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James asks…

Whats YOUR plan for the Zombie Apocalypse?

Zombie Apocalypse is “code” for any general widespread disaster (the plan remains the same)

So. Here’s the deal. No power/plumbing, Harsh sun radiation, infected Zombies. Going out in the sun will be like being in a microwave oven, but night is OK. Others are also trying to survive the apocalypse in your neighborhood, so there will be Bandits/Gangs taking a violent path to survive the Apocalypse.

So whats your Plan to survive? What? no PLAN?!? I guess you’re Zombie meat then. Here’s MY plan

I have this Wal-Mart nearby. Up on a ridge near a highway hill cutout- 2 bridges that cross the cutout “canyon” to get to it. It is a Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Grocery Store complex… and will be my Fortress. I will board up the WalMart, and arm up in the hunting supply section of the store. Walmart has those cinder block-proof windows, so is actually pretty defensible. Theres an auto shop in the back of the WalMart where I will up-armor my Truck.

In the nights I will go over to the Home Depot, and get all the Portable Generators, Propane tanks, Sheet Rock, Diamond Plate, Piping, Tubing, and Fencing to further Fortify WalMart, as well as tools and solar panels and other much needed items.

I am an Electrician by trade, so MY Fortress will be one of the few outposts with Power and Lights still. I know how to power a microwave with a 10 speed, a car alternator, a car battery, and an inverter. There will be lots of cars out in the walmart parkinglot, alternators, batteries, and gas tanks as well.

One of my first long distance missions will be to get to a gun store/pawn shop, to get serious weapons, not so much for Zombies, but for bandit raiders who may try to TAKE what Ive got.

and so on, and so on. Thats my rough Zombie Apocalypse Plan. So.. whats YOURS?!?

admin answers:

My plan is to look for a walmart with the lights on, grab some weed and bribe my way in.
What, you forgot weed?
It’s your lucky day, let me in !

Michael asks…

i will be moving to guam in a few mnths. any tips?

anything you can give me will be helpful. been there once before for a couple of weeks but this time will be much longer

admin answers:

What is it that you need to know.

Enjoy island living-hang out at the beach before sundown, and early on the weekends.

Don’t be afraid to explore and get to know the island folks. Everyone is always welcome to a church fiesta (To honor the church’s saints) Catholic or not. Check out the Chamorro village Wednesday nights and mix with the locals and check out the food and handicrafts. Go to the island fairs.

Its hot 95% of the time but it cools off a bit at night (Sure you know that).

Power costs are high. Use energy saver lightbulbs and appliances.

Always have an umbrella handy in your car for occasional rain.

Be prepared for occasional power outages and typhoons (Its been awhile though). You know, battery operated flashlights, radio, matches/lighters, candles, gas stove, and even a generator come in handy for extended power outages after a typhoon. Also, canned foods, etc..

Bring stuff from the states that you can’t find here at either Home Depot, Macy’s, Ross, Payless Shoes, or Kmart. Creature comforts. We brought solar camping lanterns with us from Wal-Mart stateside.

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