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Your Questions About Solar Generators For The Home

Betty asks…

What’s the simplest way to hook up a small generator to a home’s power grid?

I’ve search the internet extensively and haven’t found an answer to this question.

I just wanted to play with solar panels and human powered generators and couldn’t figure out the simplest and cheapest way to hook it into my house to get some benefit out of it.

I.E. can i just have my panel hooked into a charge controller and a single battery to act as a float and then an inverter and hook the output from the inverter into a standard power plug in the house? can i push power into a power outlet or is there some system so that power can only come out of the plug?

anyone have any ideas on the easiest simplest way to hook up a panel or a car alternator? I was going to turn my indoor bicycle into a generator by hooking up a car alternator to it… how could i most simply hook this into the house?

admin answers:

You can put power into a plug, just be sure to shut your main breaker off first. And shut off breakers for high draw appliances like AC oven microwave waterheater etc.. When my power goes out I unplug my dryer and plug in a whip that I made that plugs into my generator. If you want to power the whole house you will need to use a 240v recept like for an electric dryer, if you use a standard 120v recept you will only power up one bus bar / half your house.

Yes 12v with an inverter will work, yes you can put an inverter on your car battery and power your house with your running car I suggest getting a deep cycle gel type battery in your vehicle if you want to do that, you should also upgrade to a 200a alternator if you’re going with an inverter larger than 2500watts, a car won’t be near as fuel efficient as a standard generator though, and it won’t put out near the wattage. But like I said before, if it’s only a 120v inverter you’re only going to power up half the house

Lizzie asks…

Who makes the parts for a wood fired steam powered electricity generator that can also heat a home?

Outdoor wood and coal furnaces as add on units to heat pumps are becoming popular now. I’m trying to find a vendor who makes a stand alone unit for powering a riverside cabin home. A 200 amp 240 VAC unit would be perfect, but a 100-150 amp unit would power everything.

admin answers:

Wood and coal good for heating and cooling but using them to produce steam to power a small generator would be too costly. Hippies run 200 amp services using solar panel arrays for lights and fans to move the hot and cold air.

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Your Questions About Solar Energy Colorado

Sandra asks…

How do you think the united states should gain energy independence?

I am looking for how people think we should gain energy independence here in the united states and not have to rely on foreign countries for our energy sources.

admin answers:

There is no realistic possibility of it happening in the foreseeable future. Hydrocarbon fuels are essential for transportation, and alternatives to petroleum are simply too expensive to be practical. In future, if nuclear power catches on big, there may be enough nuclear energy available to split water and make hydrogen, which could be combined with coal to make hydrocarbons — but the process is very expensive in terms of energy and won’t be economical any time this century. Oil shales, present in vast quantity in Colorado, will be a cheaper source for decades, although they are not cost effective now. Solar and wind will continue to be bit players, as they are simply too expensive — as well as intermittent.

Nancy asks…

How to calculate the amount of electricity produced by a solar cell ?

How to calculate the amount of electricity produced by a solar cell when the efficiency and the area of the solar panel is given? In my case, the efficiency is 18 % and area is 333 466 122 400 sq.centimeters. Please help quickly!!!!!!!!

admin answers:

Http:// gives the equations.
Http:// gives panel ratings.

The cm^2 per ft^2 is 929 to 1. Your array is 3,602,263 ft^2. For an average of 12W/ft^2 energy density, the best guess is 43,227KW
Peak amount occurs only at the point when the sunlight angle is at exactly normal to the panel. Anything different will be much less, falls off as the cosine of the angle of incidence.

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Your Questions About Solar Energy Pros And Cons

Richard asks…

SOLAR ENERGY! How does it work, how its made, come from,pros & cons, fit hawaii???HELP PLEASE!?


I need to know what is solar energy.

How it works, how its made, where does it come from.

What are the pros and cons.

How does it fit Hawaii.

Please and thank you.

( describe very much )

admin answers:

I cant write it all down so here a link that might help

Mary asks…

What are some creative uncommon, creative renewable energy sources?

for my science class exam, I must assemble a portfolio of 4 types of renewable energy technologies, it cannot be solar or wind. I must explain whether the technologies are feasible or not. I must explain the pros & cons of utilizing this type of energy, whether it be environmental, economic, social or political. I can only find wind and solar and we’re not allowed to use those. I know of like cranks and generators but I still need more. So can anyone give me any other good ideas for renewable energy technologies?……….. I have until friday.

admin answers:

A hundred mile long cable attached to a satellite assembled to allow the cable to drag through the Earth’s magnetic field would produces massive amount of energy that could be turned in micro waves, beamed to a receiver on the ground and distributed over the already established grid. A series of small wind turbines arrayed alongside freeways would be turned by the wind energy produced by moving traffic. Using underwater ocean currents to turn turbines is a proven technology and a future use of matter/anti matter interchange is technically feasible as that technology is developed. The best way to improve the energy picture is to use far less of it. We really don’t need all night/every night advertising lights….all that does is burn up massive quantities of fossil fuels for no reason. Of course folks that sell fossil fuels would lose money, and electric companies that sell electricity would lose money as well…but that’s another factor that you might consider bringing up in the discussion.

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Your Questions About Solar Generator For House

Linda asks…

Is it mandatory to have a electric meter on your house if you`re not using electricity from the power company?

I recently had solar Pannels installed. The panels generate enough electricity to power my house during the day. I use a 20kw silent diesel generator to power my house at night. I really hate my power provider PG&E. If i tell them to shut off my power, Will they remove that tacky smart meter from my property?

admin answers:

Use a bat and take it off yourself

James asks…

How do I keep my house safe during this years hurricane season?

We got hit by hurricane Rita almost 2 years ago and we still have a blue tarp on our roof. We are renting and the owner of the house didn’t have insurance on the house so we stll have a blue tarp covering it. I’m worried about this years hurricane season. I can’t afford to move and I’m trying my best to safe up to get it fixed but in the meantime, how do I keep my house safe? No jokes please. I’m still trying to get mold spores out of the house.
Sorry to hear about all of that. FEMA said we had significant damage but said they couldn’t help us because I forgot to include my middle name when I signed my name during the inspection of my house. They caontacted me 8 months after the hurricane, after is started raining in our house and leaks were everywhere and then they mentioned they could have helped us but I left out my middle name on my signature. I had to show proof who I was about 3 times and finally I got it straight but then I recieved a letter in the mail from FEMA saying I missed the deadline and they couldn’t help us fix the roof. So now I am saving up to have it fixed.

admin answers:

Start early, purchasing plywood to board up windows and doors to preserve glass and protect family from what might come through. Purchase generator, candles, solar or windup radios, stockpyle canned food and water. You may want to invest in some type of fuel heating unit. First aid kit is a must. Store some clothing for each family member in your shelter. Keep important documents handy, billfold, checkbook ect. Just plan ahead and be smart. You know you cant stop it so prepare for it.

I cant imagine the devistation, remember what you needed the day after and try to accomidate for that.

May Gods hand of protection be upon you this season…

God Bless

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Your Questions About Solar Energy Materials And Solar Cells

Maria asks…

How much fossil fuel does it take to make solar cells (energy ratio)?

Count the energy the solar cell can harvest over its lifetime. For the fossil-fuel side, you can use the chemical energy in the material, or the amount that could be obtained with heat engines, but in either event specify which measure you used.

admin answers:

I don’t think the Information on this page entirely answers your question, but it gets you a lot closer…


Paul asks…

How do solar cells work?

Hi, can anyone please tell me how solar cells work? Not in too much detail with alot of compicated terminology. I just need to know how they convert solar energy into electrical energy without all the complicated stuff.

Thanks alot!

admin answers:

Detailed Version: A solar cell is composed of a semiconductor with n-type and p-type material, that has a built-in potential at the junction. When light photons hit the semiconductor, they are absorbed and convert the photons energy into an electron and hole pair. These carriers are split by the built-in electric field of the junction in the semiconductor which outputs a current and voltage that can be used for energy.

Less complicated version: light hits a solar cell and the light is converted into a voltage and current similar to a battery which can be used to supply electrical power.

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Your Questions About Solar Generators For Sale

Richard asks…

What would you do if society colapsed end every one was on their own?

no cooperation between anyone, not even families

no utilities or power, unless you can provide it for yourself like your own well or generator and if you can you have to protect it from any one else who might want to steal it for them selves.

no sale or trade between people you just have what you own and what you can take or steal from others.

how long do you think you could last? Where would you go? What’s your plan?

admin answers:

Regenerate society among my family and our neighbors (we already have that planned)

We have wind / solar powering our ranch, and diesel back up… We also raise 80% of our own veggies and 95% of our meat / dairy… We have a 1 year stock of grain, coffee, sugar, etc.

I won’t mention our weapons… Or our security arrangements other than to say that a few Marine Gunny Sergeants and SEALs (friends) have been up here and approved / and improved.

We live 20 miles from town and 90 miles from the city… We have our own valley and access to another four via neighbors… Time to start a tribal / feudal system !!

James asks…

How much does a tie to grid battery bank cost per KWH?

A power company has a sales thing where for an 18 month contract, you can get free power from 10pm to 6 am. I would like to get a solar setup eventualy, and think this would be a great stepping stone.

I would need to be able to charge the battery from the grid or from panels eventualy. What would be the cost to setup a 10kwh bank tied to the grid (using 6v batteries or whatever)? Ball park? 500? 2k? 5k?

admin answers:

Solar panels would be your best bet as generators are expensive when you factor in the (rising) fuel costs.

Find a local solar installer here:

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Your Questions About Solar Generators Hawaii

Susan asks…

Save money with solar power?

i’ve have been looking in to how to save money with building a Solar powered generator or a wind turbine but don’t know much about it. can some on please give me advice about what to do or what cited to look at.

admin answers:

It won’t always save money. In general, solar saves money where

1) Electricity is expensive
2) There is a lot of sun year-round
3) There is already grid electricity

These conditions are satisfied in most of California and Hawaii. In other places, google for local solar installers, and ask them for local references. If there are no local references, chances are your area is not good for solar, at least not today.

Sharon asks…

solar enegy ups and downs 10 points to most answers?

my dad is giving me 100 dollars to reseearch about solar energy and see which one we should get or if we should get one at all
For some of my research i would like to find out some good and bad things about solar energy. The one with the most points gets the points
thanks in advance to all your answers

admin answers:

The Thermosiphon hot water system is the best. No moving parts and no electricity needed. The size is dependent of the number of people using it. The down side is the weight of the system. If you have the space on the ground, it would be ideal. If not you may need to make your roof stronger.

Solar systems work better in tropical zones. If you live in outside this area you need more panels. Best if you talk with several solar companies and compare prices.

Photovoltaic systems to convert sun to electrical is very expensive at this time, but some parking lots in my state (Hawaii) have installed solar lights with wind generators to keep the system going 24/7. That system has been running for over four years and is a wonderful addition to any area where you want security lights during the nights. The downside is the noise from the wind generators. It will keep you up all night if you are a light sleeper. I purchased a couple of solar spotlights and it’s ok but only gives about six hours after the sun goes down.

Solar cookers designs are all over the Internet. Best if you build and design one yourself.. The down side is most people are working during the day to get full advantage of this system.
Hope you get your 100 dollars.

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Your Questions About Solar Energy Generators India

Donna asks…

Why is solar energy generators are so costly (India)?

When the whole world is speaking about global warming, extinction resources like charcoal for electricity why is the Solar energy generating equipments are so costly ? It roughly takes 15000 INR for 1 fan, 1 tube light, 5 9W CFL bulbs for 1 hour back up.

admin answers:

Solar energy itself may be considered clean and easy to harness, but the materials needed to transduce sunlight into electricity are very expensive.

Silicon wafers, needed to produce solar cells, are difficult to manufacture. The silicon must be of high purity, which is achieved by a lengthy and expensive process.

There are other possible ways being researched, such as polymer solar cells that don’t require silicon.

Joseph asks…

Where exactly are Obama’s Green Jobs going to come from?

Why build a solar panel here when China can pay their workers $1/day to build the panel?

China controls 95% of rare earth metals to make the generators.

70% of the Green Energy components are already being imported.

So exactly what are blue collar workers going to build here that China can for much less?

We might need a few service techs to check on things but I don’t see millions of new jobs.

admin answers:

He is creating thousands of jobs in China and India.

Sheesh. Everyone is so demanding!

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Your Questions About Solar Generators Home Depot

James asks…

Whats YOUR plan for the Zombie Apocalypse?

Zombie Apocalypse is “code” for any general widespread disaster (the plan remains the same)

So. Here’s the deal. No power/plumbing, Harsh sun radiation, infected Zombies. Going out in the sun will be like being in a microwave oven, but night is OK. Others are also trying to survive the apocalypse in your neighborhood, so there will be Bandits/Gangs taking a violent path to survive the Apocalypse.

So whats your Plan to survive? What? no PLAN?!? I guess you’re Zombie meat then. Here’s MY plan

I have this Wal-Mart nearby. Up on a ridge near a highway hill cutout- 2 bridges that cross the cutout “canyon” to get to it. It is a Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Grocery Store complex… and will be my Fortress. I will board up the WalMart, and arm up in the hunting supply section of the store. Walmart has those cinder block-proof windows, so is actually pretty defensible. Theres an auto shop in the back of the WalMart where I will up-armor my Truck.

In the nights I will go over to the Home Depot, and get all the Portable Generators, Propane tanks, Sheet Rock, Diamond Plate, Piping, Tubing, and Fencing to further Fortify WalMart, as well as tools and solar panels and other much needed items.

I am an Electrician by trade, so MY Fortress will be one of the few outposts with Power and Lights still. I know how to power a microwave with a 10 speed, a car alternator, a car battery, and an inverter. There will be lots of cars out in the walmart parkinglot, alternators, batteries, and gas tanks as well.

One of my first long distance missions will be to get to a gun store/pawn shop, to get serious weapons, not so much for Zombies, but for bandit raiders who may try to TAKE what Ive got.

and so on, and so on. Thats my rough Zombie Apocalypse Plan. So.. whats YOURS?!?

admin answers:

My plan is to look for a walmart with the lights on, grab some weed and bribe my way in.
What, you forgot weed?
It’s your lucky day, let me in !

Michael asks…

i will be moving to guam in a few mnths. any tips?

anything you can give me will be helpful. been there once before for a couple of weeks but this time will be much longer

admin answers:

What is it that you need to know.

Enjoy island living-hang out at the beach before sundown, and early on the weekends.

Don’t be afraid to explore and get to know the island folks. Everyone is always welcome to a church fiesta (To honor the church’s saints) Catholic or not. Check out the Chamorro village Wednesday nights and mix with the locals and check out the food and handicrafts. Go to the island fairs.

Its hot 95% of the time but it cools off a bit at night (Sure you know that).

Power costs are high. Use energy saver lightbulbs and appliances.

Always have an umbrella handy in your car for occasional rain.

Be prepared for occasional power outages and typhoons (Its been awhile though). You know, battery operated flashlights, radio, matches/lighters, candles, gas stove, and even a generator come in handy for extended power outages after a typhoon. Also, canned foods, etc..

Bring stuff from the states that you can’t find here at either Home Depot, Macy’s, Ross, Payless Shoes, or Kmart. Creature comforts. We brought solar camping lanterns with us from Wal-Mart stateside.

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Your Questions About Solar Generators Lowes

Helen asks…

how much solar power do i need to run a small frig and heater?

admin answers:

Get the wattage ratings off the name plates, double the wattage rating of the frig and add that to the wattage ratting of the heater and you have you answer. Enough solar cells to power this would cost a LOT more than a generator from Lowe’s.

Lisa asks…

Homework Help! 10 pts to the best!?

What are some businesses that use alternative energy. Like Sunships uses solar.
Does it use solar,nuclear,wave power,etc.

admin answers:

Caterpillar utilizes solar powered electrical generators. Lowes uses vast banks of skylights to offset their energy demand. The United States Navy uses nuclear power for many of their large ships.

Am pretty sure its any alternative to petroleum 😉

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Your Questions About Solar Energy

Daniel asks…

How solar energy can be generated at competitive cost?

How solar energy can be produced at competitive cost for the welfare of people at large?Presently what is the status of its use in india?

admin answers:

Use materials from space (moon or asteroids) to build solar generating plants in Geostationary orbit and beam the power down to a rectena using microwaves.

We lack the space infrastructure needed to do that so it’s decades away but it is probably the only way solar will be cost competitive (and if we didn’t have nuclear power which could provide the zero emissions power we need it’d be our best bet for solving global warming).

There aren’t really any countries that actually have significant amounts of solar generation (and certainly none that get the majority of power from solar, unless you count hydro-electricity or fossil fuels as solar power (but if you do that then you’d also have to call photovoltaics nuclear)).

I came accross a new, proven and tested home made wind power system and solar power system which eliminates our electricity bills. It was written by a Renewable energy enthusiasts Michael Harvey the diy called Earth4energy. You can get your copy to save energy and help environment while eliminating your power bills. Get it from here:

Lisa asks…

How can we store solar energy in Springs to run a vehicle?

Is there any way we can store solar energy into compression of spring and later release springs when we want to run vehicle. Is there any way we can use compressed springs to run motor.
Any idea on possible system design would be highly appreciated.

admin answers:

Well it sounds like a logical answer, but due to friction and mechanical losses this would not work.
The current ideas are the best store solar energy in batteries for future use yes that does work.
Pressure vessels is another idea the problems are also not a good idea so discount that one.
The idea of a hydrogen cell which gets it’s gas from water is probably the best idea but this does require a small amount of acid to make the water change state with a little electricity.

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Your Questions About Solar Generators Portable

Sandy asks…

What is the best way to power my refrigerator in my rv when not plugged in?

I have the original generator that came with the rv but it does need some work. I don’t really want to have to run the generator just to power fridge while between places. The fridge is an electric fridge. I had thought about a solar panel or maybe just a smaller portable generator. Any ideas? What do people do when they are between places for 8 hours or so and don’t want food to spoil?

admin answers:

Newer RV refrigerators have a variety of of ways to operate now; propane, 12 volt, and 110 volt power. You can purchase a newer one online. I would recommend a 110 volt or propane combo refer. That way when you are using shore power you can use the 110 volt to power the refer or when you are dry camping you can use the propane feature which is very efficient. Or option b: you can purchase a generator (2800 watt or larger) to power it on 110 volt. Option C opower your 110 volt refrigerator with solar panels would require an invertor (2000 watt or higher) as well as a large array of solar panels drilled into the roof accompanied by allot of 6 Volt (golf cart batteries).

Sandra asks…

Is their a generator small enough that will work with wii?

Is their a generator small enough that is at least 50 watts no more thatn 70watts taht fits a standard size house plug. I will go on a coach bus and i want to bring wii with me but i need a small generator. any ideas where i can get one.

admin answers:

I’m not sure what you mean by generator.. You maybe need a battery system.. But you would need to power a television along with it.. The Wii isn’t really set up as a portable system..

Check the link below.. Some people set up a solar power generator for their Wii..

Good luck..

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Your Questions About Solar Energy Jobs

Ken asks…

What are possible positions (jobs) in solar energy?

I want to work in something that has to do with alternative energy sources such as solar energy hydroelectricity etc. To what type of program i would need to applay and what are the requirements?

admin answers:

I’m just finishing a physics masters in CdTe solar cells. If I wanted to I could go into solar research from here, or get a job with a renewable energy company. A first class (or in some cases upper second) physics degree is sufficient in the UK.

Particularly well paid jobs will generally require a degree. Physics for research and possibly for planning, engineering for designing installations and possibly planning. Mathematicians or other physical scientists may be able to get involved in the actual planning. Non-scientists may be able to get jobs in solar companies in marketing, human resources etc. Physics or electrical engineering would be my recommendation.

If you don’t particularly want to go to university and/or you don’t particularly like maths, then many countries now run practical courses which teach you how to install solar systems in houses and you can get on one of those and be fully qualified to work in installing solar panels.

Carol asks…

what is the best way to break into the solar energy industry?

what is the best way to break into the solar energy industry is still by way of a thorough solar education as provided?

admin answers:

Start by building your own solar cell from recycled materials, but don’t give up your day job. Experiment in your spare time and also take all the solar education courses that are available in your area. Solar energy will definitely be the power of the future as fossil fuels are exhausted.

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Your Questions About Solar Generators For Home Use

Joseph asks…

Anyone have any ideas for electricity in woods?

I know this sounds stupid, but I am building a cabin in the woods over a very small stream. I need electricity out there to power some lights and maybe a radio with some speakers. The stream isn’t big enough for hydroelectric power and I was wondering if anybody had any ideas to get electricity out there. Extension cords would be too long, solar maybe if it is cheap, a rechargeable car battery would be too heavy to carry up to charge each time. If you guys have any ideas, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

admin answers:

I don’t think it is stupid. I would check out solar, but if not, have you thought about wind? Otherwise maybe a power inverter? I don’t know if they are much lighter than a car battery but they are made for things like this. All I know about them is what I have heard on QVC, but I am sure they are available at home improvement or hardware stores. You could of course get a generator and haul gas, but I wouldn’t, too noisy and pollutes. Keep the radio down and enjoy the woodland creatures.

William asks…

How much (estimate) would it cost to get septic/power/gas installed in a rural area?

Curious how much people think it would cost to get not only a septic system set-up but also some kind of power and gas supply in a rural field in colorado? Assume a trailer home is on the land for a house. (If that matters) 10 acres of land.

admin answers:

Ideally a pond with reed beds is best,this makes a bio-diverse pond the bacteria in the pond eat the sewage,pond about 50-100metres away from property.pond details on net? Solar panels are great for electricity,and are better and cheaper now,some on net from 250,Windmills also good make one via car generator,run cable from alternator to one -way diode to battery, use inverter from battery. Or use gas in a tank, delivered by lorry. Pond 100+ power50+ gas tank usually cheap as you buy gas from

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Your Questions About Solar Energy Generators

Thomas asks…

Is there a solar electric generator? I heard a company in Chicago has manufactured an electric generator that?

I am looking for a company that manufactures electric generators that uses solar energy.

admin answers:

Erm – that would be a electric solar cell then.

James asks…

is there an alternative for solar panels that can collect and convert solar energy into electricity?

A solar panel is a device that collects and converts solar energy into electricity or heat which can be used by (for example) nearby buildings. But is there any device that acts like a solar panel?

admin answers:

Besides the silicon type, there are a couple of types:

1. The reflector type of solar power, which uses a mirrored dish to focus sunlight to boil water to drive a generator.
2. Using sunlight to heat a thermocouple which drives a current.

Both of these are larger than your typical solar cell and are not really that efficient – yet.

A solar cell is the only thing that converts photonic energy into electricity, although they can be made of silicon and other materials.

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Your Questions About Solar Energy Colorado

Paul asks…

Why is oil shale not used as a natural resource?

There is more oil shale in Colorado than all the oil in the middle east. If we use solar energy to refine it wouldn’t that make up for the energy loss? I think oil shale can be converted into a type of jet fuel. Correct me if I am wrong please.
oh well nice though

admin answers:

Be patient as oil shale will be developed in the future. Oil shale extraction has been around in Colorado since the early 1980’s and was once subsidized by the US Government in order to try to determine if it could be made economical. However, oil price collapses during the late 1980’s caused those projects to be canceled. At the present time it is just too expensive to compete with conventional oil & natural gas resources. However, there are several Federal Government permitted oil shale projects in smaller scale field trials underway. It will take about 10 years per project just to determine if they can be reasonably expanded to larger scale trials. The interest in oil shale was great in 2008 when oil prices peaked at $150 per barrel but some of that interest has decreased now that oil is around $70 to $80 per barrel.

See the link below on oil shale extraction methods in general.

Chris asks…

Is there a way to tell how much solar energy will be produced based on location?

For instance, in Colorado, more Wattage can be produced in a Solar cell than in Ohio. Is there way to tell the difference?

admin answers:

Insolation maps can be found here:

These are based on actual measured historical data, so take into account local clouds and weather conditions.

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Your Questions About Solar Energy Pros And Cons

Betty asks…

Pros and Cons of using nuclear energy to produce electricity?

Please give me some pros and cons of using nuclear energy for producing electricity! List as many as you know.

admin answers:

Cheaper per kW-hr than gas, coal, petroleum, and solar energy production.
Zero carbon emissions power production
Higher output than any other energy source for a given area
High paying jobs stimulate local economy more than other forms of energy production
More jobs created than from gas, coal or petroleum production
With reprocessing, nuclear energy could provide a nearly endless supply of power at current demands.

Re-Processing of commercial fuels currently creates issues with waste volume in the United States, leading to storage and disposal issues.
Wastes are highly radioactive and must be handles carefully and dealt with using engineered safety features.
Public opinion of nuclear power presents a “not in my back yard” mentality, even with US plant design being some of the safest plants in the world to operate.
Plants must be built in geologically stable area, or engineered to withstand geological events to prevent the release of contamination.
The approval and construction process for new nuclear plants is quite costly, making it difficult to build new facilities.

Lizzie asks…

What are Problems of Fossil Fuels and the Advantages of Solar Energy.?

What are the pros and cons of Solar Energy with respect to cost, impact on the environment, availability etc.

admin answers:

There are several problems with fossil fuels. They are a limited commodity, they cause pollution when burned, and they are destructive to drill for or mine.

Solar energy is a growing technology right now. People who have solar panels on their houses often generate more electricity than they can even use, and in some places they can sell it back to the power companies and make a profit while not paying for electricity.

At present, solar panels are expensive to buy, but this will change as more people buy them, just like any other technology.

For the environment, I would guess that solar energy is almost completely harmless. I don’t know what kind of chemicals that are required for making solar panels, but once they are produced, solar energy uses a virtually unlimited energy source that is clean to harvest and gives off no emissions.

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Your Questions About Solar Generators Home Depot

Maria asks…

Who knows of a honest Company that sells wind generators and solar panels for a decent price?

admin answers:

Try Northern Arizona Wind and Sun. Their prices are decent, not always the lowest, but decent. Service is good, and the forum they sponsor has helped many.

Another company,, has good prices, but you need to wade through the hype. Know what you want, and don’t believe everything you read.

On occasion, some Home Depot stores actually stock the large 165 and 175-watt Mitsubishi panels.

John asks…

How to build your own wind or solar power!?

I am really looking for Ebooks that are FREE, not the kits where you spent $1000 to build the darn thing but books on how to use common items in building a wind or solar power kind of stuff. My father is REALLY wanting to build a wind turbine, and maybe even a solar panel. The problem is that all the books we find require you either buy a kit or go to some special hardware store to get this or that. I have talked to a man that has a solar panel he built himself not spending over $200 and got all the stuff from home depot! This is what I am looking for if ANYONE can point me in the right direction PLEASE PLEASE do so!!

admin answers:

You Can Build A Wind Generator from you home as little as $100
just click on the link or copy and paste in your browers for more info on wind generator

hope this helps you in your matter


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Your Questions About Solar Generators For The Home

Robert asks…

Build a solar or wind propelled generator?

I want to know how to make a solar or wind propelled generator? First if i can make a solar and wind propelled generator and combine them to work at the same time. The solar panel can be around 12 volts. I just want to do this as a home project. I don’t want extreme power out of this. I am young but have a lot of experience with building electronics so keep it simple enough for me to do it.

admin answers:

Well i dont know much but i hope this will help, i whould imagine for the wind power you whould need the light propeler to be somehow conected to a magnetic generater. And for the solar power, well i dont know much about that but i hope to find out soon.

Sharon asks…

How many solar panels does it take to run an A/C unit? Also, How many batteries in an array?

I was wondering how many 700 W solar panels it would take to run a household A/C unit. Also curious how many batteries it would take to keep A/C running in inhospitable environments. Would a 3500 W inverter be enough if it were to run 220 AC?

admin answers:

Here we are doing the math of two facts to multiply or divide, to find the third, and you don’t give enough to make up the equation!

My 2.5 ton unit needs 220 VAC at 5 KW for the heater coils, and 3.5 KW for the cooling and fans, but, in electricity, we are always having to discriminate between inductive loads (transformers, oven coils, heater coils) and other uses, like lncandescent lighting.

To run my HVAC unit, in my 1,000 square foot home, would demand a10KW unit, and the 5200 watt (5500 watt Surge rated)
would not work. A generator simply stalls out under load, possibly smokes the generator electrics, while a solar unit and batteries can reverse potential under severe load, and explode!
The surge rating for my HVAC unit is 3X higher, (the Switching Load), for either heating or cooling. When figuring out the generator load for an emergency generator, for warranty purposes, they demand we install a generator with a ‘surge’ power rating triple the start-up load of our equipment, and that is the way to try to load your Solar panel, also!

Now, go to the hardware store, and get a booklet or pamphlet about emergency power generation, and look at the descriptions of the generator start up power capabilities for the ‘switching loads’!

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Your Questions About Solar Energy Facts

Linda asks…

What is the easiest and cheapest way to use solar energy in a classroom?

Hi, I’m doing a school project. We are required to design a classroom which exists in a “storage” container, with the idea that this classroom could host 25 learners and be self-sufficient so that it would be able to be used in rural settlements.
What is the easiest and cheapest method of using solar energy? The energy would only need to be used in winter for lighting and maybe a heater/radiator of some sort.

admin answers:

It is possible but very expensive to build a solar system that will make a room the size of a classroom “Self Sufficient” in winter period. May even be practically impossible if located where a lot of cloudy days are experienced.

At least the projects design and cost calculations may open your students eyes to the fact that Solar power is not easy and cheap like the news media likes to make us believe.

I have studied solar power for years. My first guess is you would spend over $100,000 and still not have a system that could support the goal of “Self Sufficient” unless class is willing to spend many days bundled up in freezing temperatures. May be possible in an area like Arizona or the Sahara desert.

Sharon asks…

what daily activities can be done effectively if solar energy is used?

to reduce the use of non-renewable energy in our day-to-day activities, solar energy can be used as it is abundantly available to us. but please give me an idea for which of our daily activities can solar energy be used however small or trivial the work is.

admin answers:

With the net metering laws in most states today, most solar arrays can be connected directly to the grid, and they supply any load you may have during the day.
In fact, most of them supply power to the grid and spin your meter backwards during a sunny day. This “excess” accumulates a credit on your account and you can use the power later for no cost.
Do your job today to run your loads from solar energy!
Contact us today to start the steps to declaring energy freedom!

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