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Susan asks…

Save money with solar power?

i’ve have been looking in to how to save money with building a Solar powered generator or a wind turbine but don’t know much about it. can some on please give me advice about what to do or what cited to look at.

admin answers:

It won’t always save money. In general, solar saves money where

1) Electricity is expensive
2) There is a lot of sun year-round
3) There is already grid electricity

These conditions are satisfied in most of California and Hawaii. In other places, google for local solar installers, and ask them for local references. If there are no local references, chances are your area is not good for solar, at least not today.

Sharon asks…

solar enegy ups and downs 10 points to most answers?

my dad is giving me 100 dollars to reseearch about solar energy and see which one we should get or if we should get one at all
For some of my research i would like to find out some good and bad things about solar energy. The one with the most points gets the points
thanks in advance to all your answers

admin answers:

The Thermosiphon hot water system is the best. No moving parts and no electricity needed. The size is dependent of the number of people using it. The down side is the weight of the system. If you have the space on the ground, it would be ideal. If not you may need to make your roof stronger.

Solar systems work better in tropical zones. If you live in outside this area you need more panels. Best if you talk with several solar companies and compare prices.

Photovoltaic systems to convert sun to electrical is very expensive at this time, but some parking lots in my state (Hawaii) have installed solar lights with wind generators to keep the system going 24/7. That system has been running for over four years and is a wonderful addition to any area where you want security lights during the nights. The downside is the noise from the wind generators. It will keep you up all night if you are a light sleeper. I purchased a couple of solar spotlights and it’s ok but only gives about six hours after the sun goes down.

Solar cookers designs are all over the Internet. Best if you build and design one yourself.. The down side is most people are working during the day to get full advantage of this system.
Hope you get your 100 dollars.

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