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James asks…

Anyone read this solar panel ebook before?

I have come across an ebook which talking about building own solar panel and wind generator in less than $200. Anyone read this ebook before? Is the method taught inside it working? My friend, who is an engineer is thinking to purchase one and would like to know some review from those who have read it before. Thanks.

This is the website for the solar panel’s ebook:

Thanks again.

admin answers:

The only people I trust, since they have been into alternative energy since 1969 , is the folks who run a magazine called Mother Earth News. I’ve got the magazine now for 30 years and several times a year they publish information on how to make your own solar panels, wind generators, hydroelectric and solar drying and dehydrators, and tons of great ideas.

They also have an extensive library, including e-books, of authors who have published articles in their magazine. Get their magazine, like I said I’ve been getting it for 30 years or more and I still eagerly await every issue. It’s all about sustainable living and doing things yourself. Plus it’s only about $10 a year subscription.

Look at their online site to get some ideas and maybe look at their alternative energy library. Whatever books or DVD’s I purchased from them have always been excellent

Ruth asks…

I am making a model of a miniature eco friendly city, Please help!?

We’ll be making many small houses, showing different means of non-conventional power resources and their uses. One of the house will have a small LED light, which will be using a small solar cell, which I’ll take out from a Simple calculator. The other house will have a hydro-generator, that is, a small motor, used in electric car toys, which will too generate electricity.
Can anyone give me any more ideas, and review my current ideas?
Will they actually work?

admin answers:

If you could find a piece of tile, or a clay pot, and it it on the “south wall” of the house. Ad take an incandescent light to simulate the sun (incandescent for the heat) this will act as a heat storage wall. (one way to save on heating bills is to have clay/tile floors or walls, with the southern sun directly on it. Some walls even can have water capsuls in them. And this takes the sun’s heat and retains it for the night.

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