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Maria asks…

where can i buy solar power products?

Is there a store I can see and buy solar power products like lights and generators.

admin answers:

Lowes and Walmart both offer solar powered lights.

Chris asks…

how easy, or hard, is solar panneling to install?

where im staying at the mo is plagued by power cuts normally twice a day, which makes things like cooking a real b*tch,
i’ve thought about a generator but petrol/diesel is also a problem here prices are on par with UK for fuel which is ridiculous, i already have an inverter for AC to DC to power battery’s for an elctric fence and a gate, also is it temperature or sunlight that the solar cells work from? because sunlight here is strong all year round but temperature in winter is quite low?

admin answers:

It not hard to install, but, may be expensive from what you mention in your comment. Solar Panels produce DC (Direct Current) Electricity. A house uses AC (Alternating Current).
Also remember that the Voltage and Amps produced are low.
You can buy Inverters that change DC to AC but for the power you looking for could get real expensive. What I am thinking of is this. May need to change to Propane/Natural Gas for Cooking and Hot Water. OR. You could get an Electric Generator, but, even this may not have the Amps you need for a Cook Stove, or, even a Refrigerator, you would need a large one capable of running what you want, and again, this could get Expensive.
The link a place you may be able to get an idea of Solar Costs;
These two links help you understand Generators and costs;

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