Your Questions About Solar Generators For Home Use

Sandra asks…

How to build home source of energy?

What are the component I need for a hydro power?
Do I need battery for hydro power with alternator? How it works?
Can I use any car’s alternator to make one?

What kind of regulator do I need to control the alternator?
let say for a basic home needs

Can I combine the solar panel and windmill and hydro power all together as a source of power at home?

what would I need for a windmill source of energy?

many questions I guess, thanking you in advance yo…

admin answers:

These questions require a lot of detail so the best I can do is direct you to where I got all my information. I recently installed some home made solar panels over my roof, I also installed a small windmill like generator. The solar panels work great! The windmill wasn’t the best choice I guess because I don’t get that much wind where I live so it usually just sits there. I also have a solar water heater which I built. All the additions I have made have cut my energy bill by around 75% on average. The webiste below is what I went off of, its not free, but it is much better than having to round up bits and peices all over the web. It gives you instructions on how to build all types of energy solutions and also tells you where you can purchase the parts required. Hope this helps!

James asks…

Does anybody have any ideas for an invention for a school project?

Its some stupid project where we have to come up with an idea to help us in our community. It could be anything, something to help with home/school/work etc. I don’t want anything complicated, I was thinking combining a ruler with a calculator and like something else to help with math. I honestly can’t think of anything good though. Any help?

admin answers:

I think you should redesign student chair: motorized recliners, with a drink dispenser, small refrigerator, a place to store books and supplies, ( no lockers needed) built in laptop, cell phone, etc. Everything could run on solar power or back up generator- no cords needed. Deluxe models could include vibrator and temperature controls. Students can research on line ( no libraries needed), write papers and print them out without leaving their chair. You could draw or photo shop this project.

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