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Your Questions About Solar Generators Reviews

Sharon asks…

Best Solar powered generator capable of running a small refrigerator and a few other appliances such as charge?

rs and lamps? pretty much a generator for keeping a house up and running when all of the power goes out. And one that charges in the daytime particularly in 6-10 hours. Reviews or personal experience would be awesome thank you.

admin answers:

Considering the purchase, installation, maintenance, and replacement costs of solar photo-voltaic panels, you’re paying 38 cents a kwh for that power and that’s without batteries, coal costs 1 cent a kwh and natural gas costs 15 cents a kwh. Solar is not a backup power source, it’s only viable if subsidized by the government or if grid power is unavailable in your region.

If you want a backup power source, buy a portable tri-power generator, install a transfer switch and a natural gas valve and you can run your house on natural gas if you loose your electricity, if the natural gas line has been interrupted, you can run on propane, if you can’t get propane, you can run on gasoline. If you’re off the grid, it would be a good idea to use an absorption refrigerator, they can run on natural gas, propane, or kerosene. A large propane tank can be put under your yard for free if you agree to purchasing a certain amount of propane each month. A heat fired refrigerator is often used because of reliability as losing the refrigerator means losing your food.

Ken asks…

What is your experience with the solar generators that are advertised on the web?

They cost about $1500 to $3000 depending on power. A panel, a charge controller, huge lithium battery, inverter.

I’m not asking if the price is right. They sound so sensible I’m wondering why they aren’t being offered by the larger manufacturers?

Anyone have any experience?


admin answers:

Without a link to the products you are talking about, it’s hard to give an accurate review. My guess is they are either kits that have been put together from the basic components, the few I saw from a Google search were just all of the components available at any solar equipment provider or an all-in-one device that combines battery, charge controller, and inverter that you plug a solar panel into. They are off-grid systems, which means you can only power the equipment from that battery, if the battery runs out (during a rainy stretch of weather), then you would need to unplug from it and plug into your regular electric. Duracell is rebranding an all-in-one device, except for the solar panel, that is made by Xantrex, and selling it as their own, so the big companies are starting to get into the game.

Something that size is probably just good enough to either provide emergency backup power in the event of an outage or enough for a cabin. A one-size-fits-all system is hard to make to work for most people. We put together kits that are a good starting point, but are often customized to meet the customers particular needs.


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