Your Questions About Solar Energy Calculator

Maria asks…

explain me about working of scientific calculator using solar energy when battery power is down?

that is, how a scientific calculator works when its battery power is totally down?how it works when it is shown in sunlight for sometime?please give me the mechanism involved in it.

admin answers:

When batt not available the triac is used so the base power switches to solar cell and there if it gets energy it emmitts power to 7-segment and again ur calc is on solar batt. When u replace battreis again the triac actives through batt power.

Richard asks…

[URGENT] What are the failures and successes of solar energy?

may i know what are the examples of failures and successes that are related to solar energy? need them urgently.. thanks.

admin answers:

A failure, the need for vast quantities of clean water. To flush and wash the commercial solar cells.

A success, the ability to bring portable power to remote and off grid areas. Where only a small gas generator was possible before. Simplifies and eases the load while going to such areas. No need for gasoline.

A success, the use of solar power, as a direct water heat source, has been proven to decrease the need for normal means of home water heating.

A failure, the stable ability to bring a home under total solar power. By available area of panels, storage ability and days when less sun available cuts power.

A failure, the high maintenance, low output, and short life of panels.

A success, the decreased use and waste of small batteries for small electric powered hand devices. Like radios, calculators, over the life and use of the device.etc….

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