Your Questions About Solar Generators Hawaii

Sharon asks…

Is living in Hawaii practical for a loner with money?

I’ve been thinking that I want to just relax for a few years.

admin answers:

Yup, loner or not, Hawaii gotta place for evabody, ok? I know of place ova onna Big Island, nice house off the grid, got year round spring for water, solar lectric, windmll for well, to elevate pressure tank, also propane 15K generator, delivery from truck to 2000 gallon tank, use to cook, heat water, run fridge, end of 4 mile graded gravel road, with 5 acres of you own…if you really a loner, can’t get much more alone than that, so if you wanna be alone, this maybe place for you, ok? But, mobetta that you gotta heavy check book too, but hey that what you say, yeah? Peace and aloha to you!

Maria asks…

can I run a desktop computer with a solar panel?

I am moving to Hawaii and the house we are living in has independent electricity. (solar panels and gas powered generators.)

admin answers:

The system in the Hawaiian house has solar panels that charge a battery bank. If the sun doesn’t shine enough, the generator will kick on and provide the extra power needed. An inverter converts the DC voltage stored in the batteries to AC power that you plug into a wall outlet to use. Depending on the inverter, it should be exactly the same as the AC you buy from the electric company now, so anything that you currently plug in to use will work.

The exception is if they are using an inexpensive modified sine wave inverter, that doesn’t generate as clean power as a pure sine wave inverter. Some delicate electronics may have trouble running on it. You may want to ask the house owners which type of inverter it is. If they don’t know, ask them the model and you can easily look it up.

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