Your Questions About Solar Energy Generators India

Donna asks…

Why is solar energy generators are so costly (India)?

When the whole world is speaking about global warming, extinction resources like charcoal for electricity why is the Solar energy generating equipments are so costly ? It roughly takes 15000 INR for 1 fan, 1 tube light, 5 9W CFL bulbs for 1 hour back up.

admin answers:

Solar energy itself may be considered clean and easy to harness, but the materials needed to transduce sunlight into electricity are very expensive.

Silicon wafers, needed to produce solar cells, are difficult to manufacture. The silicon must be of high purity, which is achieved by a lengthy and expensive process.

There are other possible ways being researched, such as polymer solar cells that don’t require silicon.

Joseph asks…

Where exactly are Obama’s Green Jobs going to come from?

Why build a solar panel here when China can pay their workers $1/day to build the panel?

China controls 95% of rare earth metals to make the generators.

70% of the Green Energy components are already being imported.

So exactly what are blue collar workers going to build here that China can for much less?

We might need a few service techs to check on things but I don’t see millions of new jobs.

admin answers:

He is creating thousands of jobs in China and India.

Sheesh. Everyone is so demanding!

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