firm and get some. There is a 30% tax credit for them now even. But why you are specifically tying the PV panels into your sauna is just confusing. It would sure make for an expensive sauna.

Sandy asks…

easiest way to quiet down a portable generator?

I am looking to run a generator to power my mobile home when my solar and wind generators aren’t making enough power. I usually park in semi suburban areas and the last time I ran my generator for a prolonged period I got a noise complaint and had to move at 3am [not so fun] what are some ways to quiet down the generator while its running?

admin answers:

I had the same issue with an air compressor. I built a wooden enclosure with a small fan to bring cool air into the box. It has worked fine for over twenty years! But for your problem:

Find a cardboard box that will fit comfortably, upside down, over the generator. If that is not enough, glue some fiberglass insulation inside the cardboard box. That will decrease the decibels sufficiently. Otherwise, you will need to build a wooden enclosure with fiberglass insulation inside.

Good Luck

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