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Your Questions About Solar Energy Generators

Robert asks…

How to build a free source of energy?

Ive decided i want to use my free time to build something useful like a solar powered energy generator, or wind powered turbine to produce free energy, does anybody out there know of any FREE sites that teach you step by step how to build any one of these? Also what are your thoughts on these machines?

admin answers:

Build either of these
1. Solar powered generator
2. Wind turbine
3. Tidal flow turbine
4. Magnetic generator
5.geothermal energy source

Chris asks…

Where to buy an affordable Solar System in Saudi Arabia?

Does anyone knows where to buy an affordable Solar Energy Generator for the use of homes or remote farms in Saudi Arabia? I would appreciate solutions in the Eastern part of Saudi better. Does anyone knows if the technology now is practical in Saudi and do you have any information on people who have used these on small scales like homes?

admin answers:

Have you considered building your own?

Resources and parts to build them are pretty common place these days. There is lots of info around on how to do this.


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