Your Questions About Solar Generators Lowes

Helen asks…

how much solar power do i need to run a small frig and heater?

admin answers:

Get the wattage ratings off the name plates, double the wattage rating of the frig and add that to the wattage ratting of the heater and you have you answer. Enough solar cells to power this would cost a LOT more than a generator from Lowe’s.

Lisa asks…

Homework Help! 10 pts to the best!?

What are some businesses that use alternative energy. Like Sunships uses solar.
Does it use solar,nuclear,wave power,etc.

admin answers:

Caterpillar utilizes solar powered electrical generators. Lowes uses vast banks of skylights to offset their energy demand. The United States Navy uses nuclear power for many of their large ships.

Am pretty sure its any alternative to petroleum 😉

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