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William asks…

I have a 110 volt refrigerator that i would like to power with solar panels..?

I have a cabin up in the woods and i just bought a little fridge.. … thing is its too much to have the generator on all the time so i would like to put in some solar panels…im just confused on how to calculate it all and what kind of batteries i would need and anything else…If you could help me out i would appreciate it.

admin answers:

It would probably be a whole lot cheaper to have a super insulated box and haul some ice to your cabin.

Ken asks…

zombie survival?

what would you do if the world was taken over by zombies, and why?

admin answers:

Gather up people and fortify a position in orange county.

About 2-3 years into zpaw we move north to Idaho or something, a climate more suitable for farming and a area more remote.

I’ll distribute my guns (there’s 3)- my dad will take my shotgun, I’ll take the SKS and my bro will take the .22lr. I have at least 1000 rounds of each, so there should be no problem defending ourselves.

We group at Irvine High School, a small task force will weld all exterior doors shut, another force will weld bars over every window. The third will block all gated entrances by first chaining them shut, except for the back one.

Once this is done, I take 5 people with me, the SKS and shotgun. The rest will remain at the citadel with the .22lr, where they are very safe.

My little group will go into the chaos and get food, water, and some very nesscary supplies. Guns are needed because by this point people will be fighting over food and water. We pull up in front of Ralphs, One remains in the van with a bat and a machete. I lead with the shotgun hidden under my jacket (stock cut off), three people behind me grab shopping carts to fill up, the bring up the rear is another friend with the SKS in plain sight.

If we meet armed resistance, we open fire and leave trail of dead bodies. First is to grab is fresh produce and food, then bottled water.

We go back to the citadel to off load our supplies, then head off o big 5 sporting goods. Its a sporting store with guns, we break the crappy wooden lock bar with a crowbar and grab all the guns, ammo, and camping supplies, head back to the van, drive forward some and take some more food from the nearby albertsons.

Again, off load at the citadel and give out our newly acquired long guns to everyone. I trade in my shotgun for a 10/22 rifle, and off we go, another trip to the gun store. We head up Tustin Ave, now packed with cars, so we drive on the sidewalk. First to a storage place, we we trade in the van for a large truck. Then up to Fowler’s guns, which should be empty of people and very well locked up. We borrow a car someone’s car left on the road and drive it into the store front, go inside and grab every gun, ammo, and cleaning/reloading they got. Same for Turner’s outdoorsman. At Army-Navy We take all the camping things they have.

And on the way back take a second truck and go to home deport / lowes (whatever it is) and get some building materials, generators, fuel, BBq machines, solar panels, tools and more stuff. Then we head back to the citadel.

With our newly acquired weapons, ammo, tools and materials, we first park the truck in the gated autoshop area, Which we first reinforce with additional barricades and steel. Then we offload everything. Everyone can now get their gun or choice, plenty of ammo, take a room to sleep in.

During week 1 we set up patrols, which will patrol the roof tops and shoot any zombies we see, we set up the kitchen, the BBq machines we picked up cooks the meat we got form stores (packed in dry ice), bread, fresh produce and milk is also around to consume first.
The generators and lugged to the amphitheater area, set up.
The locker rooms are ventilated and cleaned, prepped to store the guns and ammo we have, including any fuel and dangerous things.
The aquatics center has the pools drained and filled with fresh water (thats 4 Olympic pools)

Week 2
we break up the cement in the quad to make room form farmland
we clear surrounding neighborhoods and salvage for additional supplies, tools, or materials.

After that, we continue living for a couple years, get good at farming and independence, then move to Idaho with electric cars (no gas worries) and set up a new walled city there.

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