Your Questions About Solar Energy Jobs

Paul asks…

What majors to pursue for energy/solar power jobs?

I’m looking for different majors to pursue for college and, for fun, I decided to stray away from the ordinary boring ones.
I figured solar/energy-saving power is probably going to become a big business, but what majors are there to pursue?

I’d just like some ideas, but if I may ask try to keep it less general. (For example, please don’t simply say “the sciences” unless you may be able to briefly explain any branch of science in particular!)

admin answers:

Hi there,

Engineering wouldn’t be a bad field for something like alternative energy. I know that’s kind of general, but maybe there is something else specifically within engineering, that may cater to solar energy, wind energy, wave energy, etc..

I guess it really depends in the school you are in, and what kind of variety with the majors that they offer.

Mark asks…

Would an energy consultant be a good job to get into?

I heard that you can go to school for about 2 years with a minor in environmental engineering and with that you can become an energy consultant. would this be a good job to go after? is there a good outlook for this job? maybe i can start my own solar energy instalation business? thanks!

admin answers:

10 years ago was the time to get into IT. Today its all about saving energy, solar power, solar water heater etc. I think its the time to get into it, maybe even a little late. It also depends where you are from, is your municipality, province state or country putting more funds into this field?

I was in China last year at the world’s biggest tradeshow, Canton Fair and as far as I can remember there are thousands of companies starting to sell solar, energy stuff and its all a matter of time before it gets here. Lots of wind turbines being installed everywhere too.

I think its a good field also lots of money in it as long as you work for the right company. Do a little bit of research. See what the trend is like in your area. The government maybe spending $2 trillion dollars in this field. Who knows. Good luck!


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