Your Questions About Solar Generator For House

Linda asks…

Is it mandatory to have a electric meter on your house if you`re not using electricity from the power company?

I recently had solar Pannels installed. The panels generate enough electricity to power my house during the day. I use a 20kw silent diesel generator to power my house at night. I really hate my power provider PG&E. If i tell them to shut off my power, Will they remove that tacky smart meter from my property?

admin answers:

Use a bat and take it off yourself

James asks…

How do I keep my house safe during this years hurricane season?

We got hit by hurricane Rita almost 2 years ago and we still have a blue tarp on our roof. We are renting and the owner of the house didn’t have insurance on the house so we stll have a blue tarp covering it. I’m worried about this years hurricane season. I can’t afford to move and I’m trying my best to safe up to get it fixed but in the meantime, how do I keep my house safe? No jokes please. I’m still trying to get mold spores out of the house.
Sorry to hear about all of that. FEMA said we had significant damage but said they couldn’t help us because I forgot to include my middle name when I signed my name during the inspection of my house. They caontacted me 8 months after the hurricane, after is started raining in our house and leaks were everywhere and then they mentioned they could have helped us but I left out my middle name on my signature. I had to show proof who I was about 3 times and finally I got it straight but then I recieved a letter in the mail from FEMA saying I missed the deadline and they couldn’t help us fix the roof. So now I am saving up to have it fixed.

admin answers:

Start early, purchasing plywood to board up windows and doors to preserve glass and protect family from what might come through. Purchase generator, candles, solar or windup radios, stockpyle canned food and water. You may want to invest in some type of fuel heating unit. First aid kit is a must. Store some clothing for each family member in your shelter. Keep important documents handy, billfold, checkbook ect. Just plan ahead and be smart. You know you cant stop it so prepare for it.

I cant imagine the devistation, remember what you needed the day after and try to accomidate for that.

May Gods hand of protection be upon you this season…

God Bless

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