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Helen asks…

how to install a generator on elliptical?

I want to try to install a generator on my elliptical but I don’t know how to search for instructions on how to do that. After doing that I’d like to convert it to dc power and then store it in a battery from which I could charge portable devices or do something with it….why waste good energy.?

anyone know where I could find a good tutorial on creating your own for an elliptical?

admin answers:

I would start by studying the elliptical. I would guess it uses an AC induction motor with a variable speed drive. If so, you would need to replace the AC motor with a DC generator using the same mount, and also get it to accept the gear or pulley that was used by the old motor. The battery might need a “charge controller” such as might be used on a PV solar system.

David asks…

How can i keep my RV cool in the summer?

What are some effective and efficient ways to keep my RV from getting too hot in the summer? I have an air conditioner, but I don’t have a generator, so i’m looking for ways to keep cool without electricity. At most maybe a box fan. The only thing I have found so far, for example, is KOOL SEAL roof coating which says reflects the sun’s rays and cools the RV by up to 35%. Any other ideas, like where to position the fan, what windows and vents to have open, etc.

admin answers:

Kool seal’s a great idea. Go solar, two panels on the roof will power fans to blow the hot air out. Park so that you get the afternoon shade on the side of the rv that does not have the roll out canopy and of course roll out the canopy you have, if not get one. Avoid cooking with the stove inside get a portable to use outside with an extension to your outside propane tank. Add insulation, sometimes an older rig was remodeled and insulation was removed due to water damage. There’s also small portable swamp coolers that use way less electricity then an ac unit and could run on solar power get one of those. If your hooked up to water get the water misters that hook up to a hose and put those near windows that the breeze can blow through. Finally when you just get too hot role down the window and move on to a cooler place that’s why “that there is an RV Clark”, you can take your home and roam.


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