Ultra Bright Hand Solar Energy Dual Powered 3 LED Flashlight Light Lamp Battery-free Energy-saving SFLD9-4780

Ultra Bright Hand Solar Energy Dual Powered 3 LED Flashlight Light Lamp Battery-free Energy-saving SFLD9-4780

100% brand new and high quality battery-free Flashlight 3 super bright LEDs light greatly help to find your way to home Nice combination with the hand cranked and sun powered Economic, energy saving and environment friendly Built-in micro generator, you will never be out of light Convenient control with a push button, easy operation Squeeze it for a while or get enough solar energy, it will work Slim size and light weight, easy to take around Portable handheld design, you will never be lost in t
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Ultra Bright Hand Solar Energy Dual Powered 3 LED Flashlight Light Lamp Battery-free Energy-saving SFLD9-4780

Your Questions About Solar Energy Facts

Linda asks…

What is the easiest and cheapest way to use solar energy in a classroom?

Hi, I’m doing a school project. We are required to design a classroom which exists in a “storage” container, with the idea that this classroom could host 25 learners and be self-sufficient so that it would be able to be used in rural settlements.
What is the easiest and cheapest method of using solar energy? The energy would only need to be used in winter for lighting and maybe a heater/radiator of some sort.

admin answers:

It is possible but very expensive to build a solar system that will make a room the size of a classroom “Self Sufficient” in winter period. May even be practically impossible if located where a lot of cloudy days are experienced.

At least the projects design and cost calculations may open your students eyes to the fact that Solar power is not easy and cheap like the news media likes to make us believe.

I have studied solar power for years. My first guess is you would spend over $100,000 and still not have a system that could support the goal of “Self Sufficient” unless class is willing to spend many days bundled up in freezing temperatures. May be possible in an area like Arizona or the Sahara desert.

Sharon asks…

what daily activities can be done effectively if solar energy is used?

to reduce the use of non-renewable energy in our day-to-day activities, solar energy can be used as it is abundantly available to us. but please give me an idea for which of our daily activities can solar energy be used however small or trivial the work is.

admin answers:

With the net metering laws in most states today, most solar arrays can be connected directly to the grid, and they supply any load you may have during the day.
In fact, most of them supply power to the grid and spin your meter backwards during a sunny day. This “excess” accumulates a credit on your account and you can use the power later for no cost.
Do your job today to run your loads from solar energy!
Contact us today to start the steps to declaring energy freedom!

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Important Things To Know About Solar Power Energy

What Is Solar Power Energy?

There are many important things that you should know and understand regarding the matter of solar power energy. In the simplest terms, the term solar power energy is used to describe a number of methods which are harnessing energy from the sun. Solar technologies use the sun’s energy and light to provide such elements as heat, light, hot water, electricity, and even cooling for homes, businesses, and industries.

In other words, the sun has produced energy for billions of years, and solar power energy is the radiation which then reaches the earth. This solar power energy can then be converted either directly or indirectly into other particular forms of energy, such as heat and electricity, for instance. Solar energy can be used for heating water for domestic use, for the space heating of buildings, the drying of agricultural products, and even for generating electrical energy.

Solar energy has been around and been used since the prehistoric times, and before 1970, some research and development had been carried out in a few countries, with hopes to exploit solar energy more efficiently, however most of this work remained academic for the most part.

Solar energy is, in fact, even being used in India for heating the water for both industrial and domestic purposes.

Solar energy is considered to be the most readily available source of energy, and it is easily the most important of the non-conventional sources of energy because it is non-polluting and therefore helps in lessening the greenhouse effect. The electricity that can be stored from solar energy can be used for many purposes, such as: domestic lighting, street lighting, village electrification, water pumping, desalination of salty water, powering of remote telecommunications repeater stations, and railway signals to name a few.

The only real problem with solar energy is that it only works when the sun is shining, so on cloudy or dark days or during nights the power plants cannot create energy. There are other certain hazards that are possible with solar power proponents of solar energy present facts, figures, and graphs support claims that energy from the sun would be less expensive, considering that conventional fuel supplies dwindle and technology of solar energy systems improves.

Even so, one must stop to consider what will actually stop the solar energy equipment manufacturers and solar power companies from raising prices when they achieve a monopoly and other fuel sources disappear.