Your Questions About Solar Generators Home Depot

Maria asks…

Who knows of a honest Company that sells wind generators and solar panels for a decent price?

admin answers:

Try Northern Arizona Wind and Sun. Their prices are decent, not always the lowest, but decent. Service is good, and the forum they sponsor has helped many.

Another company,, has good prices, but you need to wade through the hype. Know what you want, and don’t believe everything you read.

On occasion, some Home Depot stores actually stock the large 165 and 175-watt Mitsubishi panels.

John asks…

How to build your own wind or solar power!?

I am really looking for Ebooks that are FREE, not the kits where you spent $1000 to build the darn thing but books on how to use common items in building a wind or solar power kind of stuff. My father is REALLY wanting to build a wind turbine, and maybe even a solar panel. The problem is that all the books we find require you either buy a kit or go to some special hardware store to get this or that. I have talked to a man that has a solar panel he built himself not spending over $200 and got all the stuff from home depot! This is what I am looking for if ANYONE can point me in the right direction PLEASE PLEASE do so!!

admin answers:

You Can Build A Wind Generator from you home as little as $100
just click on the link or copy and paste in your browers for more info on wind generator

hope this helps you in your matter


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