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Sandra asks…

How do you think the united states should gain energy independence?

I am looking for how people think we should gain energy independence here in the united states and not have to rely on foreign countries for our energy sources.

admin answers:

There is no realistic possibility of it happening in the foreseeable future. Hydrocarbon fuels are essential for transportation, and alternatives to petroleum are simply too expensive to be practical. In future, if nuclear power catches on big, there may be enough nuclear energy available to split water and make hydrogen, which could be combined with coal to make hydrocarbons — but the process is very expensive in terms of energy and won’t be economical any time this century. Oil shales, present in vast quantity in Colorado, will be a cheaper source for decades, although they are not cost effective now. Solar and wind will continue to be bit players, as they are simply too expensive — as well as intermittent.

Nancy asks…

How to calculate the amount of electricity produced by a solar cell ?

How to calculate the amount of electricity produced by a solar cell when the efficiency and the area of the solar panel is given? In my case, the efficiency is 18 % and area is 333 466 122 400 sq.centimeters. Please help quickly!!!!!!!!

admin answers:

Http:// gives the equations.
Http:// gives panel ratings.

The cm^2 per ft^2 is 929 to 1. Your array is 3,602,263 ft^2. For an average of 12W/ft^2 energy density, the best guess is 43,227KW
Peak amount occurs only at the point when the sunlight angle is at exactly normal to the panel. Anything different will be much less, falls off as the cosine of the angle of incidence.

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