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Sandy asks…

What is the best way to power my refrigerator in my rv when not plugged in?

I have the original generator that came with the rv but it does need some work. I don’t really want to have to run the generator just to power fridge while between places. The fridge is an electric fridge. I had thought about a solar panel or maybe just a smaller portable generator. Any ideas? What do people do when they are between places for 8 hours or so and don’t want food to spoil?

admin answers:

Newer RV refrigerators have a variety of of ways to operate now; propane, 12 volt, and 110 volt power. You can purchase a newer one online. I would recommend a 110 volt or propane combo refer. That way when you are using shore power you can use the 110 volt to power the refer or when you are dry camping you can use the propane feature which is very efficient. Or option b: you can purchase a generator (2800 watt or larger) to power it on 110 volt. Option C opower your 110 volt refrigerator with solar panels would require an invertor (2000 watt or higher) as well as a large array of solar panels drilled into the roof accompanied by allot of 6 Volt (golf cart batteries).

Sandra asks…

Is their a generator small enough that will work with wii?

Is their a generator small enough that is at least 50 watts no more thatn 70watts taht fits a standard size house plug. I will go on a coach bus and i want to bring wii with me but i need a small generator. any ideas where i can get one.

admin answers:

I’m not sure what you mean by generator.. You maybe need a battery system.. But you would need to power a television along with it.. The Wii isn’t really set up as a portable system..

Check the link below.. Some people set up a solar power generator for their Wii..

Good luck..

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