Your Questions About Solar Generators For Home Use

Joseph asks…

Anyone have any ideas for electricity in woods?

I know this sounds stupid, but I am building a cabin in the woods over a very small stream. I need electricity out there to power some lights and maybe a radio with some speakers. The stream isn’t big enough for hydroelectric power and I was wondering if anybody had any ideas to get electricity out there. Extension cords would be too long, solar maybe if it is cheap, a rechargeable car battery would be too heavy to carry up to charge each time. If you guys have any ideas, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

admin answers:

I don’t think it is stupid. I would check out solar, but if not, have you thought about wind? Otherwise maybe a power inverter? I don’t know if they are much lighter than a car battery but they are made for things like this. All I know about them is what I have heard on QVC, but I am sure they are available at home improvement or hardware stores. You could of course get a generator and haul gas, but I wouldn’t, too noisy and pollutes. Keep the radio down and enjoy the woodland creatures.

William asks…

How much (estimate) would it cost to get septic/power/gas installed in a rural area?

Curious how much people think it would cost to get not only a septic system set-up but also some kind of power and gas supply in a rural field in colorado? Assume a trailer home is on the land for a house. (If that matters) 10 acres of land.

admin answers:

Ideally a pond with reed beds is best,this makes a bio-diverse pond the bacteria in the pond eat the sewage,pond about 50-100metres away from property.pond details on net? Solar panels are great for electricity,and are better and cheaper now,some on net from 250,Windmills also good make one via car generator,run cable from alternator to one -way diode to battery, use inverter from battery. Or use gas in a tank, delivered by lorry. Pond 100+ power50+ gas tank usually cheap as you buy gas from

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