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Mark asks…

Are the Big Oil Companies suppressing the truth?

Are the Big Oil Companies suppressing the truth?

Ask yourself, who is really running the war?
Who is making a profit on the war?
Who has suppressed alternative energy, or made the cost out of reach?

Folks This is 2007, and with the advancing science technologies, something other than oil has to be out there. Plus why is the cost of a solar panel,Fluorescent lamps, and wind generators so expensive.
Only a few Hybrid cars on the roads, who can afford one, plus from reading reviews they do not help much, its more of a fashion statement. The hybrid in some road test used as much or more fuel.
A recycled product such as a fence post cost triple

admin answers:

Corporate greed and the whoring of our government to them dictates everything.

Thomas asks…

Many universe hypothesis vs Single universe hypothesis?

I have been reviewing and reviewing, but I can’t quite seem to understand. How does the atheistic many universe hypothesis initially appear to have an advantage over the atheistic single universe hypothesis when answering Collins’ fine tuning argument? And how is there ultimately no such advantage for the atheistic many-universe hypothesis because of the fine-tuning of its universe generator?
Thank you so much in advance

admin answers:

For those not familiar with the concept:

“Intelligent Design” proponents see the universe as “fine tuned” for life in general and us in particular.
The universal constants of gravity and electromagnetism and the strong and weak nuclear forces are such that after the “big bang” event, stars could form, and they could “cook” complex elements which were then blown out into the void when these stars went nova…. To re-form as 2nd and 3rd generation Suns like our own with complex rocky planets capable of supporting life.

They point out that (according to their reckoning) the chances of the universe falling out with exactly these constants is very small, and that the fact that it is as it is indicates design…..

Cosmologists (and mere critical thinkers like myself) point out that there is no reason to think that this is the only universe. Cosmologists propose any number of scenarios where there might be essentially an infinite number of universes, and that new ones are being formed all the time.
If this is the case, it’s merely lucky for us that this particular one happens to be amenable to the formation of life; there might be any number of universes which would have characteristics so alien as to be incapable of supporting life.

Although there is no evidence of such other universes, there is no contraindication of any as well. We could never observe them, our ability to observe being confined to our own universe.

Besides, it’s a rather silly notion, IMO. Even if we locally have a solar system and a planet capable of supporting life, obviously these conditions are very rare in the universe… Billions of stars with no planets, billions of planets that are nothing but frozen balls of ice or masses of gas…. Or rocky chunks with no atmosphere or water.
Why would a “designer” put together such a vast and empty universe just to support…Us?

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