Your Questions About Solar Energy Generators For Sale

Ken asks…

Cheap residential hydrogen fuel cells (where can i get some)?

Anyone know where i can get a hyrogen fuel cell that is designed to generate 240v ? I was thinking of hooking one up to a windmill to make free lighting for my house. Anyone know the cheapest and best u.k distributers, or any other worthwhile info on this subject, thanks
Just for the record, it looks as so some of you have your heads up your arse. A fuel cell does not run on thin air, it needs some power input of one sort or another, hence the windnill.

admin answers:

Unfortanty because it’s a new type of business, everything is expensive. Solar cells will take about 10 years to pay for it’self, wind I belive is 7, and hydrogen (the ones you put water in and it generates power and of course oxygen are the most expensive.

But for that hydrogen he’s a website below.

The small house windmill, according to where you live, = how much energy it will produce (it’s size) and your own uses, you can sale some to the grid, but this is so new (alt power) they can’t give you a diffanate – so don’t belive the salesman, no one really knows so what would make anybody think they actually know.

The 2nd lnk below is what I personaaly be the best method so far, in the fiels of Alt power. Thing is it’s new, and so you will have to follow his work, at Davis Univ, but the money they bring in goes to get the generators on the market – its cheaper than all of the other types I mentioned above = it mimics the way plants and water get its energy from the sun, to produce energy.

Daniel asks…

where can I purchase small wind generator ( suitable for bunglow) in Maharashtra?

admin answers:

Hello,our company shenzhen bazhentu are selling that,you may contact our sales manager directly by msn
Her phone:0086-15574832263

1000w wind turbine

Application range:Small water pump system, power supply for home daily use on island, in rural area, remote area, wind-solar hybrid system on farmland, grassland; for navigation tower and frontier sentry..

Other opponents:tower, battery set, solar panel, controller for solar panel, cable wires, storage cabinet (optional), inverter (for AC load), ect…

Color: White
Net Weight: 45 KG
Gross Weight: 64 KG
Blades Material: Reinforced Nylon
Starting Wind Speed(m/s):3.0m/s
Cut-in Wind Speed(m/s):3.0m/s
Rated Wind Speed(m/s):11.5m/s
Safe Wind Speed(m/s):50m/s

1. High efficiency which eauals the trditonal 800W wind generator.
2. Renewable energy could get government budget subsidies.
3. Energy Saving & Pollution Reduction
4. Cost cutting compared with traditional power generating set
5. Around 15 years of life span
6. Complementarily use with solar energy

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